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Pakistan: HELP! Urgently need birth records Pakistan:

I don't think you need a birth certificate. I am in the same position, and I have never had a problem not having a birth certificate. But then, I live in France. At least in Europe they realize that before a certain date Pakistan did not issue newborns with birth certificates. So, depending on your date of birth, you should tell them that you do not have one. And, if you have no family left there, just tell them that too that there is no way to get one. Also, I think you have to be there in person to apply. Failing all that, call up Pakistani Embassy in the US and ask them what to do. Sorry, I couldn't be more helpful.

Pakistan: Good quality breakfast jam:

Anyone know where to get good quality Western style jams in Islamabad?

Pakistan: women in Pakistan:

Pakistan is a big country. It depends where in Pakistan you will be relocating to. Of the three major cities, Karachi is the most liberal, Islamabad (the capital city), and then Lahore. But even in these cities it would be advisable for your own safety to dress conservatively: tops not too tight and must fall well below your derriere, no low neckline, no sleeveless dress, always cover legs with jeans or pants, and if you choose to wear tight leggings make sure the top comes right down to your knees at least. Idem for tight jeans. I have been here for six months now, mainly in Islamabad, and have been dressing in the above described fashion wearing tops that are one size larger than my normal size. I have never wrapped myself up with a large scarf known here as “dupatta” or a “chador”. I have gotten away with half sleeved or even short sleeved tops but never sleeveless. But then, I am an independent free spirit only answerable to myself. I say this, because your husband may have something to say on this issue especially if he is of Pakistani origin. The kind of job he will be doing, his colleagues, your social circle etc. all these factors will have their own dictates. Pakistan is a very conservative and patriarchal country. So as not to create problems for your husband and yourself you will have to behave in a controlled manner. As it is, there exists a very negative picture of Western women, as libertines who are open game. Not true, of course, but the men here, in general, do tend to interpret smiles and looking straight into their eyes as an invitation to be explored. Also, best not to shake hands, and for that matter hold your husband’s hand in public. In other words, no showing of affection whatsoever, in public. Good luck and I would love a feedback from you after you have settled down.


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