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6/10/2011 20:25    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

my wife and i are coming down in september to buy a king size bed, two twin beds, a sofa sleeper, a recliner, washer, probably a tv. plan on having the local community build us end table for the 2 bedrooms, table for the living room, bar stools for the kitchen, and a bookcase/tv holder for the living room. we bought in san clemente, manabi. any suggestions on the closest place to go to to one-stop shopping. we heard that portoviejo might be the place. any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated!

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6/10/2011 22:50    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

No....but I will have some real soon
Taking the 8 hour drive to vistazul tomorrow morning....I will keep a journal for you guys and glen and Carolyn so no have a prersonal shopper

Talkbto ya soon

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6/11/2011 04:18    
10abuse reply to this message reply 

Hey ,
one stop shopping as you requested
I know Wendy's taste.We both have THE SAME BIRTHDAYS you forgot that.
The furniture shop right beside Oro verde in Manta is a good start ?Bamboon? I believe its called...I forget names
I hope you take your time but I know you are on a major time crunch
If you could go up to Otavalo for a few days ,the market is the largest in South America and it could take you a week to get through it , worth a trip. for a woman at least.
Susan at ocean hideaway knows some good places near her for custom furniture and is very knowledgable about the furniture makers there
I mention that because being a tight wad it is a way to compare prices blah blah blah
Some beautiful Custom leather furniture in Cotacachi ,near Otavalo
On the way to Manta,custom furniture also .....,(many many catalogues) in Monti Cristi.A taxi will take you there.
In Guayauil in mall del sol ,
across from Ho Jo ,Sucasa or Tucasa,??? have great appliances
You can even buy a single euro machine that both washes and dries
,Manta's Aboyaca ,has on line furniture,(I'll try to find some of the web sites for you)
You are coming down soon to our place?
Aboyaca is in Guayaquil too If you want a new toilet, Keramika in Guayaquil ,has a Kohler for $4,000 lol, right next to Aboyaca and near Ho Jo
Portoviejo,supermaxxi mall has kywi and some other stores
Custom mattresses can be made in Cuenca .. any size
we have to get a larger mattress, large gringo husband.
If you hurry to buy anything you will be sorry on down the road when you see something you like better
Just a few suggestions from a nester's point of view..Women are nester's

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6/11/2011 08:28    
10abuse reply to this message reply 

many many thanks girl. i knew in my head that one stop shopping was a shot at the moon, but figured i would ask anyway-LOL you and your hubby have been so helpful to wendy and i with all your suggestions and your encyclopedia of knowledge. good friends are hard to come by but we found them in you two! so thanks again and look forward to getting together soon. now you all take care. and yes i did forget that you and wendy had the same birthdays-that explains alot!!
Bad Brad

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6/11/2011 09:12    
10abuse reply to this message reply 

Sorry, no 'one stop shopping here'! If you were in the Cotacachi or San Antonio area I could send you to marvelous furniture makers.....The best pieces are purchased in the bigger cities.....outside of Ibarra, there is a place where soft foam custom made upholstered furn. is made for almost all the expats in Cotacachi...according to what material they wish, what size, etc. I think they are called Dicasa and may be a chain operation. There is 'hard foam' here used to make furniture, and I do mean hard, and the newer, more expensive furniture made now, has a better, higher-quality softer foam, more comfortable.

Alot of the cheaper run of the mill living room sets are made in the Cuenca area and sent to every small towns' furniture stores...

On 6 de dic. and Bosmediano, near the multi-centro mall there are very nice upscale furniture stores, also calle Los Shyris, but this is Quito. I would go for Manta or Guayaquil.....

You do not need a "custom made" mattress here, I doubt that they even make them! There are so many mattress companies, Chaide and Chaide is not bad, they have about a dozen levels, but the best mattress made in the country is by the company called REGINA.

Good luck.....upscale and expensive places in the bigger cities will have beautiful lamps and other accoutrements, i.e., Su Casa, Su Hogar, Ferrisiato Hardware store (really THE best for lighting), Kiwi hardware store, so-so, depending on the area.

The smaller towns do not have the best stuff. Even Supermaxi sells 100% cotton towels and pillows---anti-allergic ones are made by Noperti, and that company has a beautiful line of anti-allergic bedspreads as well--they have a nice shop in Qui-Centro Mall in Quito where you would find the Ferrisiato Hardware.

I am sure that Guayaquil and Manta have the same high quality places as Quito.

For televisions, appliances, you will look in La Ganga, El Japon, Juan Eluri, Commandato, Artifacto, etc...the Washing Machines that double as a dryer are not that good, I have been told, but do function. If you have the space, get one of each, gas dryer being the best.

Good luck and happy shopping.

