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Argentina: rules on transferring money:

hi, Does anybody know what would happen if I sell an apartment in Argentina and then try to wire the money outside the country? Would AFIP tax the fleeing capital or something like that? And does the money have to be in pesos? Or can dollars also be sent to a foreign bank?

Argentina: Anyone moving to Argentina or just arrived there?:

re: PurpleE Life here in the Argentine chaos isn't any better or worse than it is in South Africa or the United States, there are problems everywhere you go, and life is what you make of it. That includes your social life and the way you relate to people around you, there is not need to be sour about Argentine arrogance and discrimination, they are behind in some ways, i'm sure, but that too can be understood. Uruguay by the way, is not any better, a new trump tower there isn't going to make your life or my life any better, nor the dollars that investors are bringing into Uruguayan bank accounts, not mentioning that statistically Montevideo is not different than BA on a whole range of issues, the homicide rate is actually higher. Argentina is a beautiful country and as an immigrant from Canada, i can tell you and others who read this thread, that any individual with a head on their shoulders and willingness to adopt, even in the less privileged parts of Buenos Aires where I happen to live, can not only survive but to also assimilate and grow stronger in their personal pursuits, whatever it happens to be.

Argentina: IS THIS WORKING?:

if you have no patience for this site then i'm not sure if you'd have any patience for an outdated bureaucracy of argentina

Argentina: Exchanging US land for Argentine land, anyone?:

I would like to swap my 20 acre parcel in the USA for some land in Argentina, i'm not attached to any particular province or land size. If one would to ask why can't i just sell my USA acreage and bring the money here, that's because unfortunately i do not hold permanent residency in the USA (i'm Canadian) and so as a foreigner i would be subjected to a cruel 10% sales tax, plus Remax realtors there said they are charging 10% commission now on bare rural land, so that's a 20% haircut which i really don't want to take.

Argentina: Advice on a shipping company:

Yes i hear things get stuck but maybe things have changed recently, so please let us know how your shipping went, this is useful information. thanks.

Argentina: What to do with 40-acres?:

Tom, I would cover the property with both Eucalyptus and Acacia for timber on the long term and honey bees on shorter term, between the trees meanwhile i would seed salt-tolerant shrubs and grasses for animal grazing. If non of that interests you then maybe wind and solar.

Argentina: Cheaper car in Paraguay?:

I keep hearing people saying how someone went and bought a brand new car in paraguay for much less than the regular retail price. Is this just an exaggeration or is this really doable to save several thousands of dollars on a brand new vehicle, and if so then how is this still allowed? or perhaps it's done illegaly? meaning i'd have to bribe the border police? Thanks

Argentina: New immigration rules for Argentina?:

Macri did make a mistake i think by labeling bolivians and paraguayans as the source of the problem in the fight against gang related violence. It's not necessarily the poor in the villa who are perpetuating the problem, but rather the corrupt officials, the police and municipalities that cannot be disciplined for obvious reasons. plus criminal backgroubd check is already in place for anybody wanting to get their DNI, what they want is to copy trump's policies and use racial profiling as a way to filter out the supposed bad guys, which will only spoil relationships with our neighbors and sow deep divisions within our already fragmented society. wonder what happened to his ambitious promise to reform the police? he was politely reminded that such plan is not advisable.

Argentina: Making the move?:

Nicole, BA is perfect. You can walk anywhere you like at any time of the day or night, carry cash in public places, even count it on the street, no one cares, people here are full of cash anyways, do not worry about your smart phone being stolen or even your new shoes, its totally safe here. All you need to do is withdraw as much dollars as possible and fly here, then go out and people new people. explore the outskirts too, not only the boring touristy downtown. the greater BA area can be a great cultural exchange, people there are very hospitable, you can hitchhike too, no need to pay for a taxi. have fun!

Argentina: Tax Amnesty:

Is anyone even bothering declaring overseas assets and cash savings here at home? This has failed in the past and why should it be any different this time? Considering the same lack of transparency and ever growing corruption.

