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Hello everyone. My name is Sharon and I am an English teacher from the U.S. I recently got my D visa and I am located in Haskovo. Are there any foreigners in Haskovo who are a member of this forum? I would love to make some friends.


Hello everyone. I moved to Haskovo a few months ago and I am looking for any expats around STARAZAGORA or DIMITROVGRAD who would like to socialize.

Bulgaria: Teaching English:

Why don't you teach English online? That's what I do. The link below has a list of a wide range of online language schools. You can get a job with these companies and not have to worry about a visa etc. You can also take your work with you wherever you go.

Bulgaria: Guidance and Socialising in Sofia:

Hi all. I am new in Bulgaria and need to go to Sofia on Monday. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to meet me there and give a helping hand for the day. :) l will leave town at the end of the day.

Bulgaria: Procedures of Marrying a Bulgarian Citizen:

Hello everyone. I'm engaged to a Bulgarian Citizen and would like to know about the procedures which any of you in the same position may have gone through. Thanks in advance!

Bulgaria: Haskovo Expat:

Hi Guys, I relocated to Haskovo a couple of months ago and would like to socialise with some expats. I'm giving a shoutout to the expats around Haskovo Stars Zagora area.

Bulgaria: Charity Groups:

Does anyone know of any charity groups around Stars Zagora. I have alot of household items to give away. Thanks in advance.

Bulgaria: Expat in Haskovo:

Hi all. I've been an expat in Haskovo for around 2 months. Haskovo has no expat community. However StaraZagora which is near by is known to have expats. I'm giving those expats in starazagora a shout out.

Bulgaria: Putting some feelers out:

Yes Definitely, Keep me posted

Bulgaria: Pregnancy advise:


Bulgaria: Arrived:

Hi. Are you still in BG?

Bulgaria: erning extra money:

I teach English online. You can Google down a list of online english language schools and apply. You'd make around 1000 USD a month teaching a few hours a day.

Bulgaria: English part-time nanny:

Hi Petya. I'm from the U.S. and live in Haskovo. Where do you live?


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