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Mexico: Driving down thru USA:

just make sure you have a car that isn't going to break down and avoid 1-95. stop at marfa, texas, 60 miles from the border. it's right in the middle of the desert. you'll either love it or hate it.

Mexico: thinking of moving to Puerto Escondido:

i'm thinking of leaving the narvarte section of the d.f. and going to puerto escondido. any english language schools there that anyone knows about? plus, what would be the rent on a decent but not an extravagant apartment?

Mexico: puerto escondido:

what types of folk do well moving to puerto escondido?

Mexico: Huatulco Real estate agents:

i'm a lifelong renter. why, you may ask? i believe that if one cannot pay for a house in cash, it is beyond one's reach for a variety of factors. i think that buying a condo is a far better choice. do you want to have a home inspector who is secretly tied up with the owner and gives a faulty evaluation and then you have no recourse but to accept it? do you want a carpenter who says he will arrive promptly on monday at 9am and arrives at 9:30 on thursday acting like there's no problem with his incompetence and will become insolent when and if it's pointed out to him? if not, spare yourself the ordeal and rent, or at least get into a condo, or else....................

Mexico: Cleanest cities in Mexico for air/water/sewage/trash?:

La Paz, Baja California Sur Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur

Guatemala: start a hostel:

i hate to say this by being brutally frank, but cool it. first things first, indeed. you need to master the spanish tongue. then, you need to make money somehow, preferably in the united states. try to befriend entreprenuerial folk there, in either guate or the united states. be very careful, because like it or not, you are considered a gold mine. just more there, get a job teaching, and rent for awhile, like the average foreigner does.

Mexico: how is rent usually paid?:

in cash.

Mexico: Consultant Needed - Upcoming Trip to Mexico:

I live in La Narvarte section of Mexico City. it's borderline shabby chic/menacing. a lot of argentine immigrants. it borders on del valle, solidly middle classed. la roma is sort of a bohemian chic area. so is la condesa, although it is wealthier. polanco is an upper middle classed area with some orthodox Jews, Hindu food, etc. you will eventually be able to hail a taxi on the street, or call a private taxi company, or even use uber. be careful of your wallet/purse on the metro, although police are everywhere. most folks want to drive in mexico city, just like l.a. only the poorest of poor usually take the metro, or tourists. the air is filthy in d.f. and i prefer puebla and pachuca, as well.

Guatemala: Moving to Guatemala:

try teaching english. send out your resumes. good luck. or, try the tourism industry.

Mexico: PV north and south:

La Paz, in baja sur, on the pacific coast, is one of my favorite cities in mexico, although it's costly. further south and still on the peninsula, is Todos Santos. also, on the mainland is Puerto Escondido. I had a friend from acupulco who owned a hotel and said that Puerto Escondido was so remote that his friend moved to a bigger city, and that they were big readers!! I love the seclusion, though. Puerto angel is great, sort of like a Woodstock, ny, by the sea!

Mexico: Manage Posts:

That's what blogs are all about, unfortunately. Perfectionism is a hope, a dream, and an illusion.

Mexico: Tijuana safety:

get ready with complications galore, long waits at the border crossing, and make sure that you are in one of the more prosperous areas of tijuana, or else!! plus, have fun doing your taxes and try to keep a legal address in the united states somehow!

Haiti: Clothes Shipping:

can i send used clothes from the u.s. to haiti? if so, what's the cheapest way possible? any companies known?

Guatemala: gay guy looking for friends:

greetings: I am fluent in spanish, have lived in mexico city, am not living in new jersey, and am planning on visiting antigua in the near future. i am seeking conversational partners of whatever extraction. i have been to xelia and loved it.

Mexico: In The Spirit Of The Season Part 2:

Good point!! I grew up in lower manhattan and a 94 year old chinese woman once said: 'it's better to avoid complaining about anything, especially when you're old.'

Guatemala: flying into guatemala:

call the guatemalan councilate or try the internet.

Mexico: Best way to move possesions?:

don't do it. just sell it or donate it and get a tax write off. i wouldn't do something like that for all the tea in china. so much can go utterly wrong. damaged and/or stolen goods, getting overcharged by various factors. buy some nice stuff here in mexico. you'll live!!

Mexico: Seguro Popular and Preexisting Conditions:

let me be brutally frank,if you'd be so kind. i myself and several upper middle classed mexicans whom i am friends with wouldn't rely on the social security medical coverage. you need some sort of expatriot medical coverage that will cover you immediately upon entering a hospital with a life threatening event, period. you need to investigate and get the answer to this question. i can tell you horror stories, but it's too time consuming. you get the point, i hope. promising but not delivering is all too common here. i can tell you about a gentleman down in the yucatan who was fighting for his life but because he had a quality expatriot medical insurance plan, was able to convince someone with the company to fly a medical helicopter to him and to save his life in the process! you can never be too careful. social security is a last resort, not even as good as medicaid in the u.s.a.

Guatemala: moving to Guatemala:

soujourner, don't pay attention to these territorial ego-bashers. a lot of the participants on this thread are really acting like lowlife cruds. why not consider xelia or antigua? plus, when it's your time and turn to be a crime victim, it can happen at anytime and anywhere.

Mexico: dating in Merida:

thanks, shelley. geez louise, indeed, there are some really nasty cruds that troll this site. go out and do volunteering all day at some local orphanage, for the love of Christ, and make yourselves useful!

Mexico: I asked a simple question.:

intense post. food for thought, indeed! thanks.

Mexico: Mass Deportations Have Begun:

and what does the mexican government permit to be done to undocumented central and south american and others from throughout the world. ever heard of the train called LA BESTIA?? the migration officers rob them, deport them, murder them, attack and rape them. sounds just as bad if not worse than the united states, i'm afraid.

Mexico: Effects of policies of new administration on lives of expats living in Mexico?:

nobody seems to be focusing very much on the bum of a president that is in office in mexico. he's even less popular than trump. how about the crud politicians that run mexico? not that i'm a fan of trump in the slightest, but obama was doing a job on mexico and mexicans as well. it's just that the media concealed it.

Mexico: Have you experienced an increase in the hostility towards Americans?:

cheepers, this thread exposes its participants to the threat of real ego bashing galore. what people will write to one another under the heads of anonymous tongue-lashings. perhaps someone might devote one segment to 'general' complaints, whatever they may be, where participants can be a boorish and guttural as they please, so that the rest of the innocents can be spared exposure to such outlandish treachery.

Mexico: 65 and over health insurance:

Greetings: I can tell you horror stories, but it's better to be brutally frank, indeed. you better make sure that your insurance company will cover you for immediate entry into the hospitals of your choice in your vicinity, without first having to come up with a cash deposit. when and if having a coronary or stroke, this can be devastating. contact the hospital administrators of several places and even verify that they will honor your insurance company's commitment, indeed. get them even to sign something and carry it around in your wallet. i wouldn't trust social security hospitals and i have many mexican friends that wouldn't, as well.


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