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Does anyone live anywhere other than an expat area?

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8/26/2010 15:57 EST

Seems like everyone here is either living or intending to live in Cuenca, Cotacochi or Salinas/Manta coast, is there anybody who lives in other areas? just curious

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8/27/2010 13:55 EST

I live in Sangolqui, Ruminahui, a suburb of Quito about 15 miles to the East, in the area known as the Valle de los Chillos. I live in a gated community, and I don't have another expat for miles as far as I know.

Dr. Rene Torres
Ecuador Logistics

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8/27/2010 14:00 EST

We're in La Merced, near Sangolqui. Quite a few expats here!
Many in Pululahua, too.

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8/28/2010 10:37 EST

Of course, for folks who do not really know Ecuador, they should come down here and rent a place in town, maybe in an expat enclave, get to know the area, local people, learn a little bit of the local language, and then 'branch' out after they have investigated and have 'felt welcome.'

I do live out of the way but it has taken quite a few years in the process of 'bonding' and it hasn't come easily or instantly. It can be done but only for people who really want this kind of extreme life change and can feel comfortable with another completely different culture, and can learn to allude to it on a daily basis. That is a tough one and not for everybody. I'm an odd case, as I fell in love with Ecuador before some of you on this forum have been born. One has to take time to find the right place where they are accepted and are accepting, and to just come here because it's cheap and huddle in an expat coven might be a quick fix for your financial will just have to find out for yourselves. People will have to learn to relinquish many things that they have taken for granted in their home country.

A drastic life change can be good, if received well. Good luck to those who are willing to go out on a limb and eliminate all that they have been "used to" and are willing to embrace different things in another place.

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8/28/2010 13:44 EST

What a speech Boncur :). Well said and very true.

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8/28/2010 15:40 EST

I live In Guayaquil, not a place most expats choose. In my case it is mostly a financial choice as I have to work and suppoort my kids as a single mom. But there have been advantages outside work. I think we've adapted quicker to an Ecuadorian lifestyle than we would have with lots of other expats around. And its certainly helped our spanish. That being said though, I admit I'd love to live near the beach especially after visitin lallen last week and enjoying the water. So....if anyone hears of someone near the beach who would like to hire a gringa with a visa allowing her to work, let me know. :)

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8/29/2010 00:52 EST

WE live in Colonial Quito and have a farm near Pacto. Also..own property in Conocoto. All of these places are not overrun with gringos.

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8/29/2010 07:49 EST

The dispersion of gringos into an ocean of Ecuadorians. I stayed with a Spanish woman last year in Madrid and at times thought I was lucky she spoke English fairly well. But now think it would have been better if she hadn't, for the sake of my improving my Spanish. She did feel she had improved her English over the winter. We tried to alternate languages day to day but that fell apart. The comfort zone is not a good place to learn. The deep end is the best place for learning. Boncur offers wisdom of experience. I think I will look for a place where I must speak Spanish and (eventually) Quechua. Is there a written Quechua? There must be. If so, are there Quechua Newspapers? I've been listening to Radio Iluman, different.

sin ego

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