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Dream vs. Reality of Living in Ecuador

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From: United States
1/17/2012 09:36 EST

Most expats have "dreams" (and fears) about the expatriate experience before they move abroad. Take a few minutes to answer a few questions about your pre-move dreams and the realities of life in Ecuador in our newest report, Dream vs. Reality:

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1/24/2012 15:01 EST

My husband and myself are in our late sixties. We are planning a move to manta. I have my dreams of a relaxed beachfront exsistence where healthcare is good, expensives are down and an adventure is possible.
I would very much like to hear about the reality of a move to manta.

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1/24/2012 22:44 EST

My husband and I have lived here in Manta for 1.5 years, now. He loves it so much he has started a website with lots of info. on Manta. Please take a look and let me know what you think - It is

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1/24/2012 22:45 EST

I originally moved to Ecuador and planned to locate in Manta. I was there for several months and met some wonderful people. But keep in mind, it is an industrial based large city with a working fishing port. There are some lovely areas to live (look at the beachfront condos behind the casino) but a lot of the city is very run down and not places you would want to frequent. My advise, take a few month rental, walk around a lot, meet the wonderful people, but keep your mind open to other coastal cities.

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1/25/2012 02:24 EST

I have my dreams of:

~ a relaxed beachfront exsistence
... you will definitely learn patience and the term "tranquilo" relax is often used whn becoming frustrated with things happening in Ecuador time. Also have a back up plan for when you need something more than just walking on the beach and sunbathing -- hobby, charity, second business/career/entrepeneurial endeavor for fun and (very) littel proftit (see hobby/charity above) Also be sure to check out "night life" even dinner and a movie and a chance to spend time aaway from each other... Make sure you can enjoy what you wish for and it doesn;t drive you insane after you buy a property.

~ where healthcare is good,
Where health care you might need is available -- what is your genetic history? Are your parents alive and if not what got them? Chances are those are also your achilles heals -- be sure yoou know how and where you can go if something bites you bad -- like cancer or heart disease. And be sure you have a doctor who knows you and speaks whatever language you speak in case of emergency -- it is not the time to look up stuff in the dictionary when it is an emergency. And -- be sure to locate vet care as well! Your pet neeeds good health care too!
~ expensives are down and

~ an adventure is possible.
On that point -- don't worry -- you shall have an adventure -- may it be fun, educational, pain free and moderately priced. There is an ancient Chinese saying (okay it is a curse) may You Live In Interesting Times -- move to Ecuador and you will never stop having interesting times.


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