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Guatemala: Missing Person:

hi Mike I would contact Inguat.. the guatemalan institute for tourism.. and also your embassy in Guatemala to start.. from the border to the next big town it is maybe a dead zone for internet... good luck and informed us if you have news

Guatemala: Spanish Lessons in Guat city:

I would check accademia Europea but most of the school for learning spanish are not located in Guatemala city you should find a private teacher easely .. put a request on Facebook group guatemala expat

Guatemala: Moving to Guatemala City:

hi there I stay a lot on the edge of Zona 10.. close to avenidar reforma..and you should look for a rental in Zona 14.. as it is easy to reach zona 10 for your husband.. for rentals contact the Chamber of Realtor to find ones working this area.. I like better zona 10 and 14 for living because closer to everything and zona 15 is nice as well but the traffic can be hard on you everyday. Zona 10 and 14 and 15 super safe.. cost expect to pay $ 800 -$ 1000 per month for an appartment.. you can also find houses but they are more expansive..

Guatemala: Airport to Antigua and money question:

I have a friend who use Uber from Guatemala city to Antigua regularly and told me they charge between Q 120 - Q 150 depending the hours and traffic. She is very happy with the service.. I would change your pesos before living Cancun or at Gt airport much easier.

Guatemala: TIKAL:

You can't take a bus from Guatemala city directly to Tikal.. they go to Santa Elena and from there you take one to the Archeological site. The buses live Guatemala city in the evening and at night.. It has been some times now that no incident have been reported. From Santa Elena to Tikal you take smaller tourist shuttles. you can go for the day only or decide to spend the night on the site to have a more relaxing experience.

Guatemala: Vaccines in Antigua:

I have been living in Guatemala for 27 years my kids are born and raised here and we never had specials vaccines.. if you get bitten by a dog and you suspect rabby then you can go to the health center of the town and they have most of them rabbies shot.. for Hepatis A , B drink only safe water bring your own portable katadyne filter.. and don't eat road meat (like steak tartare..) or fish... you should be ok.. and bug repelents and long sleeves..

Guatemala: Buying land:

Hi sir A good real estate agent you can find ones listed at the guatemalan website of realtors. I my self a licensed realtor specializes in Lake Atitlan area. I'm also board member of the Guatemalan Chamber of realtor.. You might want to learn about the different form of ownership by reading my post.. and let me know how I can help you further.

Guatemala: Tax Question:

USA and Guatemala have signed an agreement to exchange bank owner account information. So The IRS can cross reference your name with the list GUat provide and then ask you about these accounts..Now there is a way to offer less visibility you can what's app me for more info 502-54936161

Guatemala: Need State Record:

A state police record? what does it mean? for which state? Guatemala? As far I know you could make your finger print in front of a notary and he would certified they are yours... You do finger print at migration for your passport, for your residency, driving license, bank...

Guatemala: SAD but true:

hi there I have used Cropa Alpina to cheap back to the US items from a client of mine .. now I can't tell if it was expensive or not.. we ship a leather chair, a desk, some painting.. to NY all was on time and well done

Guatemala: WildHair:

Guatemala is cheaper than Panama and less a destination for expats but still offers great affordable life style


Guatemala National post service which was runned by a Canadian company for many years successfully stop to work since august. As the contract expired and the new Gt guatemalan failed to renew it or concessionate to another company. So all mail distribution stopped for month. Now the government is reinstalling mail distribution inbound through 3 agencies , Central zona 1 , edificio de correo, 7 Avenida 12-11 Zona 1 phone 2239-2000 (to the 7 meaning 2001-2002...) Antigua, Xela they are planning Totonicapan.. but they are only distributing what they have back logged and they are working to be able to send out mail again. You have to relay on private courrier if you want to send or receive something.. a big problem for the country but reflects the total lack of preparation from the new government

Guatemala: Realtors:

I would advise Alfredo Wer from Enlace , he is a specialist of the area, with office in Design Center Building across Oakland Mall and as well member of the Chamber of Realtor of Guatemala his number 4013-8328

