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Household Items for Sale: Moving Out of Ecuador

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11/30/2012 22:00 EST

Hi all,

Not soon after receiving our immigrant visas and cedulas last month, we received a job offer that is too good to pass up. Therefore, we're selling virtually everything we brought down with us or bought while here in Salinas before we fly out.

Here's a quick list of some of the items we're selling. Take a look at the full list in order to see pictures, prices, and other details. All items must be paid in cash and picked up at our apartment. Please use the contact info contained in the full list to ask questions / coordinate payment and pick up. Full list with details can be found here:

Desktop computer
Kindle Fire tablet
Wireless router
Xbox 360 with 2 controllers
Solid wood coat tree
Custom expandable utility table w/ casters
Solid wood TV stand
Custom solid wood stepstool
Office chair ($10-no picture)
Children's games
Children's table and chairs
2 HEPA certified air purifiers with replacement filters
Patio sun shade
Household miscellaneous (plastic clothe hampers, water dispenser, etc.)
Samsung 21.5' computer monitor
Spanish dictionaries and other books

Again, the full list with details can be found here:

Neil Radulski

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11/30/2012 22:29 EST

Darnit, Neil, I'm ticked. I spend all these months getting you trained and at the first sign of something better, you turn tail and run. How fair is that?

How about a few details? Where are you headed and how soon?

Like an abused wife, I'd rather deal with the devil I know than the unknown. Seriously, I'm getting weepy. I'm going t miss you.

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12/1/2012 09:13 EST

I am unable to open your Document. Is there any way you can send it in a different form?

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12/1/2012 09:50 EST

Please try:

Neil Radulski

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12/2/2012 15:04 EST

Got a few more things for sale that might be of interest to folks:

Pair of GE Wireless Phones with DECT 6.0 technology for $60 or best offer

Solid wood handmade bench for $60 or best offer-great for foyers.

See details at either:


Lots of stuff has sold but plenty of good deals still available.

Neil Radulski

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12/2/2012 18:07 EST

Felicitaciones! on your your new adventure.

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