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Lake Chapala Mosquitos

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6/7/2010 21:16 EST

I'm considering a move from Baja to the Lake Chapla area but hate mosquitos. What's the story?
Are there mosquitos or no?

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From: Mexico
6/15/2010 16:52 EST

Some, but not like most places in the USA. There are almost none in the dry season, but they will increase in the rainy season, depending on your specific location and sources of mosquitoes.

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6/21/2010 23:36 EST

As you may know, any geography that has rain or is near water, during the warmer season, will have mosquitos. Spraying any bushes outside of your house and those wonderful Raid mosquito plug-ins are wonderful. The only place I experienced a mosquito-free life was in Nevada. I hope you find a happy medium.

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