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Buying a Car

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3/18/2011 18:18 EST

There seems to be a lot if conflicting information about the task of purchasing a new car in Ecuador. The prices appear to be all over the board. In addition, it appears that getting a car with an automatic transmission is almost unheard of. Csn anyone suggest a few alternatives for a 4 wheel drive vehicle that is reliable and serviceable in Ecuador. I am not interested in a pickup, not perhaps a small suv or all terrain type vehicle. I don't need anything overly luxurious. Is there a way to do price comparisons? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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3/18/2011 20:45 EST

You have to look at:
This is the best website there is.Automatics are here,but you it cost more dan manual.Look at chevrolet 4*4 its automatic.
About $30000

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3/18/2011 22:03 EST


Yes, you will find more cars with manual transmission sold in Ecuador. You can find some automatic transmission, specially with Chevrolet cars.


Good luck on your search

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3/19/2011 02:56 EST

Bokito gave you the best advice
Enjoy yourself on patio tuerca.
I spend hours on there,regularly changing my mind
Keep in mind diesel fuel is only $1.00 a gallon in Ecuador.
Any luxury vehicle is $50,000-$100,000
Our budget is $15,000 used and diesel ...maybe.....Speed bump resistent.
I want a diesel hummer $39,000 for a 1989. on up to a S100,000 new.
I'm not sure I will get my way My husband is having a big big fit about it.
My rationale is ,if all these earthquakes and hundreds of nuclear plants are imploding and the moon is the biggest in 20 years(supermoon) planets aligning ,axis changing and we're ALL going down ,why not blow every cent that we have like NOW...and zip around Ecuador with a fully loaded hummer,pack all our friends into it and have a blast.
He's not buying it.(literally)
I'm thinking we might end up with a $3,000 Willy's jeep.

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3/19/2011 03:19 EST

I checked your website,its all new cars
I saw a BMW hibrido....$125,000!
Out of our league

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