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Import/shipping restrictions on nutritional supplements?

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9/22/2013 20:27 EST

Been searching Uncle Google and finding nothing. I was informed by PuntaMio shipping service that I could only order/import 1 pound of nutritional supps at a time. They seem to be not answering emails of late (could just be the weekend???). Anybody know if this is just because they have that tax free zone address dealio? Or is it an actual customs reg and over 1 lb won't make it through?

What is likelihood of bunch of vitamins and stuff actually getting to me and would they ding me some extra massive amount for my personal weirdness?

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9/23/2013 14:33 EST

"...would they ding me some extra massive amount for my personal weirdness?"

That would probably cover the National debt ;-)

Get yourself a local P.O. Box, they're only $20- 30 a year. Order what you want from the mainland and have it shipped to a friend. Have the friend put the order into less than a 4 kilo package and have it mailed to you by regular U.S.P.S.. As long as the declared value (per parcel) is less than $400 and contents are listed appropriately, you'll have no argument with customs.

Depending on the Supplement company you're dealing with, they might ship direct to Ecuador but make sure they put the goods into parcels as described.

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9/23/2013 15:44 EST

Rodreego, thanks! That is very simple and encouraging!! Got PO Box this morning as coincidence would have it...

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