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Mexico: Rivera Maya expats:

>> The press loves sensationalism << Very much so

Mexico: Caribbean side Expat Communities?:

Hi Dylan, we looked closely at the our islands as well as my favorite spot, Tortola. But the Riviera Maya won out for many reasons. We chose a community 10 minutes outside Playa to be with expats from around the world and to be close to what Playa offers and sgphort day trips to other beautiful places including Coz. But enjoy your research here and other forums that are more specific to the Caribbean area. is very specific to the Playa area, but you'll find some great blogs from folks in Akumal and other areas.

Mexico: new visa in hand:

I've read the visa stamp the consulate gives you is good for a year, and once you enter Mexico you have 30 days, not sure why the different info? And we have a facilitator lined-up to assist us, as someone mentioned earlier a lawyer isn't the best resource in this situation.

Mexico: property taxes:

Yes, for a 3 BR/3BA, 1,600 sq ft home outside Playa that we paid a bit more for our property taxes are $120/yr.

Mexico: Health Insurance:

>> If you are visiting Mexico on a 180 day tourist visa, can you get health insurance? << Not sure what your situation is, you're looking for shorter-term medical insurance? Will you need coverage in the US or elsewhere after your visit to Mexico? You can get medical insurance through several providers, whether looking for worldwide coverage, or just for Mexico and not the US if moving to Mexico to live. I was given some good feedback on the forum on that topic, but it may not apply in your situation...

Mexico: Retiring on the PacificCoastof Mexico:

Just a comment lookinghard, we chose the Caribbean coast so cannot be of any help but we love PV. While staying in PV we met many people who chose Sayulita to live. But we do love staying on the south side of PV and enjoying the ability to walk to the restaurants and other places there. A neat town - good luck and enjoy your research!

Mexico: Yucatan:

I think "International vibe" better describes Playa than "flashy". People we do business with are from all over the world, as are our neighbors, and that makes for a very eclectic mix and a unique experience. We live outside Playa because we prefer a quieter area for living but definitely enjoy what Playa has to offer. And the beautiful and interesting places you can drive to in less than 30 minutes? That's why we chose this spot over so many others...

Mexico: healthcare:

Good to start your research now as it is a lot of work and you do need to compare, compare, compare.. Where about in Mexico? I've gotten some good advice on this forum from RV and a couple others, you do need to sift through some misinformation as on any public forum. There are leads from the Playa Del Carmen forum (the link below) which is where we own. A couple recommendations are for agents specific to that area, and another compares int'l plans for any location. I've also found other plans to compare by googling. We'll be 63 and 60 when I retire at the end of the year and snowbirds for a few years, so we will need coverage in both the US and Mexico during that time which is more expensive of course.

Mexico: Residente Permanente visa:

>> I went to the one in Seattle, it took 3 business days. << So how did that work - You had to stay near the consulate and they called you to return in 3 business days to complete that portion of the process?

Mexico: Visa/Vehicle follow-up question:

Reading a question in another forum about a visitor on a tourist card renting a car for a few months and am wondering - 1) Can someone on a tourist card (fmm) buy and license a Mexican-plated car? 2) Can someone on a temporary visa buy and license a Mexican-plated car and keep that vehicle when obtaining the permanent visa? Retiring at the end of the year, and we plan to stay in our place for our first 3-month visit starting in Jan, and longer the following year. I know from help here from RVGringo and others (thank you) that if we obtain a temporary visa and want to ship our vehicle there we will need to remove it from the country after 4 years and then apply for a permanent visa and buy and license a vehicle there. The latter would require us to rent a car until we bought one and that is what we are planning. Just curious if these are actually alternative options for someone else needing a vehicle for 3 - 6 months or longer where renting would be very expensive...

Mexico: Need advice -- completing the Visa process in Mexico:

If you don't speak Spanish or just want assistance I see there are also people recommend on area-specific sites who are very familiar with the process and do much of the work for/with you for a very small fee, at least in the Playa area. Would definitely use a good real estate lawyer for the trust and purchase agreement though.

Mexico: visa:

I'm seeing $2100 - $2200/month as I research this. Still trying to determine if it is more with a spouse.

Mexico: f/n over whelmed ?:

Really - read less and visit. Funny how much you learn from prospective neighbors.

Mexico: TIP and snowbirds leaving a US-plated vehicle in Mexico?:

Thanks. We own a home with a value over the minimum requirement to obtain a Residencia Temporal visa. I have not yet looked at the application form, is there a site that helps complete that form for different situations?

