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Chile: Any expats in Pucon?:

Well? are there any?

Chile: pros and cons of living in Valparaiso:

Valparaiso is an old city with dated construction. Vina is more modern and tousitic. The high season is December to March and maybe a week in July so you will not find the heavy traffic associated with tourism. The sea will be too cold to bathe in and even in summer it is cold water. They had a jellyfish bloom last year so bathing was out completely unless you wore a wetsuit and lots of vaseline on the exposed skin. The seafood is some of the best in Chile. Great if you like to fish or sail.

Chile: How to bring $ to Chile from USA? Open Bank acct. *self employed in USA but living in Chile- anyone else?:

Claudia: Going through the same pains. Fortunately, the person i am buying the house from has lived in the US and has a us dollar account in Chile. I was able to do a wire transfer for about $200. I got a RUT number but think it will be easier to open an account in Argentina and since i will have to go over every three months to renew my residence for the first years, i can pick up the cash there. I can use my credit card also and make sure the card is one of those that does not charge foreign transaction fees. alan.

Chile: Seeking Advice: Santiago relo recon mission Jan/Feb:

You are right. to days in Vina / Valpo are enough to scout it out. Traffic there during the months of Jan Feb will be enough to send you packing.

Chile: Visiting Chile for Research:

Great plan!. the food industry in Chile can certainly use some extra efforts. No mexican restaurants to be found, very few italian restaurants, other than pizza. we hope to be relocating to Pucon mid 2017.

Chile: Chile Retirement:

We are heavily planning on retiring in Chile. I grew up in Argentina, have traveled every country in Latin America except for Praguay. I hear enough to know I am missing nothing. Argentina may be a bit better now but is still a divided country pretty much like the US has become and will probably get worse fast. The governemnt is not stable, crime is high but the food is great. Uruguay was quite attractive but lately it has been overriden by argentinians and properties are not cheap anymore. Cuenca has a great climate but is a bit too .... I don't know. Looked at several places in Colombia, Venezuela, Honduras, maybe a bit too hot. Finally decided on Cile. I have been several times and always seemed to gravitate to Pucon. we are buying a home there with a fantastic view but have to winterize it first. will try to take our 1924 model t if it is not too expensive to transport. I am fluent in spanish and love the chilean culture and patriotism and they are extremely friendly. Crime there is very ow and is mostly petty theft. People don't carry guns. Another thing that I dislike about the US. My GF is worried about learning spanish. I am fluent but she has stumbled when taking lessons. She hopes to find some expats there. She looks forward to gardening, raising chickens, stocking the pool with fish, walking and fishing. whatever it is, it beats office work hands down.


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