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2 Questions???

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9/5/2017 09:19 EST

I am driving down to the Yucatan from the US. I plan to cross at McAllen Tx. (#1) How much alcohol can I cross the border with in my passenger car? I have carried 3 or 4 liters before in checked airplane luggage but I am hearing 1 liter per each 18 yr old and some crossings can be different. I plan to be in Mexico for a month or so. My Canadian whisky can't be purchased in Mexico so I want to bring it....(#2) Where do I purchase Mexican car insurance? My US company does not sell it for foreign travel. Going into Belize I purchase it across the border in Belize. I think I heard here it can be purchased in Tx. before I cross over. And do you have a preferred company? Thanks in advance.

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From: Mexico
9/8/2017 15:40 EST

I have no information on the alcohol, beyond a guess that the limit could be 1L per person. Wouldn‘t that be more than enough for a month? In Mexico, do not drive if you have had a drink within several hours, as there is zero tolerance. Breathing 0.02 can get you sent to jail and your vehicle impounded. From there it gets really complicated.
Yes, you can purchase insurance as you approach the border & will see signs along the way. You can also buy it online from places like segurogringo.com or others that Google will reveal to you.

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9/8/2017 16:15 EST

In the major cities of Mexico you will find DUI checkpoints on the weekends. If you party down here hire a taxi or Uber.

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9/12/2017 10:14 EST

Passengers over 18 years of age, may bring in a maximum of up to 10 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco and up to three liters of alcoholic beverages, and six liters of wine. Items in excess of the above cannot be imported without complying with applicable regulations and restrictions.*

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