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Hi, we had your same issue in Kuwait. We couldn't even get on the waiting list for the Autism Center. Ultimately we had to take our daughter to ABC, Applied Behavior Center in downtown Kuwait City. They were outrageously expensive and we were never fully saticefied with them but they are better than nothing. There is one woman we still know there who is a fully qualified therapist, her name is Christina Latorcai, I don't want to give out a phone number in this forum but I am quite certain that she is on Facebook.

Kuwait: Salary expectations for IT positions:

I've been here for almost 5 years. Salaries here in support of the US military used to be higher than they are now. You can look at $75K to $100K depending on the company. Few companies in this area allow for families. You work long hours and there is virtually nothing to do in your off time. If your kid is of school age he/she will have to go to private school and they are very, very expensive. Single guys generally have housing provided, again it depends on the company. I know a lot of Americans here working for ITT, Dyncorp, CSA and Mantech. I know of none with thier families here. But I obvioulsy don't know everyone. Some could have their families here. My company does allow my family to be here and pays for everything important. Sorry, we're not hirng right now.

Kuwait: Book store:

Jahrir Bookstor in Hawally. I't in an amusment park on Tunisia Street. There is a bigger book store in the basement level of a shopping mall accross the street from the JW Mariot down town. Same building has a Swiss hotel or something. I always get lost looking for that one but find it eventually.

Kuwait: Moving to Kuwait:

As a husband who is here with his wife and kids I can assure you that you are right. He will be better off with you here. Kuwait is expensive but then the assumtion is that your husband is here for big bucks, because there is no other reason to come here. If you've got a hobby that you can do at home that's helpful.

Kuwait: Autism and ABA therapy:

Hi, our little daughter is 2 years and 9 month old and has just been diagnosed as autistic. We are trying to get her the best possible help here in Kuwait but have not yet had any success finding an ABA therapist for her. We were told by several experts that ABA would be the best chance we have to improve her condition. Does anybody know an ABA therapist? The waiting list at the autism center here is so long that they wouldn't even put us on there... Any help will be very much appreciated!

Global Expat Forum: Autism:

Our daughter was just diagnosed with autism. It was highly recommended that she recieves ABA therapy. Does anybody know of any ABA therapists here in Kuwait? The brand new autism center in Kuwait does not put us on the waiting list because the waiting list is already too long. Any help would be much appreciated!

Kuwait: two more germans in Q8 .-):

There are quite a few Germans here. Your wife will have plenty to do if she wants to. There is a monthly meeting for brunch from the German Speaking Ladies in Kuwait. You should be able to get all the relevant information at the embassy but you will have to ask. If you have any more questions up front you are welcome to email me at Good luck!

Kuwait: Is KWD850 per month sufficient for a family of 2 to have a comfortable living in Kuwait?:

KD 850 is a little over $3100 US per month at the current exchange rate. It's sad to say it but it depends on where you are from in determinig if that is a good wage or not. People from SE and SW Asia are not paid as well as Westerners. The avarage Westerner can make 2 or 3 times what you have been offered. Whereas if you were from say India, that's a very good wage.

Kuwait: Looking for Things To Do in Kuwait:

If you are the outgoing type the easy thing to do is go to a health club. Lots of Westerners hang out in them. Don't be affraid to chat with others. Oddly I am an American and have very few American friends. Most of my friends are German, British and Australian. If you intend to survive your tour here you need to find friends and don't be selective about nationality, we're all in the same boat.

Kuwait: Telephones:

All, I've been here for a couple of months now and my phone bill is getting out of control. What is the cheapest way to call the US and Germany. I need to call both places regularly. David

Kuwait: any one out there:

Kerrym, I'd like to tell you that we all meet at the corner bar on Friday nights but I'm affraid that just isn't the case. There are loads of expats here if you know where to look. The big shopping malls are one good place. For those who have adopted local customs they are there on Thursday afternoon and Friday. Some of us stick to our western ways so we go there on Saturday and Sunday. Where I live in Mahaboula you can't swing a dead cat without hitting an American or Brit in Applebee's after 5 PM.


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