Argentina: buying hectares for almond production:

I'd like to know if buying an arid mendoza property is a good bet for almond production. Land around San Rafael and General Alvear have come down in price in recent years, seems like an opportunity. here are some questions if someone could please enlighten me. 1. how much money should i put aside for a deep well that's to be sufficient for around 3-5 hectares of newly planted almond seedlings? (with efficient irrigation system in place) 2. what kind of soil issues should i be looking out for prior to buying? 3. frost and wind issues to consider? 4. how many people are actually growing almonds in south eastern mendoza? 5. would i need a lawyer to deal with future labor disputes? 6. any advice on dealing with sleazy realtors? i obviously want the best value per ha, and do not need any mejoras, en blanco would suffice.

Argentina: Sell my AR Pesos for US$:

hey Tom, make sure you get the new blue bills, too much fake old dollars floating around, so i hear.

Argentina: Looking for a job:

consider selling lighter parts in the villa, some are in dire need for those!

Argentina: Choosing gift vouchers for Argentine staff:

just hand them a grilled morcilla on white bread and cheaply printed happy new year card, plus some candy for kids and done deal.

Argentina: Help please:

What kind of advice do you want? Do you not already know that all three of those countries have serious problems? Where are you from and what prompted you to seek such change in your life?

Argentina: Help! In Need Of A Second-Hand Phone To Buy.:

you can find a bunch of second hand phones for sale on

Argentina: Wonder Where Argentine Real Estate Market Is Headed...:

I noticed that the listings from greater BA areas are all been expanding for the past year or so, realtors adding more and more houses, apartments and lots for sale, I assume the same is the case elsewhere in the coutry, please correct me if i{m wrong. which begs the question of where is the market headed? Do you guys believe it's all going to sell out and balance out in a timely manner, following classic supply demand principles, or are we entering an overblown inventory buyers marker type scenario? with unions accepting pay hike lesser than inflation, also, people aren't able to buy as many dollars now, the official rate sitting pretty much in par with the blue rate. if you do believe we are entering oversupply territory, please tell me why is this happening now that macri is attracting a record amount of investment? and launching mega projects? thanks

Argentina: Sending dollars from Argentina to USA:

Tom its anywhere from 10 to 20 centavos more than what the listed official dollar is. so right now Aug. 6, the official exchange rate is 15.077 so you'd need about AR$76,000 to get US$5000

Argentina: looking to meet other expats in their late 20s-early 40s, preferably working professionals.:

diggin is well established here although commodity prices are down, would be favorable if you could offer value added traits, such as good education, basic spanish skills and a willingness to seek employment, basically things that would make a working professional in his early 40s interested. best of luck

Argentina: Where to invest $:

storing money in the bank does not generate interest anymore, no matter where you are, especially in the developed economies. japan has already introduced negative interest rates, in other words savers are being punished for hoarding money. europe i believe is to follow suit, especially now that UK is out, economy is stagnating and the markets are more volatile than ever. how to invest? bitcoin is more volatile then the euro, not sure about stocks either. if i was rich i'd probably invest in expensive real estate (nice location) and live in it while paying property taxes, make improvements, get more education and then flip it, or start a business, find good staff to manage it and let it run while you can go backpacking around the world! just make sure not to get on one of those sketchy tour buses in nepal that occasionally roll off the mountain killing everyone on board.

Argentina: Banking and Houses:

