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Belize: Horses:

Belizeans are very hard on horses. They survive on grass and have to morph into camels while tied to utility poles. I adopted one and he did well on apples, banana and decent feed acquired from Spanish Lookout. There is a lot lacking there in everything from feed choices and its availability to veterinary and farrier care.

Belize: Opening restaurant in Belize City:

Interesting idea. Except that the projection for 2018 is actually 729 k cruisers. For the 9 hours in port most will take excursions to caves, ziplines, ruins, snorkeling on caulker.etc They will have been told by cruise staff to avoid the city. They will have packed lunches or pick up something at their excursion destination. Reliable supply chains are a problem. A friend who had a restaurant in OW indicated that if he ordered buns on Tuesday to be ready friday it might arrive Monday if the driver fixes the transmission, recovers fron his goma and takes his mother to the dentist. But I am sure you know all this Good luck DrAl Pres BNA ( Belize Naysayer Association

Belize: Driving from Texas to Belize:

As noted the easiest route I think follows the coast road. Back in the day,I followed that route starting in Matamoros. I stayed one night outside Tampico and the next in Villahermosa. Then across to Chetumal. No issues. Good roads. Lots of Angeles Verdes if needed. Of course in Belize ( where nothing is ever simple) I spent hours at the border, though the broker (Kuylen) smoothed it over with a bribe ( aka gift) to the corrupt customs official. Benevenidos a Belize pendejos!

Belize: The 2018 IL Retirement Index:

The 2018 IL retirement index has just been released. Out of 24 countries,Belize has dropped to 17 from last year where it was at 15. Costa Rica is first followed by Mexico. Where Belize suffers is cost of living, amenities, infrastructure and climate. Where it does well is ease of fitting in and residency. Health care was average but dropped 5 points from last year.. As for the fitting in category, it scores higher than all others except for Ireland. . So really the only advantage to retirement there as opposed to the other venues is the language. For me and most others based on the demographics of expat relocators, thats not good enough.

Belize: Dangriga to Corozal:

The distance is 143 miles or 230 km This is a 3hour and 27 min drive. Google and ye shall find Mathew 7:7

Belize: Expat strangled in Placencia:

I have been told by a friend in Czl that the police tried to put a spin on this tragedy by indicating that she maybe committed suicide. So in middle of nowhere she pulled her car over and strangled herself with a phone charger cord and stole her own laptop. Police cannot solve these murders ( eg like the double homicide last May) and so they engage in absurdity.

Belize: Belize move, ship household itrmd or sell before move?:

Things I brought that I'm glad I did: Slow cooker Boxed wine (couldnt find it in Corozal) good flatware. What is sold in Corozal is not of good quality Tupperware Decent quality cookware (Revereware) Convection oven. Saves time, less expensive to run Decent quality microwave. My Courts micro died after 1.5 years, like everything else you get there Tooth paste. They have one size fits all toothpaste Sewing machine for repairs Electric radio clock w/battery backup. Rechargable batteries and battery charger. Lamps. Finding decent table lamps is difficult Tools: hammer, hand saw, power saw, electric chain saw, if you have a lot of shrubbery, wrenches, screw driver set, plyers of all sizes,a square, stud finder if you have a Mennonite house, bar clamps, sander, cordless drill, long extension cords, Specialty foods you like. For me that included sweet and sour sauce, stirfry peanut sauce, spices, if you bake your own bread, bring in bread flour. Could not find it there. A really decent potato peeler. Spuds are rock hard there and the peelers they sell break fast, like everything else Towels, electronics, flip flops, linens, matresses,pillows. A year supply of Prozac and Talisker scotch I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of for now.

Belize: Considering Move:

I dont think Belize is an ideal retirement destination on multiple levels: health care, commodity variety and quality, infrastructure and utility costs. Having said that, belizelenny is correct that Corozal offsets some of that because of proximity to the Mexican border.

Belize: Belize is #10 on Fodor's Places To Go To in 2018!:

I totally agree with bobby. As a place to vacate its great, though not as great as Bolivia or Mongolia it seems. As a place to retire/relocate, not so much. Its rarely on any credible list in the top ten. Problems with cost, infrastructure and health are usually cited.