Guatemala: Wifi around Lake Atitlan:

I use Mayanet and it is not perfect but for normal use it works plus they are constantly upgrading their system with solar back up and new connection. Mayanet is Carlos Tzul

Guatemala: Living in Guatemala:

I would say Guatemala not because I leave here but because of its location it is the closest of all you mention from the US. Cost of living is low Great variety of climates where you can find the place for you.. I live on the shore of Lake Atitlan

Guatemala: S.A. Corporation:

Don Stephen There are several variables to take in consideration in creating a SA.. One is the size of the authorized capital, then the capital approved and the capital paid. I kind of remember that under $ 40,000 capital authorized there is not tax from the government after that you pay 9%. Also be sure to fully understand the difference it means and the capital authorized will depend of what you want to do with the company and if you are plan of future expansion. It is important as well to use a lawyer that does derecho mercantil (business laws) as you can find lawyers that will do it for cheap but then depending your project you find out that the company was not properly set up and then you have to spend more money to fix it.. Also I have made several SA and it never been complicated neither took long times. You can find also lawyers that have already SA created and you just have to buy them. Generally they have law amount of capital authorized. When you compare cost with lawyers quoting SA make sure to have them disclose what are their fees and what are taxes, and registrations cost.. Also you need to have a physical address that can receive mail so if you live in a remote area like me in a village where the mail never come (neither the national ones, neither private courrier) then you have to pay for a business address to be sure you will never miss any letter from the tax people.. Hope it helps you and don't hesitate to PM me if you need anything else.. Armand

Guatemala: moving to Guatemala: Hope you can read this link it is from 2014

Guatemala: Airport to Pana:

Direct shuttle are a rare currency.. but I would check with Uber service as they happen to be very competitive

Guatemala: Rentals sitting long?:

What happen is some of the houses have a big turn around so people leave them on the market.. plus now the impact of Airbnb limit the pool of houses available for long term. if you stay long term I would recommend you get a lawyer to make you a rental contract and undestand what you are signing..

Guatemala: Internet Help:

it all depends where you live.. if you can have a hard line phone you can get Claro kind of DSL... if not some areas have WIFI system like where I live.. we do skype videos most of the times works fine

Guatemala: More information about expats in Guatemala:

The best way is to take a private van.. It takes between 2 1/2 h to 3 h depending the times leaving Guatemala City.. Try to leave before 1500 to bit traffic. If not rent a car if you buy a local sim card and load internet than you can use Waze... and if you feel lucky it takes 20 minutes with a chopper... I do the road every week and it is not that bad at all...

Guatemala: Shuttle Van To Panajachel:

I use and recommend Jairo Maca at

Guatemala: Pacific side around Port of SanJose:

The area is named under the term La Costa.. Now the area specifically you talk about is called Puerto San Jose then further toward El Salvador. Monterico... You are right it is mostly vacation properties from Guatemala city owners.. you have also some very private high end development that you can get in only being co-opted by current owners. You can find very different pricing and still find locals prices.. I know of a couple of lots in Monterrico that in the $ 75,000. or an hotel for $ 250,000. Also I don't know if you know that the land ownership is mostly under the government contract with OCRET.. sometimes in development you can find clear title. Also it is un area with some securities issues... there is a lot of drug traffic... There is not really an expat community.. people rather stay in Antigua or Guatemala and come down for the week end.. it is week end gate away destination, then an expat destination like Atitlan, Xela, Antigua.. for example... Hope it helps you in your research..

Guatemala: OCRET Form:

OCRET doesn't have a download form you have to go to their office and buy one.. Q 5 the form.. sometimes they give it for free some times they sell it.. depends the day and the person.. you will need a lot of other papers like plans of the property, location, legal copy of your ID legalized, copy of your escritura, payment of VAT when you bought it... for example

Guatemala: Resident or business visa:

Great ideas... I would say contact a lawyer specialized in business so he can guide you toward the best set up..


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