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Cost of Living in Poland

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From: United States
8/9/2003 17:45 EST

Hello, I was offered a job teaching English in Tychy, Poland and am wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what utilities cost, what rent typically is and how much I should budget for food. Also, is 3,120PLN per month enough to live on..about how much would I be able to save per month?

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From: Poland
8/10/2003 11:19 EST

A friend of ours lives in Tychy - I forwarded her your message and here is what she wrote:

I'll be glad to help you with this one cause I've lived here in Tychy
all my life.

There are a few agencies in Tychy that offer apartments for rent. The
prices differ a lot and depend on how many rooms you want, but usually
they are between 500-900 PLN. For instance, these are sample apartment
rents in the area, I looked it up in the local newspaper "Echo"

- M2 (just 1 big room, which has to work both as living room and
bedroom, plus kitchen and bathroom), the agency want 550PLN a month including
- M3 (1 bedroom, 1 living room, plus kitchen and bathroom), 50sq
metres, thats 750PLN a month, excluding utilities.

Of course it is much cheaper to rent an apartment without the agency,
then you don't have to pay the agency fee. There are a few local
newspapers, like Echo, Dziennik Slaski, Trybuna Slaska, Gazeta Wyborcza, so
you may have a look at it as they usually have many ads and you can find
a good deal there.

If you are gonna live by yourself I would say about 400-500PLN a month
for groceries would be more than enough.

Gas is about 3 PLN right now for 1L.

3120PLN a month is good money qhwn you live here in tychy. You will be
able to rent an apartment, pay for gas, do groceries, pay cell phone
bill, go out and you may even save a bit.

As for Tychy, there is not much enteriantment here. We have only 1
cinema "Andromeda" but it's a good one, not very many good restaurants.
Usually people spend time in bars drinking "Tyskie" with friends. Theer is
much more entertainment in katowice which is only 25 kms away, takes 20
minutes by car to get there.

Can you also let know that person that if he wants to meet some people
from the area then I'll be glad to meet him and introduce to more
people here.

It';s ok to put my email on the board, i dont mind.

if he has any more questions i'll be g;lad to help.

Hope that helps,

Her e-mail is aleksandra99(at)go2.pl. Change the (at) to @, I did that so spam-scrapers won't get her address.

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