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I don't know where to go, I don't like my home country (Sweden)

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1/7/2018 17:58 EST


I recently, a month ago, got home from a three months exchange from Costa Rica. Now I feel like my eyes have really opened.

I have always thought about moving abroad, my whole life. But now I really feel like it is something I want to do.

Reasons I don't like Sweden:
- It is cold, I don't like the cold that much. (It is the most obvious but not the most important reason.)
- The "jante-law" - The thinking about that you should not be "extra". You shouldn't think that you are better than anyone.
- People in Sweden always boast about how open and free Sweden is, when it really isn't (that much)

I am a 22 year old gay, christian guy.

In Sweden I have seen one(!) same-sex couple in my whole life. It feels like they don't exist, I feel so lonely. There's only really one place to meet some (In the local LGBT-rights organization's youth-group) and I really don't feel that I fit in there.

As a Christian in one of the most atheist countries in the world isn't that easy either. People who boast about how free Sweden is but at the same time looks down upon people of faith.
"A mentally unstable adult who still talks to their imaginary-friend, how cute" is something you get almost every time you "come out" as a christian.

What I want for my new place to live:
- An English-speaking country
- A big city (There is really only one big city in Sweden, Stockholm, but I don't like the mentality there)
- A place where I can be gay and open about it.
- A place where I can practice my religion and for once feel glad and proud over it.
- A place where I can be the best me that I can be. A place where I can be happy.

Do you have any suggestions to where I should move?

Thank you in advance and I hope you have a great day!


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1/8/2018 03:59 EST

Hello,Im English and lived in Greece,Athens and Cottage near Loutraki,Corinthos for many years.I suggest to you Athens or Thessaloniki.This country still has culture and Christianity,Come here and help keep it alive.Nearly everyone speaks English here and loves to.People dont care to be homophobic and in both cities you will make many friends and of course the beauty of Greece would be at your finger-tips,places to go and see,the islands,mainland,and lets not forget the weather,it is so easy,here in Attiki the winters are so mild,I have never seen frost.I hate long periods of cold and rain.You get a good mix here,this past weekend I was at my cottage and I sat on my top veranda semi naked in the lovely warm sunshine with my breakfast so as to get some vitamin D.Its been mostly nice all winter so far,every winter is different of course,this year we could get wrapped up and sit on the beach.I often go to a local church around five in the afternoon and they have a low key service going,often a priest and a young girl sing/chant,its very beautiful and calming and actually its been mostly the church that has helped the hungry in this crisis.For gay people there is much closeness here in Athens,I guess the same in other cities here too,but Athens is good I believe.Good luck to you and may your future happiness be found soon.Just ask if you want any further information.Yes Greece has been hit but it will pick up and little violence here.

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1/10/2018 21:42 EST

I have a suggestion if you can afford it financially. San Francisco is not the warmest climate, but it’s certainly not Sweden. And you will find hundreds of gay men, some of them Christian, some not, it is a vibrant city that is also one of the most conscious, accepting and beautiful cities in the U.S. Los Angeles is similar, but more flamboyant and warmer! San Diego is great too. All are in California. And marijuana is now legal for all!

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