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Boquete long term house rentals

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9/30/2012 18:29 EST

looking for small 1-2 bedroom fully furnished home in Boquete. Need a place for at least 6 months. Can anone refer me to a realtor or, preferably, by owner offerings

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10/1/2012 08:42 EST

Check on although we had a hard time getting responses from the owners. We had to physically go down to Panama on a short recon trip to get our lodging set up. Be very careful with realtors.

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10/3/2012 10:04 EST

I have one that comes available January 1st, and another one now until January 1st. I can send you pictures by e-mail. Let me know your dates. E-mail me at Thanks........jT

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10/3/2012 10:33 EST

Lauretta Bonfiglio is a person to contact English is her first language and she speaks Spanish fluently. She helps people find homes to rent or purchase. 507-6966-7389 or Tell her Larsen & Mary -Lee referred her. She is well known in Boquete; lived here for 11 years.

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10/3/2012 12:23 EST

I did a quick search and came across this one, which is being offered by the owner (so no middle men).

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