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Belize: Malaria:

Malaria is not a problem in Belize. Used to be a few cases back in the day in Toledo district. The mosquitos carry Dengue and Chikungunya. The only preventative is repellant though overcrowded local households are more the problem here. Besides its fatal only 1% of the time. . So u r good to go. There are botflies that lay eggs under your skin that hatch like the alien and doctor flies that can swell body parts if u r allergic. On the coast there are multitudes of itchy sandfleas (Hopkins esp) and then there are fire ants that leave tiny vesicles on your feet that u scratch and acquire cellulitis from. Basically in Belize u r the main entree in an insectivora bistro

Belize: Health Insurance:

I agree with terrific about local care for basic medical/surgical. However accidents happen and 911- ER- trauma care services are weak to non existent. I have seen my share of horror stories not reported on expat sites. It seems to make sense to relocate to a country ( Mexico or Costa Rica) where such services are readily available for such care and for chronic conditions or severe acute ones. Living in Corozal however offsets this a bit.

Belize: Having pharmaceutical drugs shipped to Belize:

I would not reccomend that. The postal service is fine, but customs is corrupt and will filch the drug and sell it to their relatives. Give me the name of the drug and my pharmacist homie in Corozal will probably get it locally or from Chetumal

Belize: newbie doing research:

Todd and belizelenny promote Corozal and I agree with them perhaps for different reasons. By virtue of its proximity to Mexico its an optimal relocation choice in a less than optimal relocation destination

Belize: Becoming a Counselor in Belize:

There is a need to be sure for kids and adults but there are practical limitations. There are no clinical psychologists in the country. There are two psychiatrists. There is a counsellor who works for the University of Belize. Her name is Renee. Cant recall her last name. But she would know the area. The local population is mired in 45% poverty and counselling is a luxury. Many seek support from pastors or local healers ( curanderos) for things like depression or anxiety. That leaves the eccentric expats who think its a swell idea to relocate to a 3rd world banana republic. Working with them is a definite option.. In this group you will find alcoholics, neurotics, PTSD viet vets, as well as fugitives and the flotsam and jetsom of humanity. But there is lots of need for therapists in the USA and Canada plus better renumeration.

Belize: Placencia Internet Costs 20 Feb 2018:

Well thats impressive for Smart if correct. BTL is to be avoided because customer service is not in their job descriptions.. For 10 mps in Merida I pay 24.50us ( 49$ bz)/month Just sayin’

Belize: Cowork Space in Belize:

Much as it pains me to so indicate, cc4m is essentially correct. Belize is very 3rd world and that aint changing anytime soon. Along with that moniker comes inefficiency in areas of health care and infrastructure like roads, utilities and internet. Thats why I prefer the 6/6 Mexico Canada split. Belize is no place to work and earn income. It is a questionable retirement venue mainly for the eccentric margins of the expat cohort. Meaning those who can tolerate its quirkyness, irritations and risks. Not my kinda place. Chaque a son gout.

Belize: Moving to Belize:

I did a research study back in the day correlating personality type with different areas of relocation in Belize. (Dedicated to terrific) I will summarize by stating that Ambergris attracts extroverted bourgeois denizens with bottomless bank accounts who enjoy granite countertops and inebriated parties and dining daily at Estels Placencia is Ambergris Lite Cayo and Toledo are for hardy back to the land tree huggers who enjoy raising mushrooms and ducks. Corozal is for sensible stable middle class retirees who like the idea of being close to decent medical care, Home Depot, and affordable vintage wines, Belize City is for criminology buffs. Nobody bothers with Orange Walk

Belize: EarthBags in Belize:

There was an odd duck building an earth bag house on Cerros Peninsula. Heard good and bad about the project. So belizelenny might know about him. Most Belizeans prefer concrete bunkers with zinc roofing if they can afford it.

Belize: Big ticket items moving from Chetumal to Corozal; Fees? Taxes?:

Buying appliances and other big ticket items in Belize runs the risk of quality control issues. That is because goods are let in that would be rejected elsewhere. So after a few months my washer leaked out the botton as did my water cooler. My split ac unit had a defective switch that let it run continually and so on. I bought an HDTV in Mexico and the taximan negotiated a deal with customs. He said “ a little bit for me, a lot less for the GOB”. Saved quite a bit. Shop in Chetumal for autoparts at autozone, a sink at Home Depot, edible sour cream at Chedraui. If you live in Consejo and have a boat smuggling is easy and a local custom. You can make nice to customs ( preferably with a Belizean at your side) and ask them if they need anything for the family in Chetumal before you go. This was a very enjoyable part of my experience in a corrupt banana republic.

Belize: Internet in Belize:

Yes its better but not by much. I trust Rebecca before I trust commercial expats.. https://www.sanpedroscoop.com/2017/04/internet-possibility-digital-nomad-belize.html In Merida it costs me 35$ us/ month for 10mps Canada thru Vianet is 65$ fibre op Cheap,efficient and Belize ought not to be used in the same sentence Todd

Belize: Trip to Belize in April:

Before you get your toes wet here are things to consider that you wont easily find on here otherwise: Belize is the most expensive country in the region of C.A. and Mex by a range of 30-40% and the cayes even more so Non basic advanced, trauma and ER medical care is non existant Infrastructure is poor, esp roads Property crime is a national pastime. Violent crime is not just centered on Belize City anymore

Belize: Canadian Advice ?:

Yes Corozal is a very laid back failrly safe relaxed sort of place. There are no beaches but its proximity to the Mexican border means Todd can take the kids to McDonalds for lunch and then a film at the cinema in the Plaza de Americas mall. There is also a pet store there and an arcade.