Belize: Medical services:

Your best bet is Clinico Carranza in Chetumal Alternate choice in country is Hope Medical Clinic in Corozal with Dr Vasquez Internist and the wife Monika dentist. 95 5th ave tel 663 7874 or 610 5213

Belize: Time to move:

Belizelenny is right. If u have to relocate to the BRB then the north is best. SI is hotter than a snakes a55. In the south there is 180+ inches of rain/year and about 11 species of biting insects that go along with that. Ambergris is for rich party animals and Caye Caulker is nothing but sand, water and sand fleas and not much else to do other than consuming skunky beer. I had a friend in Consejo and by boat he made Mexico in 15 min. We parked at the wharf, had an egg mcmuffin at McDs, bought a few things at the mall, loaded up on scotch and modelo and new york strip at Sams and boated back with our goods to his dock. Good times.

Belize: container to new location in Belize:

Back in the day I drove from Ontario to Belize through Mexico. I pulled a trailer filled with essentials that are relatively unavailable or overpriced in Belize like a mattress, towels, lamps, electronics, dishes, flatware, a case of red wine and so on.. Actually anything not made in Guangzhou. There were two kayaks on top. And a dog on the seat. He had entry email confirmation from BAHA. On arrival in Belize BAHA had no paper record of said dog so I paid 150$ dollars fine and the agent showed me real estate he had for sale. I got a customs broker who negotiated a "gift" to allow the goods to enter after 6 hours. Then there was the road to Sarteneja called New River road which was partially flooded. and had pot holes the size of Grand Canyon. You need to cross on the ferry. But there was a broken down school bus on top which I pulled off with chains on the SUV. Was fine after that except my rain tank at the new home was empty as the locals were borrowing water. Welcome to Belize!

Belize: Santa Familia?:

Belize is the most expensive country in the region by a range of 20-30%. Violent crime is mostly in Belize City. Property crime is ubiquitous however and is a national hobby. Internet quality fluctuates depending on location and time of day.

Belize: What To Do???:

I liked Cauker ( for 72 hours). Back in the day when I was with MOH it was difficult find an MD to consistently work there. I dont think its changed much. I have never reccomended anyone to retire there, as there is no real medical infrastructure and at retirement age who wants to risk waiting hours or more for a medivac to air lift you to the mainland? The island culture centers around parties and diving and laying around nursing a goma. Its a great tourist spot for a couple of days.

Belize: Living in Belize:

@ terrific : Non current expats who lived in Belize and left have as much if not more reality based data to pass on to potentials. Belizers like u dont like to have that pointed out. I understand the psychology behind that. Much as it pains me to agree with a commercial expat like brad, he correctly points out the deficits of the Belize health care system. But what he fails to point out is that nobody can predict when they might need advanced or ER/trauma care. I have a few horror stories on this subject. My choice of Merida Mx is partly related to its superior health care services as well as good infrastructure and easy commodity acquisition.

Belize: It's September:

Paradise Lost: "On the eve of the 36 years of our country political independence are there anything for us to celebrate or be proud of? I am an optimistic and proud Belizean, but very afraid of the road our nation is going. Crime, poverty, unemployment, gas prices etc are all at an all time high. Is there any hope in the horizon for this young nation? I beg that all of us patriotic Belizeans leave our differences and work for the common good of our people. We can no longer be indifferent and believe someone will come and save us." Not to mention the highest regional rates for alcohol and cannabis use,STDs, and metabolic syndrome ( obesity, diabetes II, hypertension). Good job GOB

Belize: First time Belize visitor to determine where to live:

For touring contact kenubelizit on this site. Better to subsidize a Belizean than a braggart commercial expat. If u r in Corozal contact Roy White at the Corozal Taxi Union opposite the post office for a tour. Tell him Dr Al sent u. Dont use public transport. Its very grim. Taxis are those with green plates. Not expensive. Belize is quite safe except for Belize City. However petty theft and fleecing are a national pastime. General overview: Belize is 30% more costly than its regional neighbours. The internet is slow and expensive. Electrical is not cheap esp if u use ac which is sometimes essential. It goes out 8-10/ month in various districts for infrastructure repairs. There are voltage fluxes that raise hell with electronics which rot out due to salty humid air. Health care is very good at a basic level, beyond that it is very grim. I lived in Bz for 5 years and now live part time in Mexico. Its a vast improvement for us, but I have a fondness for one stop shopping,a wide choice of amenties and commodities and high tech health care. Some expats will tell u Belize is cheap if u buy local. But if u try Western dairy sour cream you might change your mind and local sausages and bacon soon u will soon make u cry out for Oscar Meyer. If u buy local Roses toilet paper you will soon run to Mexico for Charmin as the former is on par with the efficacy of a handful of river gravel. ;) Some expats

