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Moving from USA to Living in Malaysia

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7/3/2013 01:34 EST

I'm a single 29 year old female about to move to Malaysia most likely the " PJ" area Is that a good place for young ex pats or is there a different area you reccomend? I'm going to need help setting up bank accounts, insurance and getting a condo. I'm a bit overwhelmed. Any tips? Theresa

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7/4/2013 06:54 EST

Hi Theresa
Relax, u dont need to do everything in one day. :-)
Arrive.....and get yourself a hotel for about $20-30 a night need to book, you will find one anywhere on the way, worst case scenario you'll be paying $40...all u need is a bed and a shower. Then grab your trusty laptop and see what u can find under for a month to see if you like the area. ..... Depending why you are moving here, walk into any of the larger banks and they will be more then helpful. Become familiar with the term "middle room"...generally most apartments have a bathroom in each bedrrom (similar to a hotel room" (shared kitchen and living room) and they are quite reasonable plus you make friends easily. Have a look about and move if u dont like the area. Easy..:-) cheers Eva

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7/7/2013 11:42 EST

I'm just a bit flustered. I'm actually staying at the Hilton in PJ for the first week there. I'm not too sure about the second week yet. Thank you for your response. :)

So middle room is like the US equiv of a living room/ dining room area? How's storage like/closets?

What area is pretty centrally located, full of expats, american or not?

Thank you so kindly for your help

Kind Regards, Theresa Marie

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7/10/2013 08:15 EST

Hi Theresa,
You may want to check out this MM2H site:

It covers a wide variety of topics.

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7/19/2013 04:23 EST

hi Theresa! PJ is quite a nice area.
i do understand that setting up is so overwhelming! if you need any help you can hire an expat service agency to help you move smoothly :)
i used when i first moved to malaysia from US and i'm quite pleased with the service.
hope this helps, and good luck with everything!


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9/11/2013 18:00 EST


How did you get on with settling in KL? Any tips as I move there in December?


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