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Bermuda: Finding employment:

Try this I wonder if your husband can reach out to companies and see if they are looking for people, you can find the companies' contacts in under company service dictionary. It is not suggested to have both people moving at the same time provided your husband may find it difficult to look for Bermuda jobs. And in my opinion, it is only worthwhile if both of you have jobs in Bermuda. Making a sum of 150k+ together in Bermuda is good comparing to working in other countries. 150k for two people is above average in terms of entire population, but low/average for expats. It should take around 9% on tax, social security and medical bills. USD 2500 to 3000 a month for 2 on living expenses with rent, depending on how you spend. This would leave you around 100k before spending on vacation and other leisure spending. Still this is still a sizable amount comparing to Canada and US with high tax. Financial aspect aside, the lifestyle is not bad, but that's subject from person to person. Good luck!

Bermuda: Human rights:

I have also heard of the 2 years rule. But apparently there are so many people who were able to change job before the 2 years are met. There are some negotiation between old and new employers, but it is not impossible. If the new employer wants to hire you, they will step in to help.

Bermuda: Chnage job:

Hi all, My girlfriend is hoping to change job before the contract end. The current job is her first job in the island and it is a two year contract. Is she able to break the contract and find a new employer? Thank you, chnkaw001

Bermuda: Requirements:

No idea, best to call a school reception and ask about it. Bermuda gov website should also have contacts about this.

Bermuda: Cell phone service:

Cellphone plans are quite expensive in Bermuda, especially they charge government tax for USD 10 a month, taking out your airtime balance daily. Bermuda is charging both in coming and out going calls. Personally, I do not recommend a cellphone plan because the min. one is USD 80 plus. I just purchase data bundle to my number. I can only use data to call on Skype, Google Hangout, Whatsapp, Facebook Msg. And to receive calls, I get a Skype US number, and if you ever need to make calls, you can buy a Bermuda calling bundle on Skype. This way it is ALOT cheaper!

Bermuda: Minimum annual salary:

If you are covered on 1500 on housing every month, that's the majority of your monthly expenses if not 50%. Housing is expensive, but you can rent a place at 1500 or share below that. But on the safe side, I would say you should account for another 800 to 1500 for any excess expenses (depends on your spending habit). The rest you can probably save, that way you can work out if the package is good enough for you.

Bermuda: Water and electricity, wifi:

Hello all, I am just considering renting utilities inclusive rent or not. How much roughly does water and electricity cost on a single person household? I know it may differ from person to person but would like to get a general idea. On access and internet, which provider gives the best deal? I am interested in 8Mbps to 15 Mbps plans. Thank you!

Bermuda: Transferring money to UK and Euro:

I have been using Transferwise to transfer money. Charges and exchange rates are better. Basically swiping card to transfer cash.

Bermuda: US entry and Accommodation in Bermuda:

Hi, I have a job starting on 1 March in Bermuda, and I am flying to New York first. The company has already submit my UK (British Overseas National) passport for the work permit in Bermuda. But do I need to get a separate US access paper work when arriving USA? I am also looking to start a single or shared lease from 1 April, any tips / advice / recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


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