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Location based on finances NOT wants

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1/13/2018 14:26 EST

Hi Forum,

I have posted in specific country forums, trying to sort through finances, situations and what best suits my individual scenario. So, 1st thing... The About Me.

I am 55 y.o, live in the Northeast of U.S.A. Winters are really starting to take their toll on me. So I see a warmer climate calling me... return to see some snow and leave LOL.

My Work: I have a great job (Education / State of Massachusetts).
Great paying job.... But of late I'm starting to feel that the stress is outweighing the pay.

If I was to walk out the door (Work) right now... I am eligible for a retirement. So here's my Scenario

State Retirement - $1,500.00 monthly.

Sale of Residence - $300,000 - $400,000.

My personal IRA (don't see that being touched yet).

Savings / Checking / Investments - varied due to paying bills, Misc & performance.

So, My question comes down to this.

If the above scenario was you.
Where would you choose & why?

Thank You


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1/17/2018 02:38 EST

You would probably qualify for residency in Eastern Europe, Portugal, Spain and maybe France. You can buy a house in Spain for €500,000 or in Portugal for as low as €280,000 and get a golden visa. I think Ireland, UK, and northern Europe may be out of reach. Hope this helps.

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1/21/2018 23:00 EST

The south of France. Because I would love to go there. Take me and it will be twice as much fun! Lol

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1/23/2018 12:03 EST

Why do I like the sounds of that?

I might just consider it :)

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2/17/2018 14:11 EST

I’m already here
Mediterranean coast, Spain
323 days of sun, average 23/25 C
Great countryside, lots of things to do
Excellent food
Good transportation as well depending on location.

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