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Nursing jobs in Mexico

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8/10/2009 18:01 EST

Hello- I am a Registered Nurse living in the US. I am getting prepared to move to Cabo San Lucas in the beginning of September and I am curious about where to start in looking for a nursing job. Any information will help!!


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From: Mexico
8/10/2009 20:30 EST

I assume that you are fluent in Spanish, have accreditation as a nurse from a Mexican nursing school and have been to Cabo San Lucas before. If you are not Mexican, it will be very difficult for you to find work. An FM3 visa will be required and that requires that you prove sufficient income from home to support yourself in Mexico. Then, you will have to find an employer who will support your application for permission to work. That permission may only be granted by Immigration authorities and may not take work from a citizen. In this economy, things are tough everywhere. Here, in our town, government employees are being dismissed in droves.

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From: Mexico
8/11/2009 09:11 EST

I just want to echo the last posting. You need to get your ducks in a row with employers, government requirements, etc. Mexico has many fine nurses already and the country's priorities are to employ their own citizens first, so it will not be easy to find a position.

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8/12/2009 12:04 EST

My dear mr410... I can tell you you are doing exactly the opposite to the actual economic trends in mexico... our nurses (when they speaks english) are thinking to move to the states because of the money!! I do not recommend you to have this as your first choise of employment but also finding a well paid job as a nurse in Mexico... first of all, here we have plenty of nurses graduated from the armed forces, from mexican red cross, from so many nursing schools so it will not be easy for you to have your papers and a job. I wish you very good luck and enjoy your day.

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From: Mexico
8/13/2009 10:22 EST

I have friends who are Mexican nurses. Full time work pays about 9000 pesos a month--not very much by US standards. You do not want to be a nurse here if money is the object.

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8/13/2009 22:18 EST

RVGringo always gives the most formal and correct advice on this and other has my respect and admiration. There´s many reasons why a person willl up and leave their fatherland, the question is once you´ve left can you go back or do you want to go back?
When I came to Mexico I was also under the delusion that I could get a job easily..that didnt take long to be shattered. But I was determined, stick it out and make it work. I´m now an accredited Guide.I´m sure not getting rich but I love the coumtry and I have plenty pf friends, The first few years were the roughest, you have to be an entrepreneur of sorts to survive here but the fringe benefits are great.
I´vw worked illegally and legally. Working illegally you´re always looking over your shoulder wondering...will this official take a bribe or deport me?
As a nurse you could always find a job as a caregiver..but as was mentioned not at a salary that you would receive you have to weigh up what you gain and what you lose. remember money isnt everything. good luck.

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1/5/2010 11:40 EST

Then why have I read that there is a shortage of nurses in Mexico?:
I suppose the article could be wrong.

9000 pesos per month, or a little less than $700 USD/month, or $8000 USD/year, doesn´t sound bad compared to the 100 pesos/day that I hear quoted so often by Mexicans for their other jobs.

Did you look for nursing jobs? How easy/hard were they to find? How stressful are the jobs?

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1/20/2017 09:45 EST

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