Belize: online ordering of power drill:

Terrific, lets face it, you are defending an indefensible position. Although the expat was rude no doubt. Belize is indeed the most expensive country overall in the region. Certainly compared to Merida by 35%. And we can get all sorts of decently priced manzanas. And also well priced power drills at Home Depot.

Belize: "Ethical Traveler" lists Belize as one of "The World’s Ten Best Ethical Destinations":

This is the 2nd CC4M entry promoting Belize as a travel destination. Like Mongolia also on the list, Belize is a great adventure travel destination. Thats why after two weeks people fantasize about moving there. But for most expats the place is just too deficient and “warty” for the majority of potential relocators. Only DIY- minimalist- libertarians ( republicans) could find a disorganized inefficient 3rd world backwater appealing to live in :)

Belize: Purpose Of This Forum - PLEASE VOTE:

Well I prefer response A as it is succinct. Reply B is typically long winded and onverinclusive and says that the roads are basura but when it rains they are even more so. Lets try reply C: “Roads in Belize vary from two-lane paved roads to dirt or gravel tracks. The few paved roads are high-crowned, meaning that the roads are built to a slight point in the middle and slope down on the sides. There are usually no shoulders on the sides of the roads such that when vehicles get too close to the edge, the vehicle may lose traction on the loosely packed gravel, which contributes to cars overturning. There are few markings or reflectors; even in urban areas, most streets lack lane markings, leading many motorists to create as many lanes as possible in any given stretch of street or road. “ In other words the roads and driving habits are crap. Oh and look both ways before crossing.

Belize: road safety in Belize:

It is unsafe to drive on Belize roads on a bicycle. Belize roads are crap being of high crowned characteristics increasing roll over potential and no shoulders. The drivers are inattentive, often drunk and poorly instructed. There are several serious accidents /day on average countrywide often serious or fatal.

Belize: Horses:

Belizeans are very hard on horses. They survive on grass and have to morph into camels while tied to utility poles. I adopted one and he did well on apples, banana and decent feed acquired from Spanish Lookout. There is a lot lacking there in everything from feed choices and its availability to veterinary and farrier care.

Belize: Opening restaurant in Belize City:

Interesting idea. Except that the projection for 2018 is actually 729 k cruisers. For the 9 hours in port most will take excursions to caves, ziplines, ruins, snorkeling on caulker.etc They will have been told by cruise staff to avoid the city. They will have packed lunches or pick up something at their excursion destination. Reliable supply chains are a problem. A friend who had a restaurant in OW indicated that if he ordered buns on Tuesday to be ready friday it might arrive Monday if the driver fixes the transmission, recovers fron his goma and takes his mother to the dentist. But I am sure you know all this Good luck DrAl Pres BNA ( Belize Naysayer Association

Belize: Driving from Texas to Belize:

As noted the easiest route I think follows the coast road. Back in the day,I followed that route starting in Matamoros. I stayed one night outside Tampico and the next in Villahermosa. Then across to Chetumal. No issues. Good roads. Lots of Angeles Verdes if needed. Of course in Belize ( where nothing is ever simple) I spent hours at the border, though the broker (Kuylen) smoothed it over with a bribe ( aka gift) to the corrupt customs official. Benevenidos a Belize pendejos!

Belize: The 2018 IL Retirement Index:

The 2018 IL retirement index has just been released. Out of 24 countries,Belize has dropped to 17 from last year where it was at 15. Costa Rica is first followed by Mexico. Where Belize suffers is cost of living, amenities, infrastructure and climate. Where it does well is ease of fitting in and residency. Health care was average but dropped 5 points from last year.. As for the fitting in category, it scores higher than all others except for Ireland. . So really the only advantage to retirement there as opposed to the other venues is the language. For me and most others based on the demographics of expat relocators, thats not good enough.

Belize: Dangriga to Corozal:

The distance is 143 miles or 230 km This is a 3hour and 27 min drive. Google and ye shall find Mathew 7:7

Belize: Expat strangled in Placencia:

I have been told by a friend in Czl that the police tried to put a spin on this tragedy by indicating that she maybe committed suicide. So in middle of nowhere she pulled her car over and strangled herself with a phone charger cord and stole her own laptop. Police cannot solve these murders ( eg like the double homicide last May) and so they engage in absurdity.

Belize: Belize move, ship household itrmd or sell before move?:

Things I brought that I'm glad I did: Slow cooker Boxed wine (couldnt find it in Corozal) good flatware. What is sold in Corozal is not of good quality Tupperware Decent quality cookware (Revereware) Convection oven. Saves time, less expensive to run Decent quality microwave. My Courts micro died after 1.5 years, like everything else you get there Tooth paste. They have one size fits all toothpaste Sewing machine for repairs Electric radio clock w/battery backup. Rechargable batteries and battery charger. Lamps. Finding decent table lamps is difficult Tools: hammer, hand saw, power saw, electric chain saw, if you have a lot of shrubbery, wrenches, screw driver set, plyers of all sizes,a square, stud finder if you have a Mennonite house, bar clamps, sander, cordless drill, long extension cords, Specialty foods you like. For me that included sweet and sour sauce, stirfry peanut sauce, spices, if you bake your own bread, bring in bread flour. Could not find it there. A really decent potato peeler. Spuds are rock hard there and the peelers they sell break fast, like everything else Towels, electronics, flip flops, linens, matresses,pillows. A year supply of Prozac and Talisker scotch I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of for now.

Belize: Considering Move:

I dont think Belize is an ideal retirement destination on multiple levels: health care, commodity variety and quality, infrastructure and utility costs. Having said that, belizelenny is correct that Corozal offsets some of that because of proximity to the Mexican border.


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