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4/11/2008 16:36 EST


I am a 26 year old belgian who has been living in 5 countries during the last years. My big dream however for the near future is to relocate to either Norway or back to the Middle East. As Norway is a Shengen country it may be easier to get in here, if only it wasn't for the language barrier.

Basically I am looking for a job where I could start working in English. I also speak German, French and Dutch but I guess those aren't heavily demanded in Norway. I speak English perfectly though as I lived in Ireland for 3 years before.

It doesn't have to be a highly rated job or so. I would be happy doing dishwashing, bartending or cleaning work in a bar or hotel. I'd see it as a stepstone to get into the country while learning Norwegian for a future office job.

Does anyone know a bar or hotel where I would be welcome? Note that I need a full-time position. Dishwashing, cleaning, bartender, ... I am not that selective, but it has to be full-time as I need to make a living from it.

The city attracting me most is Tromsø, I always had a soft spot for the North of Norway. However, to get into Norway all locations would be OK, from Longyearbyen to Drammen, from Stavanger to Kirkenes :)

So if anyone knows a bar or hotel or resort where multilinguals are being recruited, please do let me know. My CV can be found on my website

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6/11/2008 23:13 EST

I am wondering if you received any offers from you job request?

Thanks for info. We are looking also to move to Norway for a year work holiday, and are wondering if this expat site is helpful.

Janyte Alvestad-Bullock

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8/29/2008 04:45 EST

I think it probably depends very much where abouts in Norway you go. From my experience however the Norwegians are extremely prejudice against anyone that isn't Norwegian. I am from the UK and came out here with my husband as he was offered a job out here. In the UK I was a Human Resources Business Partner, I am highly educated with a Masters and despite applying for jobs that were well below my qualifications I was not even given interviews for the positions I applied for. I have basic Norwegian and obviously fluent English, eventually I was lucky enough to meet another English lady who ran a business offering English lessons to businesses which suited me fairly well at that time.

I would say Norway is not an easy place to find work, particularly if you don't speak the language. It is also a very expensive place to live so if you are here without a job it will be a massive struggle.

It may be worth looking into learning Norwegian or finding an offer of employment in Norway before you arrive.

Best of luck!

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3/20/2009 18:05 EST


I'm in a similar situation, myself. US expat, living in Germany, I speak German, French and English, of course. My new life partner will probably be employed in Bregna Bruk, 100 km north of Oslo. I would take pretty much any job there or in the area (I don't have a driver's licence). I would be grateful for any helpful tips and/or information!

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4/8/2009 19:33 EST

Hi, just read you taught English in Norway for a while. I plan on moving to Norway soon and would like to arrange some work before going. Is it possible to get some contact info from you about who to speak to about it?

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6/13/2009 17:33 EST

Hello, we like to come in contact with you, we are a international contactcenter situated in Tanger Morocco. We work for big ICT companies in all languages worldwide.

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