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Portugal: Thoughts on Foz do Arelho:

Anyone here live in or near Foz do Arelho? I ask because it's one of several places on our radar for moving to next year and I'd love to get impressions from folks with firsthand knowledge about it. Feel free to pm me. Thanks, Terri

Portugal: Financial Means Test/Subsistence:

Xabay he lives in Canada not Portugal, thank goodness!

Portugal: Car rental:

We'll be driving some in Europe next May so I've been looking at this site for both car and travel insurance:

Portugal: Photo of a Canada or USA Residence visa:

Hi dajo, Gosh it sounds like the process has been quite challenging for you. Perhaps things are very different in Canada than here in the US, like the process here varies from consulate to consulate. When I wrote to the San Fran office (saying that we plan to retire to Portugal), I was told the following: "We do ask that you use the Schengen form as indicated. Not all fields are appropriate for long term applicants and it is ok to mark NA as necessary. We will make the necessary corrections on our end so the appropriate visa for retirement is processed, not Schengen." There is no type listed on the application form but a spot marked "other" where you'd list retirement as the purpose of the journey. Good luck in your travels and do keep me posted on your progress! Terri

Portugal: Long term Portugal resident's comments to me:

What's wrong with this picture is that you are making assumptions about people you don't even know and are basically chastising them in public for making what you think are bad decisions. I do take this very seriously and I realize that any move abroad won't be easy. That's why I'm doing all this research and why I joined here; to ask questions, read, and learn. But you need to realize that not everyone will follow the same path you did. Seriously how many of us can retire in our 40's? You keep saying that many won't "stick." I'd like to know the percentage of those who don't stick because they miss their kids and grand kids back home. If we go in realizing that the move will be difficult and that we may not decide to stay, then why keep pushing the issue? Anyway I'm done here. If anyone can add useful thoughts and comments to my post on Ablufeira, please do so. Thanks, Terri

Portugal: Albufeira Info:

Hello All, My husband and I plan to rent in or near Albufeira while we work on getting our residence permits, so any advice and tips about that area are most welcome. In particular, we'd like to know about experiences with the SEF office. If you live there or have lived there in the past, what did you like about it? Alternately, what did't you like about it or feel it was lacking? Thanks, Terri

Portugal: Is the Algarve reasonable living:

OldPro since you've posted so much in the Portugal forum, I suspect most of us think you live there. Have you ever and where? How long ago? I'm sure many things have changed over 30 years including the ins and outs of getting a visa and residency permit.

Portugal: Why I joined:

I'm posting this in response to the recent negativity and unkind comments that have been posted of late in the other topics. Just to be clear, my husband and I are doing a TON of research in the process of deciding if retiring in Portugal is something we wish to pursue or not. However, reading the steps involved is very different from hearing the first-hand experiences of others who have gone through the process. And when consulates require different things (as the one in SF does), it is very helpful for those things to be shared here. Also, what may seem like a dumb question to one person, can help others, so if anyone must be negative, please do it in a PM rather than for all to see. I'm here to learn, help others (if I can), and hopefully make some new friends. Thanks for reading this and good luck to all!

Portugal: Non-habitual residence regime:

I've looked over the link you posted and I don't see anything about the non-habitual residence regime (which I thought was a program in Portugal not the US.) Am I missing something?

Portugal: Visa application fee?:

Are you talking about your type 1 permanent residency visa that you obtain here in the US or your residence permit that you obtain once you're in Portugal?


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