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Mexico: Problems on re entry with Tourist Visa:

My partner and I are also experiencing problems. He was here on a tourist visa last September. He went to Guatemala in March and came back on a new 6 month tourist visa. last month he went to Caracas to renew his passport and today, when returning through Mexico City, he was denied entry to the country. Does anyone know how long he has to wait before he can try to come back on a new tourist visa?

Mexico: Seguro Popular and Preexisting Conditions:

The most popular HIV med here is Atripla......a cocktail that is quite effective and is no charge if you have Seguro Popular........

Mexico: IMSS vs Seguro Popular:

I just went to the Seguro Popular clinic where I live in Chapala today. Yes, there are pros and cons as with any insurance. I do see the same doctor when I go if I plan it. My English speaking doctor is there twice a week (Saturday and Sundays, usually the slowest days of the week and I can usually see him without getting there at 6am to make sure I have an appointment). If there were an emergency, yes, I would probably not be able to see him (thank goodness my partner is Latin). With my limited Spanish, I was able to sign up for it on my own. Getting my files and history set up required a lot of Spanish. I take 6 different meds for my heart and cholesterol. My doctor found Mexican equivalents for all of my meds and I get 2 month supplies at a time at the Seguro Popular farmacia.....at no cost. Yes, sometimes they don't have the meds, but it is usually just a matter of a week or two before they are in stock again (and in an emergency, I can always buy them at Walmart. Only once have I had to spend $5 on a 2 week supply of chlopedogrel because they were out). I recently developed bursitis in my hip. I got betamethasone from them and they gave me my initial shot today. Even though they were crowded, one of the nurses was able to break away and give it to me. I have had to go to Guadalajara to one of the hospitals there (40km away) on occassion for tests....again at no cost. I am pretty happy with SG.

Mexico: english language community theater in Mexico City:

Just wondering if there are any community theaters in Mexico City in English

Mexico: Beach suggestions Manzanillo:

Looking to spend a couple of days at the beach in Manzanillo. Any suggestions for public beaches (with waves) there. Will be driving from Chapala, so also looking for best routes to get there.

Mexico: HIV Med Costs/Health Insurance:

If you qualify for Seguro Popular (and any residente over 60 can basically) your HIV meds can be covered at no charge.....the most popular med being Atripla.......

Mexico: I asked a simple question.:

Well, aren't you eloquent........seems you have pissed yourself off

Mexico: Renewing Tourist Visa:

Hi All! Mt partner (who is from Venezuela) needs to renew his tourist visa. If he flies to Guatemala (he can't go to the US), is there a required amount of time he has to stay there before returning on a new tourist visa? Thanks!

Mexico: SSA Benefits, deposit on USA bank?:

I have my SS check deposited to my US bank. I find it cheaper to use an ATM and pay the local bank fee and my US bank's $5 international withdrawal fee than to pay for a wire transfer.

Mexico: Residente Temporal expiring:

Hello all! I just realized my residente temporal expires on Jan 8. When do the immigration offices reopen from the holidays? Will I have time to renew? what happens if I missed the expiration date? Thanks!

Guatemala: Looking to drive to Guatemala:

I am looking to drive to Guatemala in the near future. I am currently in Guadalajara, Mexico. Has anyone made the drive there lately? Need advice re: routes, places to stay along the way, safety, etc. Thanks

Mexico: Driving to Belize:

Hi All! I live in Chapala and am thinking of driving to Belize. Has anyone done this lately?

Global Expat Forum: Living in Europe for a year:

I am a retired expat currently living in Mexico. I am thinking of travelling to Europe for a year starting sometime next year. I am looking to live for 3 months in the UK and 3 months in France. The other months in Germany, Italy and Spain. I am on a fixed budget and would have about $1000 US for expenses. Where would you suggest I begin my search to see what housing costs (modest, withing a few hours of travel by train to major cities) are in these countries? Thanks

Mexico: Ajijic & Lake Chapala:

Its quite easy......I live in Chapala for slightly less that.............

Mexico: Customs Documentation of what you're bringing with you:

When I came here in January, I did my own on an excel spreadsheet.......listing box number, contents in english and spanish and serial numbers if available. I did not list everything individually..... clothes, photos, even office supplies and knickknacks.........and I was was never asked for it at customs.....they asked if I had any animals and waved me along......I did not get the consulate involved.............I will be bringing the rest of my things down in a few weeks and will use the same form as I did before.......

Mexico: Income requirements?:

Unfortunately these financial requirements do vary from the various Mexican consulates around the world but in general they are looking for retirement income of roughly $1500 usd deposits a month or a $25,000 usd balance in your accounts. Because of the variations between consulates it is our recommendation to contact your closest Mexican consulate and ask them what the financial requirements are they have. If you don’t like their answer you might try another consulate office that you can travel to and see what they say. We wish there was a standard answer as to what the financial requirement are but until there is you may have to ask a few of them to see which one you may satisfy the easiest. In order to prove this to the consulates they will require anywhere from 3 to 12 months of bank statements. Whatever they ask for be sure to bring copies as well as the originals.

Mexico: Medicare:

Has anyone who has relocated to Mexico, given up their Medicare, but was sorry you did so afterwards?

Mexico: TIP question:

I am in Mexico on a residente temporal. I have an american plated car, which I want to drive back to the US for a couple of weeks to visit family. What do I have to do about the TIP in this situation? Thanks

Mexico: Driving US plated car back to US......Insurance:

I moved to Chapala in January as a residente temporal. I have my US plated car with me, but I only have Mexican insurance on it. I am driving back to the US in July for a couple of weeks. Does anyone have suggestions on where to look for insurance for that amount of time in the US? Thanks

Mexico: Bus from Guadalajara to Laredo, TX:

Search the forum for this topic and didn't find anything....also googled, but my Spanish is limited......has anyone made this roundtrip by bus lately and could give me info on pricing, departures etc? I live in Chapala and want to go to Laredo for a couple of days. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Mexico: safety:

If you have to ask......you're not ready for a move to the area............

Mexico: To own a car or not in Lakeside:

I decided on temporal, so I could bring my car with me to get to know the area

Mexico: ROADTRIP 2 Mexico?:

I drove from Dover, DE to Chapala in my Kia Soul 4 weeks ago.

Mexico: T-Mobile and Sirius XM:

Does anyone in the Lake Chapala area use these services? Are they even available there? I am moving to Chapala in January and would like to keep both services...especially T-mobile since I use it to call friends in Venezuela.

Mexico: Caracas to Chapala:

Does anyone know the requirements for someone living in Venezuela to apply for a residente temporal visa in Mexico? I will be moving to Chapala soon and my partner, who lives in Caracas, wants to come to Mexico also. Thanks.


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