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6/11/2011 12:29    
00abuse reply to this message reply 


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6/11/2011 12:45    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

I forgot to mention that Supermaxxi mall is BRAND NEW in Portoviejo built by the Chinese .Top of the line little mall
You should check out their bathrooms Holy Toledo,
Best In Ecuador
Also the supermarket is upscale there........Have many items that can't be found in other supermarkets.
The Kywi there is huge and have great light fixtures for next to nothing
the latest and greatest Euro stuff.
My poor husband sits out in the mall court patiently reading a book while I inspect everything with gusto, for the nest
you know how that works
TVS Elvis FREQUENTS MANTA So i will leave that topic up to Elvis
I see them EVERYWHERE and seem to be coming down in price just as in the USA
We saw a king bed in Guayaquil California king ,I believe ,at tu casa in the mall del sol..... mattress alone cost ,top of the line,$1100 we are planning to have a custom made mattress made in Cuenca There is a high quality mattress company in Cuenca
We have a reason why we will do that , I'll explain it to Wendy sometime

Upstairs in Tucasa ,in mall del sol, REAL STAINLESS STEEL VERY HIGH QUALITY APPLIANCES are on display with some designer USA style kitchens. Hard to find in the appliance stores in Ecuador They have a version of fake stainless steel appliances The stainless veneer is NOT NICE I know Wendy can be fussy,like me
we plan to use a solar dryer Go on the roof and use clothespegs ,while getting a work out ALL GOOD
Also as you drive into Guayaquil, there are little suburbia,areas with beautiful sculpture pieces locally made,
Guayaquil Oro Verde,have some stunning sculpture pieces on display in the main area.,by an Ecuadorean artist and we plan to commission him , if you shop in Guayaquil,Oro Verde is BEAUTIFUL ,at least the main area,I have not stayed in one of their rooms a bit spendy AND a GREAT EURO PASTRY SHOP and DELI
(people watch addict ..that would be me)
Oro verde is across the street from the minibus station, that takes you to Portoviejo for $10.00 (a two and a half hour ride)
Oro verde in Manta and Cuenca NOT so good pasties /deli
INCIDENTALLY HECTOR AKA H,I OWE YOU AN APOLOGY i recall that you praised Oro verde one time on the forum and if I recall,i may have contradicted you.
This last trip,i thought , this place is EXACTLY as H described , i must have got mixed up with another
old brain syndrome?
Hammocks can be obtained all over EC there is one area as you enter Guayaquil from the North,,where they are really really nice,my preference.. i pay the mini taxi driver from Portoviejo ,a bit extra to stop for five minutes on the way into Guayaquil,when i see something that looks interesting
Monte Cristi too has hammocks but not as nice as in that area of Guayaquil suburbia

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6/11/2011 15:12    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

jkryani, batllan,

Boncur is correct about the combo washer dryer not working well. We inherited one with the apartment we bought. It works well as a washer, but extremely slowly as a dryer. The machine is not vented and does not blow hot air. It circulates the air and depends on cold water under the drum to condense the moisture from the circulating air. Interesting concept. We replaced it with a stack unit as we do not have the space for a separate dryer.

HOWEVER, if you wish to take the short drive from San Cllemente to Bahia, I have downstairs in my bodega, what amounts to a very good washing machine, real cheap. (under $150).


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6/11/2011 16:34    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

Hi Warren, Funny that you should mention those stackable washer/dryer units. My mother told me they were around in the 50s and were deemed "chimbo" (a word here in Ecuador used to denote NOT GOOD). They disappeared for a long time as I had never seen them until a few years ago down here.

They are expensive too!

I am very happy with my new (one year now) Whirlpool Washer and my Whirlpool Gas Dryer. We have the gas tank outside, and the tube goes in through the wall.

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6/11/2011 17:48    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

warren ,
my sister in Europe has had one for years So I was hoping
I have not personally known anyone in EC who had one ,so your opinion is interesting.... they are expensive, cost the same as a washer and dryer combo
How much did you pay and where did you buy yours and what make is it ?
We are not that far from Bahia but will buy appliances from Guayaquil .Having a very large family ,we want them to last 50 years
To save space I was leaning to one Though want to hang clothes on the roof
There is always a good breeze
I have always had stackables in the US and love them SS inside tub and use less water ,still clothes are very clean.

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6/11/2011 18:25    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

Actually "stackable" was not the word I wanted to use. I am talking about the SAME machine that washes clothes, and in the same machine, you can switch to a dryer. Not good. They are a waste of money. As far as the wsher and the dryer on the top (2 different machines-- stackables?) they are difficult to find here.

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6/11/2011 19:20    
00abuse reply to this message reply 


Good to hear from you. Are you and KJen coiming down this year?

As I said, I inherited the Haier(brand name) combination unit with the condo I bought. I replaced it with a real stackable unit.

The drier function of the unit is I agree a waste of money. However, as I said, the washer works well, and since it is taking up space in my storage I will practically give it away.


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6/12/2011 11:19    
00abuse reply to this message reply 

Hey Warren,
How's it happening for you there?
Are you pleased with your choice?
we'll be down
Heier ,I believe is a korean version and known for poor quality ?
sort of the ford( fix or repair daily) of the appliance world

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