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marrying jordanian guy

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4/2/2008 23:29 EST

Hi, I am Indian and studying in US. I met and fell in love with jordanian guy, we both love each other very much. I am agreed to stay in Jordan forever. I am highly educated. I would love to do a job cause cost of living is getting high. Another thing is he is very concerned about now a days is Jordanian men leave their wives after few years if they are married to non-jordanian to remarry to jordanian woman. How far is it true. Is not there a single example where jordanian man marry woman from other country and never leave the wife to remarry. He is very afraid if this happens to our relatiosnhip, he says this is due to social pressure and that induces the desire to do so. Please help and advice. My heart breaks when I think of leaving him, I am ready to sacrifice my country ,religion and family for him , in return all I want what every woman wants.

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4/3/2008 15:11 EST

I liked your questions and have a similar experience.'
How did you meet this person?
How old is he?
How old are you?
How long have you known this person?
What is his job?

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4/12/2008 04:52 EST

greetings , i'm a jordanian man and telling u from experience i saw in my culture , Yes men in jordan do leave thier wives if she is a forigner and i saw some cases infront of me ....

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5/15/2008 00:00 EST

salam, i am malaysian and in love with jordanian guy. Both of us are postgraduates student in malaysia. We are planning to get married after finishing our study. I need to know the procedures to marry him and what are my rights after marrying him. I am afraid because i am malaysian and he's jordanian. A lot of things becomes my concern since i love him and planning to share my life with him. Anyone please help me with this legal matter.

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7/12/2009 13:56 EST

I am married 9 years to a Jordanian Man. MAN is the important word. When we married in Jordan he was a boy. Yeas, he was unfaithful, this is curiouosity. After this experience he decided what he wanted and has been faithful ever since. It is a choice that every man has to make but of course the culture shock of luiving in America id strong and does affects relationships. If he loves you and marries you for the right reason he will stay with you. Insha allah

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12/3/2009 08:25 EST

A man leaving his wife is not only a Jordanian thing.

The main reason that men and women from different cultures leave each other is because of culture. Jordanian men are MEN and they like things to go their way. Many women, Americans and others, think that they can change her man to follow her lead or do things that he normally doesn't do. When she finds out that it's not happening, their marriage starts going down hill. Then the Jordanian man finds out that it's easier to marry a Jordanian.

It takes 2 to tango and you guys have to be reasonable and understanding of each other's cultures. You both need to be mature.

Do NOT marry this guy for the wrong reasons. Love is not enough to keep 2 people from 2 cultures together forever.

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12/4/2009 03:08 EST

Abdein, your wording leaves a lot to be desired - Jordanian men are MEN? All men are MEN. However, the cultural aspects of a Jordanian man's expectations in a marriage are different from some other cultures.

Further, the Jordanian men also expect the woman to change to fit their expectations - this isn't a one way street.

Having been married successfully to a Jordanian man for a number of years, though, I can say that you are correct in one thing: love isn't enough. ANY marriage is hard work. A multi-cultural marriage is double the work. In our case, triple the work as I am very career-focused and a terrible housekeeper.

Both husband and wife have to adapt and make some changes. The partner living in the foreign country (in our case, me living in Jordan) has to work harder.

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5/31/2010 13:52 EST

Hello i read your message here and your words are wise and practicle. Maybe you can add some more light on to marrying a Jordanian man. Im Australian and plan to travel to Jordan with him and stay a while then for him to come back to Australia with me. So im taking in what you say about it being 3 times as hard to work the marriage in your case. Can you say some of the reasons more specific of why its hard because of the different cultures. We plan to stay in Jordan a short time so how is it living there for me culture wise. Any ideas you have are of interest to me. Thank you.

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5/31/2010 16:59 EST

Marriage in general is a compromise , the more you have to compromise the more issues you might face one day when your defenses are low.
However , statistics do not support the notion that marriage to a foreign person is more likely to end up with divorce or remarrying. I know of people in my immediate family who are happily married to men and women spanning the globe , east and west cultures.
If you are reluctant about anything , the greater the risk involved , marriage included.
I would say , this is a fact intensive issue that can be dealt with on a case by case scenario .
I suggest not to learn from past experiences , but ask what mistakes were committed and try to avoid them.
Good Luck and I hope we welcome you all to our Jordanian Family.

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6/2/2010 11:11 EST

hello i only read your message today..and see you wrote this long time ago..so how did you end up..did it all work out..i am planning to do the same thing from australia to marry man from jordan..but plan to move back to australia..so anything i can learn how you went with it all will be a blessing..thanks leanne

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