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Bermuda: Have to cut my own hair:

Bermuda is sooooo expensive. I am going to have to cut my own hair....unless one of you savvy expats can give me advise on a good inexpensive place. to get your hair cut. Thanks

Bermuda: Airbnb Sublet?:

Interesting question. In my lease it specifically does not allow it. But I am interested in hearing the opinion of others. I have heard that there is a shortage of available places to rent because of America's Cup, as many owners will make more money by renting out on airbnb during the event than leasing it out monthly. Also, I can assure you that money will get tight!!!! Hamilton is #1 on the list of most expensive cities in the world.

Bermuda: Bring Bicycle to Bermuda:

Dear all, I will be based in hamilton, but plan to travel around the island either by ferry or bus. I wanted to ask advice on whether or not to bring a nice bike. I was thinking that I could take a ferry to some point and then bike to the beach, and then back to the ferry again. Is that something that makes sense. I don't plan on buying a car or moped, just want to get around on foot or public transportation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bermuda: Customs Duties on personal items:

Dear all, I read on a website that you are only allowed to bring $100 of goods into Bermuda, and anything over you pay a duty of 35%. I understood that this is applicable to even personal items, such as cell phones, laptops, and in my case an electric guitar with some equipment. Does anyone know if this is the case? And if so, how do you get around this? Thanks and I appreciate everyones help on these newby questions. Steve

Bermuda: Rent an apartment in Hamilton City:

Hi to all. I will be moving to bermuda, job is located in Hamilton City. Can anyone suggest 1-2 bdrm apartments either in the city or Pembroke parish. If I don't live in the city, I would like an easy daily comute on the ferry. I appreciate any suggestions. Steve

Bermuda: Ship Household or NOT:

Can anyone tell me if I bring in my used cell phone, work laptop, plus a used electric guitar and some equipment, will I have to pay duty on these items? Thanks


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