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Belize: Belizian Realtors. Useless?:

Use expat realtors.

Belize: Time to move:

Drove down to PG one day, planning to stay a night or two. Couldn't get out of there fast enough....

Belize: Planning a short visit to Placencia:

I stayed in a chinese run hotel over and behind the Top Value supermarket. Nice room but rude staff. They insist on a deposit and dont open the store, where they do hotel business, until 9 AM. So you have to wait 'til then to have some8necheck tne room to verify you didn't steal anything to check out! Really insulting and disgusting. But then maybe they react to their own kind of people figuring all else are the same....

Belize: Santa Familia?:

Definitely San Ignacio. Had lunch down on the left one day. It was so hot I couldn't wait to leave. Went back to BC, dropped off the rental and headed out to C Caulker. Have to admit the countryside out that way couldn't be much lovlier!

Belize: Airfare Kinda Steep!:

Sacramento (SMF) to Belize City ALERT! New lower price found: $1,366* What a bargain!

Belize: Rumor...:

On my sailing forum rumor has it some sailboat charter guys from elsewhere were told they couldn't snorkle the reef unless on a Belizean charter. Sounded like bs to me...?

Belize: What To Do???:

A buddy and I, both in our 60s, went to AC and stayed at a great place south of the airport. Was quiet. They had a bar and kitchen on the beach. Rented a golf cart for two days and explored. Not all wild and crazy, actually mostly laid back. Nice place, but I prefer CC for small and cozy.

Belize: 6month stay in belize?:

Posts 2 and 3 pretty much nailed it. I rented a 4x truck and drove as far south as Punta Gorda. Then back up and out to San Ignacio. Then dropped the truck off early and visited Cay Caulker. All this in a week. Never made it up to Corozal. You should rent and drive. You'll see more and find more about each area. I found the further south the less pleasant the people. Didn't even stay in Punta Gorda, couldn't get away fast enough. Beautiful drive though! Belize City is a hole. San Ignacio was too hot for words. Cay Caulker was great. You experience may vary.

Belize: QRP $24,000 Question:

Question: how would one get a SS check deposited to a Belize bank? Seems everything I read says stay away from local banks and, of course, none have branches in the US....

Italy: Italy: Suspension of Schengen Agreement -May 2017:

Travel Alert –  Portugal & Italy: Suspension of Schengen Agreement -May 2017 Portugal: As part of the Pope's visit to Portugal on May 12-13 and according to the information provided by SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service), the Schengen Agreement will be suspended between May 10-14, 2017. Italy: Due to the G7 summit which will be held in Bari from May 11-13, and in Taormina from May 26-27, in order to guarantee safe and orderly sessions, the agreement for Schengen area will be temporarily suspended from May 10-30, 2017. Passengers travelling to Schengen area destinations during these dates are requested to re-confirm their required travel documents prior to departure. Also, arrive at the airport with valid identity documents and earlier than normally required in order to avoid possible delays caused by the reintroduction of border document controls. Please use the below links to review further information: Alitalia TAP Portugal SEF IBERIA Lufthansa KLM Vueling Airlines British Airways EasyJet Wizz Air

Mexico: healthcare:

Katzgar = well known forum troll posts all over the internet on many topics. Mostly political...

Belize: Hopkins:

Spent a night there then came back for a couple more. Very quiet little village with two very, very bumpy roads that will rattle your teeth. Almost easier to walk. I was there in December and many places were closed, not sure why. People were nice. Local food was very good. A German couple have a restaurant that was nice but kinda weird food. Not sure I'd want to live there as it is really quiet. But a great place to visit and I'm looking forward to returning.

Mexico: Effects of policies of new administration on lives of expats living in Mexico?:

"What happened was that the electoral college elected a president who received a minority of the popular votes by a significant margin." This "significant margin" was in two cities. TWO CITIES! I don't want my country run by the voters in 2 left wing wacky doodle cities.

Belize: Solar and LED Lighting:

I'm cross posting, or copying my question, from another forum for, hopefully, more input. In the week I drove around Central and southern Belize I saw only a very few solar installations, one advertisement and absolutely no LED lighting. Anyone know more about why this is? I just completed an 80 unit project with ALL LED lighting, solar water heating and provisions for complete solar electrical generation in California. Seems odd a country with triple the power costs isn't doing all they can. My guess would be the govt. is in bed with the power companies and discourages or taxes and duties improvements out of reach? Like

Italy: Easy Greeting Cards:

Those ARE nice. Just got one from home.

Belize: real estate:

Was there twice last week and the road was just horrible. Glad to hear of the improvement!

Belize: Move and safety considerations:

This report tends to worry me:

Belize: Remodeling:

Curious about the difficulty of doing repairs and refurbishing a place in Belize. Seems like it would be easiest near the northern border with a Home Depot in Mexico. At least more so than down in Punta Gorda? Do they assess taxes or duties on materials and products brought back from Mexico? Thank you!

Belize: Corazol Car Rentals?:

Yes it does, resulting in every country but the one in question....

Belize: Vehicle repair:

Am wondering what vehicle brands are easiest to find parts and service?

Belize: Why the heck are car rentals so high???:

I have a reservation with Avis in BC next week. Any experience with them out there?


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