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Mexico: Playa del Carmen safety:

Hi folks, My wife and I are planning to come to Playa del Carmen in January and stay for a few months to see if it's a good fit for our retirement. We've heard recently of increased violence in the town, related to the drug trade. Is there anything to this? Is the town any less safe than it was a year ago? Thanks! Tom

Panama: Coronado activities:

Hello! We just arrived in Coronado for an exploratory visit and are wondering what there is to do here. Is there a theater? An American club? Other activities for retired but energetic folks to do? Thanks for any advice. Tom

Panama: Coronado Newbie questions:

Hello, We'll be moving to Panama in a few months and are trying to get as many of our ducks lined up as possible. Any help with the questions below will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Has anyone acquired private medical insurance in Panama after the age of 65? Can someone recommend US banks that do not charge ATM fees for foreign withdrawals? Can someone recommend a US tax accountant? Can someone recommend a bank in Coronado that will open accounts for US citizens AND which will accept Social Security direct deposits?

Panama: Rental agent:

My wife and I are contemplating retiring to Panama and would like to visit for a couple months in order to help us decide. Can someone recommend a rental agent that could secure a temporary place for us and show us around for more permanent lodgings? We're thinking about the Coronado area. Thanks!


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