Mexico: Advice about Riviera Maya:

US political rhetoric aside, we bought a home north of Playa and love the quiet with our neighbors and the short drive to great restaurants and bars, and medical services and shopping. If you want to live in town, or outside, a good real estate agent and more importantly a good lawyer are invaluable. Top Mexico, Judy Shaw, and Jason Waller are all excellent real estate agencies, and if you want recommendations for a place and a a great lawyer pm me.

Mexico: towns near playa del carmen:

You may want to do much more research on more Playa-specific sites like Just doing your own research on Playa, Puerto Morelos, Akamul, Puerto Aventuras, and Tulum will give a good feel for this section of the Riviera Maya. Playa has become a very busy town and we just built a home just to the north of Playa because we wanted access to great restaurants as well as services and shopping. Other areas will give you a different experience.

Mexico: 65 and over health insurance:

I find this thread timely as I will be retiring at the end of this year and my wife and I plan to be snowbirds for a couple years and then perhaps move to Mexico (we already own a home outside Playa Del Carmen). I am 62 and my wife is 60. I will not qualify for Medicare for another 1.5 yrs after retiring and I am researching health care a bit more now, although I can't get quotes from some insurers until within 6 months of retirement. Once we have Medicare we will keep that for any possible eventualities, but in the meantime we will need insurance coverage in the US and Mexico, and that is quite expensive. We've budgeted for this expense of course, I'm just trying to get a better handle on the costs but it's difficult. But good info here and I'll refer back to it as we get closer...

Mexico: Anti-Amer.sentiment in the Riviera Maya:


Mexico: SSA Benefits, deposit on USA bank?:

Thanks. I would have a separate investment account elsewhere, but this and the Ally account look like great options for a checking account for travel use only.

Mexico: Going to Cancun to ck out nearby areas to retire:

Cancun is a great vacation destination if you want more of a hotel on the beach experience. For a retirement option in Cancun you’re probably considering a condo in one of the resorts or timeshares, and with a limited budget that can be very expensive. Many folks retire in the city of Cancun for much more affordable living but you’re not near the beach. When you say you think you should rent for 6 months are you talking about you renting in an area to become more familiar before actually buying? Or do you plan to stay there part of the year and rent the rest? If looking at this as an investment you'll want to take into consideration ease of access from the airport for renters and the necessity of renting a vehicle to get around. As you research the Yucatan and Caribbean coast of Mexico you’ll find many excellent choices for more affordable retirement places from Puerto Morelos to Mahahual in Costa Maya. We chose to buy just outside Playa to have access to good medical services and shopping along with the beautiful beaches. We’re a 5 min bike ride from the beach and didn’t break the bank. You might want to be near a smaller community and drive further for those amenities and areas to the south like Tulum are great choices. So a lot depends on what your preferences are. Continue to research the different areas, and it is a good idea to visit a destination a few times before buying.

Mexico: Living on Yucatan coast:

Other folks like us love Playa, so much more to enjoy and places to visit. For a much quieter spot with nothing to do other than enjoy the beauty there look at Mahahual.

Mexico: Shipping smaller items, e.g., kitchen electrics, dishes, etc.:

The problem with digitizing music (MP3 or similar that is) is is the huge loss in quality from the CD audio. Pandora does not work in Mexico for us, but XM/Sirius radio does, We've shipped larger items like a sink and slide-in grill and the cost was high but there was no other way to obtain those items.

Mexico: Snorkling in Cancun in december:

The water is still nice in the winter. The closest snorkeling we've done is off Isla Mujeres but the current there is very swift, especially in the winter months. For resorts that offer snorkeling off the beach, try googling. Cancun is more a hotel zone. For much better off the beach snorkel options, if you aren't locked in yet, look at resorts in the Playa Del Carmen and other areas to the south. For example this property which is just south of Playa and a 45 min transfer from the airport would fit the bill -

Mexico: Looking for suggestions:

I wouldn't use flight prices to create a list of possible destinations to move to. And obviously you are looking at only coastal areas with nice beaches, and I would focus on the Riviera Maya and Caribbean. The beach areas of Cancun are taken up mostly by the hotel zone so you'll want to do a bit more research to understand your best choices. For the other reauirements (the hospital and medical services is a critical one) look at Playa Del Carmen.

Mexico: Tired of living in Mexico?:

Just completed a home on the Riviera Maya near Playa. I originally wanted to retire to an island, and as we turned our attention to the RM because we both love the area we also considered Coz. But the Yucatán appeals to us more for everything it offers. Easy access to other areas on the Peninsula, including Belize, and CUN for easy access to the rest of our Caribbean. Playa is a very interesting spot for nightlife and dining when you want that. Short drive to our quiet neighborhood. Obviously many expats from around the world (and snowbirds) call this home and feel very safe here.


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