ajhubb12, on one hand you mentioned people discriminating against you in america because of your ethnicity or skin color, on other hand, you respond by saying that you are dettached and that you do not care about what others think of you. so, maybe you should first assume a stable position and then go from there. if you are totally used to being discriminated against and learned to live with it and really do not care about it as long as it is tolerable enough, then just stay in america, considering that you are already a permanent resident or even a citizen there. whreas, if you do care about equal rights and multi cultural respect then perhaps argentina is not for you, canada would be more appropriate, this is where i come from, Toronto city happens to be world's most culturally diverse places, where more than 100 languages are spoken, where in fact more than half the population does not speak english and yet they all thrive together, cases of racial discrimination are being addressed properly and police are present enough to provide maximum security to anyone who lives there. Argentina is a place with lots of problems, and racial inequality is the least of argentina's problems, here people are more worries about not being robbed, or have enough money for a phone, clothes and sometimes even food. unless of course you come from a financially wealthy family, in which case money talks here just like it does anywhere else, as long as you are settled in a wealthy secure place you should do fine, your money sould override whatever racial prejudice that some argentines might have in their minds, but don't expect them to be genuine if money to be used to gain social acceptance. hope this helps

Argentina: Argentine real estate market outlook for the near mid-term:

There is quite a bit of noise about the prospects of argentina's untapped real estate market today, and so i wanted to see what the expat community has in mind about this. yesterday, a fellow martillero told me that the real estate market as a whole is going to get worse before getting better, in other words it's turning into an ideal buyer's market with prices becoming depressed due to macri's devaluation and also the high competitiveness of a fairly good volume of new construction coming online in the coming months. plus with the cost of natural gas and electricity sky high more people are apparently selling their homes in favor of smaller more efficient and safer apartments. but, is it true that the prices are going to suffer in the next year or two? i thought that by devaluing macri is brining more investment into the country and hence encouraging foreigners to buy up real estate hence encouraging competitiveness and dolarization of the real estate market, just like did chile and uruguay, no? plus there seems to be a genuine demand for homes and apartments in general, lots of young families are saving for their first homes. so again, in your opinion, is it worth buying now or is it better to wait? a friend believes that the economy is not going to improve any time soon and that with another devaluation people's purchasing power would only get eroded. thanks

Argentina: sold my home y need to find buyers for my things:

Hey Adam, how do you provide usds? you sell them in exhcange for pesos? i'm a bit confused. thanks.

Argentina: Argentina laws and customs:

Totally agree, if someone is serious about living in the crime ridden Argentina then they should drive an older vehicle and use cheaper phone, keeping it low key. and not speak laud english on the streets. Yeah don't dump your money into an argentine account just yet, wait until the country is fully open to financial markets (5 years or so), investors are still cautious because the so called "Peronistas" are still the majority here, personally i'm not too optimistic about the "free market" push that our newly elected president is trying so hard, simply because the society is still socialist and corrupt deep inside, and quite frankly nothing is going to change until everybody starts paying their taxes and paying their bills, i work with an argentine guy who built himself a house without a permit, he has no title on the lot and pays no taxes and if that's not wrong enough he also does not pay for electricity while the rest of us are suffering from blackouts due to insufficient power output, he hooked himself up to the pole and has no meter, now please tell me how in a world is the government going to have a sound mortgage industry several years down the road if thousands upon thousands if people aren't paying up? plus, the company i'm working for has not paid sales taxes for many years, does not pay the labor union and cheats employees out of their full pay, so again, i say keep dreaming about living an american dream in the warm south americas, it's a long road ahead before people here grow up to match the standard of living of developed fully functional nations such as the united states and canada.

Argentina: Why are hectares in San Rafael so cheap?:

Comparing prices of rural real estate in different provinces in Argentina, I can't help but scratch my head over the alamaula and mercado libre listings, where San Rafael and Gr. Alvear (mendoza province) are dirt cheap in comparison to same land size and characteristics in villa mercedes, san luis or calamuchita in cordoba, or in different patagonian reginos. People seem to wanna get rid of their olive tree orchards as well as peach trees in san rafael, claiming to have full access to irrigation though. Can anyone shed light on this? Is there not enough water for everyone in those areas? or maybe the land is over fertilized? I'd love to live on a property outside of town and tend to my very own fruit trees for production, but don't wanna be tricked into anything nasty. at the least i'd love to be able to drill a deep well and have enough water for irrigation id the ditch has dried up, but if ground water is under a tight grip then maybe that's why they are selling in scores?


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