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Morocco: Spain Schengen visa for Moroccan husband?:

Hello I'm British and my husband is Moroccan. We are planning to go to Spain in June but were told that our Moroccan marriage certificate will not be accepted for the Dependant visa. We married in 2008 in Morocco, and he had a 2 year spouse visa to live in the UK and recently received his indefinite leave to remain in the UK. We live in the UK. We have our Moroccan marriage certificate with a translation to English that was legalised in Morocco. We were told by the British Embassy that as our marriage was legal in Morocco, it will be legal in the UK - so I'm not sure why this is not being accepted. I've heard that some people have a stamp in their passport saying they are the spouse of an EU national, but my husband does not have this. Any ideas on how we are supposed to apply for his dependant visa please?? Many thanks

Morocco: is Moroccan marriage valid in the UK?:

Hi I am British and recently married a Moroccan in Morocco. I hear that this marriage is not valid in the UK and cannot be registered here either. I was told that I need to have a marriage in England for our marriage to be legally recognised here. Is this correct? Thanks

Spain: How can Moroccan people work in Spain:

Hi I am a UK citizen and searching for work in Valencia. I would like to know how my Moroccan boyfriend can move to Spain and work as well. Would he need to secure a job in advance? Or apply for some visa/permit? Many thanks Shama

Morocco: Can Moroccan people work in Spain?:

Hi do you know what the procedure is for a Moroccan person to work in Spain please? I hear there are a lot of Moroccans working there, do you need to find a job before going there? Many thanks Shama

Morocco: Marriage in the UK:

Hello My Moroccan fiance and I are planning to get married this year, and we are trying to decide if we should have the marriage in Morocco or UK. Does anyone know if either process is supposed to be easier than the other please? I understand the procedure to be married in Morocco, and would really appreciate any info for how to get married in the UK. Is it just applying for a fiance visa with all the documents they ask? Or is there another step before this? Many thanks! Shama

Morocco: moroccan marriage laws:

Hi My name's Shama based in the UK. My Moroccan fiance and I were planning to get married in Morocco soon, but are now looking into getting married here instead. It was really hard finding all the info for a marriage in morocco - lots of little surprises kept popping up! So I was wondering if you would mind giving me a brief on how you got married in the UK please? Did you have to apply for a fiance visa? And did you have any trouble with your applications? Thank you for your help - any info is greatly appreciated! Shama

Morocco: Moving to Agadir:

Hi I'm also thinking of moving to Agadir (having met a lovely man there) and would love to speak to anyone in the same situation or who has already moved there. Looking forward to hearing from you, Shama


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