Belize: Wanting to find people to long term rental share:

The terms " open minded" and "right person" require clarification

Belize: Canadian considering retirement in Belize:

What Katzgar said^ The north end has 60mm of rain/ year and the south 200mm. Plus of course more bugs and dysentery. I agree that Sanctuary Belize is not advised. A classic Belize styled rip off. Many lost all savings there I lived in the north for 5 years and having access to Mexico took the sting out of the deprivations of living in Belize. Indeed to the point where moving to Mexico(Merida) part time seemed like a good plan. ( this comment not paid for by the Mexican Tourist Board)

Belize: RUDE:

Phantone draws an interesting parallel between Belize relocation, and the existential despair associated with lost and regained romantic love combined with quasi religious allegory. And just when I thought retirement ought to be a relatively uncomplicated and stress free period associated more with lounge chairs, Modelo, tamales and Sams Club. Must take a special tipo de pendejo to succeed in BZE.

Belize: I am looking to start life over.:

You mispoke big time. Out of the pop of 350,000 or so in 2016, 1.2% are Caucasian making for 4200 Merkin, Canuckian and Lime etc expats. The last accurate Belize census in 2010 was 3100 and in 2000 it was 1700 expats. So by extrapolation to 2020 there might be 5,500.; a small minority at 1.3% at Belize's current pop growth. This means that expats are not just at the bottom of the social- political ladder, they are nowhere near the ladder. Obviously you know as much about stat analysis as you do about anything else. Conclusion: 1.never trust a commercial expat 2. Belize is no place to find gainful employment. 3. Its a borderline place for retirement in my view

Belize: draft beer:

Belize is no place for a beer or wine aficianado. The local stuff is Belikin which comes in a variety of equally grim mutations, valuable as a colon cleanser prior to endoscopy. You can get unrecognizable Heinikin or Guiness. If you relocate to Corozal u can get average contraband Mexican brews at designated local residences or cross the border and smuggle Negra Modelo which goes well with lounge chairs, limes and tacos. The smuggling requires placing the beers at the botton of a shopping cart and covering them with boxes of feminine hygiene products and offering customs a gift of diapers or ham. Bienvenidos a Belice!

Belize: Hello:

I agree with terrific, which is an uncommon but noteworthy event. It was a real song and dance to get a work permit for myself 10 years ago. In the 90's you could make money in Belize not now. The country is impoverished and corruption seeps down to the lowest levels of society. Theft is a national pastime partly due to the cultural sharing ethic Belize is not a working destination. Its a questionable place for retirement in comparison to some of its regional neighbours who are 30-40% cheaper overall with better infrastructure including efficient and less costly utilities and internet and commodities. Except in a dire emergency you dont want to ride in a bus or plane for hours for good medical care. This conmurphy ( good moniker) is a commercial expat. Truth is a vague notion for them.

Belize: First step:

Belize may or not be suitable for retirees in general. I dont think it is due health and infrastructure concerns. Having lived and worked there for several years I definitely dont think its a place for young children unless they were there during their formative years. The education system is poor ( homeschooling is an option) and pediatric health care is very basic and satisfactory, but beyond that in case of trauma and major issues, very hazardous. Getting a work permit is very hard unless you start your own business. Overall, not a good idea. Let the kids have a chance to be educated in North America with access to advanced health care and then as adults they can decide about living in a crime ridden, impoverished 3rd world country.

Belize: Belize City Apartment:

If Belize,as I indicated before, Corozal is your best bet due to access to Mexico. Consejo Shores residents near there I believe, can pick up more reliable,cheaper, faster internet from Mex. However Mexico is overall 30% cheaper to reside in. Excellent infrastructure, Its a number one relocation destination on the IL index with Panama in 2nd place. In Mexico I do fine with basic Spanish. Plus I can get Calixta rojo vino for 8$ instead of Barefoot Cabernet in Bz for 16$.


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