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Bulgaria: CEZ:

I'm currently in Canada and set up an Epay account so I could pay my CEZ electric bill when it was due...however!! I am trying to call them from here but the 0700 10 100 seems to be down, grrrr! Does anyone have a standard number for them?

Bulgaria: Pellet Boilers:

Enter the term pellet burners in bulgaria and you will see a lot of info and lots of posts from Bulgarian forums.

Bulgaria: shipping a car:

Agree 100%. Local dealers drive with trailers to both Germany and Austria to collect good quality second hand cars so there is always a good selection at reasonable prices here in BG.


OMG...have we really been here 5 years? Yes, and so many good things have happened in that time! Anyway went to the Montana Office to renew my lichna karta with my trusty buddy Steph and the staff were super...hows this! They finished all the docs and told us to come back at 12 noon, about half an hour later, to collect my temporary card. We got back at 11.54 and just started to walk away from the entrance to kill the 6 minutes we were early...and the guy came running out to bring us in...must have seen us outside the window. They are such lovely people!

Bulgaria: roof repairs:

Where ever you live, whatever services you require...ask the locals to recommend someone and NEVER pay up front!


Been here 6 years and suddenly I got a text message from 1917 stating: PREVEDENO OT NOI OBEZSHTETENIE NA (then in blue) 2/15/2018 - 204..80 (then in black again) LV Never had such a message before...maybe it's a scam??? Any ideas??

Bulgaria: thoughts:

Hi there, we live near Montana and have been here for 6 years and have helped several people relocate here into their dream home. As we run a Charity, we know lots of people who can help with services etc...where are you planning to be? Johnners

Bulgaria: Mice!:

In our experience, every year when the weather changes and becomes colder mice and rats tend to invade property. We have always bought mice poison in two forms; in small sachets and loose powder. We liberally scatter the sachets around the roof space making sure they land near walls as rodents seem to like moving along walls rather than over an open space. We put powder into small flat containers and place them strategically around the house, once again close to walls. This works well for us and afterwards if we see the evidence of the odd mouse through mouse droppings, we set an old fashioned spring trap bated with cheese near where the droppings were found. As for sealing the roof space, this is not a good idea as I can think of many reasons for needing cure the odd drip when it rains for example. I strongly suggest you get the hatch reinstated.

Bulgaria: HELP!:

My wife has severe asthma where, if she has a bad attack virtually stops her breathing. Last week she had a full battery of allergen tests done and it turns out one of her allergens is dogs. She has recently got a beautiful Turkish Kangal that she adores but he is the cause of her asthma attacks and so we must find a loving home for him where he will be treated as one of the family. If anyone is interested please pm me. Thanks


Hi there, I seem to have mislaid my recipe for making red wine! Calamity as I have around 85KG of grapes. Does anyone have a recipe they can share please??? Thanks Daxman

Bulgaria: Move to bulgaria:

Hi Anna, getting a house here and living off the land is not too difficult if you are sensible and good with your hands and by that I mean able to do some basic DIY! It is essential to buy a home with sufficient ground to make it possible to live off the land and we always suggest that the minimum should be between 2000 and 3000 sq metres, more than this and you will have an awful lot of work on your hands keeping things under control as things grow like crazy in the summer after a dose of rain! On the cost of living differences between here and the UK, we recently read a report that stated that BG is 83% less expensive to live than the UK, so there's a head start! The challenge you face is that whilst there are many empty houses available for little money, many are 'train wrecks' that we would not recommend. Ideally you need a place with electric and mains water connected with mostly non-structural cosmetic works required to make it into your ideal home. Such a property in this area with a roof that is OK will cost circa £7000. It is important to understand the mentality of some of the locals who purport to be 'meisters' who can make a complete and expensive mess of things if you employ them. We run a Charity here near Montana where property is cheap and as such we know those locals who are reliable and trustworthy and we have helped several Brits settle here and so if you would like to PM us we can talk more and maybe we can help you too!

Bulgaria: The process of moving to Bulgraria and becoming a resident:

Hi Daniel, pretty simple to relocate here. As an EU citizen you can come here without restriction, however you will need to get a Lichna Carta from the local authority within 6 months of your arrival, this lasts for 5 years. Getting residency is a different matter as I understand you have to be able to speak Bulgarian fluently to do so.

Bulgaria: Living rural as non Bulgarian-speaker:

We arrived in a small village near Montana 6 years ago without knowing a word of Bulgarian. The Bulgarian people are very friendly and welcoming and so with nothing more than a phrase book and the translate app on our phone we managed no problem. We still speak only basic Bulgarian but the people love it when you point to yourself and say 'Angliski, ne rasbirum' which means English, don't understand! They always love it when you struggle to communicate. You will find many people speak English and we have countless memories of how helpful people are in BG!

Bulgaria: Building Regs:

We have renovated several properties here in BG. Regulations in our experience only apply when you wish to extend the footprint of a property or build a new building. You will need and architect to draw up your plans and submit them to the local authorities who will approve then add to your house documents. To add a new room to our house cost us two payments of 250 Lev. BE AWARE OF LOCALS WHO PRETEND TO BE 'MEISTERS'!!! Often they will watch someone do a particular job once and then by osmosis become a meister!! Best ask around the locals to recommend someone they trust to do a good job, also make sure you do not get charged 'Angliski prices!!' Check the going rates in your area and get a price for the job.


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