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Bermuda: Ship Household or NOT:

I am learning of the tax associated with shipping household items. Does it make sense to ship a 2 bedroom house of goods from US to Bermuda? Seems very costly..Work contract is for 3 years..

Bermuda: US to Bermuda- single 40yr Female-Social/Dating:

I received an offer for role in Bermuda, strongly considering the move, but need to better understand the social & dating life for a single 40yr old blk American. Dating is tough everywhere, but hoping to increase my odds of dating in a place where the men outnumber the women and the pickings are international :-) Please advise

Bermuda: New Expat on the Island!:

I am following this thread, as I am seriously considering a move from US to Bermuda. I received the offer, still not satisfied with relo payment of only $5K. I will need to cover my housing and all expenses. It just doesn't seem customary


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