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Export/Import Vehicle fm USA to Philippines

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10/4/2011 04:37 EST

I want to ship a 2008 Pontiac G6 from the USA to Philippines.

Anyone know if/how I can do this?

Thanks Rob

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From: India
10/4/2011 12:43 EST

You can certainly ship a car from the US to the Philippines via most freight shipping companies. The issue you are going to run into is paying the customs duty fees on the value of the car once it gets here. It will be a significant expense.

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From: United States
10/4/2011 13:26 EST

I did a little looking into the idea of importing some scooters because a friend buys them direct from the Kymco factory and I can buy them really cheap.
After reading several people's accounts of what they went through and how much it cost them I dropped the idea.

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10/6/2011 01:06 EST

According to the Philippine Retirement Authority, if you plan to stay there and put 10,000 dollars in a bank you can move one vehicle over with no tax or duty. I plan to fly over in March and talk to them in person.

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10/8/2011 10:58 EST

I don't know if this helps or not but 10 years ago when I relocated I wanted to bring my Astro Van, The total duty and taxes for customs was about 125% of the value of the van and that was over and above shipping costs!
So much for the "free-Trade" Agreement, eh?
Remember to if you do ship your vehicle anytime you need parts they will have to be shipped and Customs REALLY love to tax spare parts, sometimes up to 200% of their value!
Better to sell you vehicle and buy new when you arrive!


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From: United States
10/10/2011 15:14 EST

bgreno; That is really interesting as I am considering the move early next year and it would be sweet to bring a car or a bike with me.

I don't know about the PH but a friend moved to Panama and filled his car with household items which saved him a bunch on shipping. He said he just made a complete bill of lading declaring everything in the car and they let it through.

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10/13/2011 02:34 EST

I just got a car there. The fees are up to 150%. I was able to ship a Harley and a GS bikes without paying customs. But I shipped them from Kuwait. If I'm you, just get a car there. Buy a new car, never get anything used there.

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1/17/2012 02:57 EST

Hi Dave, Wish I could get in touch with you but can't send you private message. Will be moving to Manila from Kuwait. Have some questions.

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1/21/2012 09:04 EST

to bgreno: i wish what you said is true then we would have brought our van as well...there' s a lot about PRA that you need to verify specially their new program. Watch out for the small prints...

to rdhawes48: just sell your car, there are a lot of reliable cars here....unless you want to send several shipments with different parts of your car....
paying custom fees is just not worth it. save that money to get you a great car here!

if you want to buy a car here in the Philippines, make sure that they have a manufacturing company here that makes the parts, otherwise, you will be like us, who has to order parts from the US because we got a Chevrolet, Starcraft and none of the Chevie shops has any of our parts!

or buy a newer car ( ours is 2006 that we bought from another American), and make sure that you check the car dealership that you can get car parts in case you need a replacement

make sure that the car didn't go through the Ondoy flood, watch out for those super cheap cars!

have a really good and reliable mechanic to check every detail of your car if you are buying a used car.

when you buy from the banks, verify if you can have the car checked by a mechanic first, otherwise, it might be a buy as is deal...

referrals is the best option. some people find good deals online, just be careful when you deal with big chunks of money...

plan well. eat well..

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