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Portugal: Residence Visa Health Insurance Requirement Help (US citizen):

I used the low cost one at: https://www.axa-schengen.com/en I don't know if it is the best deal out there but it was accepted for the visa. I think I did the 6 month option because there wasn't a 4 month option to match the visa length. Hope this helps. Heather

Portugal: Whew, just got our long term visa!:

Congratulations and thanks sharing your experience. With all the variability it is nice to hear as many personal accounts as possible. Also good to hear your good fortune on finding a rental, I was hesitant to reach out and ask owners if they would consider a long term tenant. Your story is proof it pays to ask for what you want. We are in the Lagos area too (Burgau) so perhaps we can toast our good fortune when you arrive! Heather

Portugal: Change in Visa Rules:

Whoa, that is huge. We were just approved on July 3 with a combination of AirBnB and hotel reservations. So definitely a recent change. Our application took a long time (Feb 1 - July 3) and we had to lengthen our guaranteed lodging twice. I'm thinking this must have been in the wind and we are lucky to have squeaked through. I feel for anyone trying to find a long term rental without being here. I'm in the western algarve and long term rentals are really hard to find. Even when a listing comes up people really want to meet face to face, I don't think we would have gotten our place if I hadn't followed up on my email by dropping into the agents office the day after the posting went up. The 12 month rental contract I am due to sign tomorrow also required I have my NIF. If these rules had been in place I'm not sure we would have been able to move here as planned. I really feel for anyone who is starting the process now. My only advice would be to consider timing a move to the Algarve in the off season when 6-8 month contracts are fairly easy to come by and hope that SEF isn't requiring a full 12 months. Such a bummer. Heather

Portugal: Question re: rental via AirBnB:

The AirBnB receipts were enough for us. We started with a short stay receipt and they did request a longer one but never anything aside from the AirBnB receipt. Since you already have 6 months you should be in good shape (though every person's experience is different). Good luck! Heather

Portugal: Portugal Labor Strikes:

Thanks for passing that on, was going to call them today! Heather

Portugal: Pharmacy drugs:

I haven't done this myself yet but an american blogger I read had no issues getting prescriptions just from bringing in her american bottles. Here is a link to the post: https://www.adventuresofteamcalcott.com/single-post/2016/1/14/It-has-been-a-productive-week Heather

Portugal: Moving with nothing?:

I'll weigh in on the side of minimalism too. We are moving (hopefully) later this month and are only taking 2 checked bags person. There have been some sentimental items that were hard to part with. But overall each garage sale or trip to the donation center feels like a great weight lifted off of my shoulders. Best of luck! Heather

Portugal: Visa Response Timeline?:

Hi, our family of 4 is scheduled to move to Portugal June 18. We live in Florida so we're working through the DC consulate for residence visas. I originally sent an email inquiry and I got back a set of directions that included that we should apply "at least" 3 months early. I had everything ready so the application arrived at the consulate Feb. 1. On April 26 I got an email that they needed the official airbnb receipt for the address on the schengen visa form (the original directions only asked for an address). I sent the receipt which is for a one week stay and said if they needed a longer one I could provide that. I got a response back that said "longer is better" so I went out and reserved another rental for an additional month. I sent an inquiry this week asking if everything was OK or if they needed more documentation and didn't get a reply at all. When I read the statute translation from the SEF website article 58 says "Without prejudice to shorter time limits established in this Act, the period to issue a decision on the application for a residence visa is 60 days." so I wasn't expecting it to take this long and our departure date is looming. Has anyone else had it take this long? Thanks. Heather

Portugal: Visa & Flight Questions:

I have a residence visa application in process with the D.C. consulate. They did not ask for an airline reservation. In fact when I started to get nervous about how long it is taking them to process I called and asked if they thought it was safe to buy one and they said I should wait until I have the approval letter. More proof that there are many different "official" answers! :) Best of luck, Heather

Portugal: Tax ID Number? lawyer vs solicitor vs agent:

I'm encouraged to hear folks say they had no issues. I had heard stories of non EU folks who were told by Financas that they either needed to wait for their 1 year residence permit (rather than 4 month residence visa) or if they wanted it sooner come back with a Portuguese citizen "representative." I don't know anyone in Portugal so was thinking I'd have to hire someone. Is the consensus here I shouldn't have a problem? Thanks!

Portugal: medical Coverage for SEF:

I purchased specialized Schengen coverage from AXA for the first 6 months (there wasn't a 4 month option) while we are under the initial residence visa. Once we settle in and have our residence permits I was planning to get afpop/medal, multicare or similar. We are planning to move in June so I can't speak yet to whether this is a good plan, but it is what we are going with. Hope this helps! -Heather https://www.axa-schengen.com/mobile/en?gclid=Cj0KEQiA56_FBRDYpqGa2p_e1MgBEiQAVEZ6-wV3xHfXNElXzOxFFOJosGIcemmg96pO2cBg-YZ5c_kaAivQ8P8HAQ&gclsrc=aw.ds

Portugal: Trying to move to Portugal:

I don't have all the info but I have been using the document below, article 85 mentions how much you have to be in the country: "Without prejudice to the application of special provisions, the residence permit may also be cancelled when the interested party, without reasonable motives, is absent from the Country: a) Being the holder of a temporary residence permit, six consecutive months or eight interpolated months, within the overall validity of the authorisation;" http://www.sef.pt/documentos/56/LeideImig(Lei29_2012)EN.pdf#1 There are additional English translations of pertinent legislation here: http://www.sef.pt/portal/V10/eN/aspx/legislacao/index.aspx?id_linha=4191&menu_position=4133#0 I have a residence visa currently in progress with the D.C. Consulate, I'll update when I when I get a decision back. Best of luck, Heather

Portugal: Private Health Ins over age 70:

We are moving in June (assuming the visas are approved) and so far have looked into Medal coverage through AFPOP. From the brochure they sent me it looks like you can join up until your 71st birthday. Their lowest rate in that age bracket is €800.75 per person annually so drastically less than what you've been quoted. Multicare is another one I hear mentioned frequently but I haven't quoted it for myself yet. Here is the Medal brochure that they don't have on their website but they emailed to me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0f578zg9p4pn8p1/Health%20Presentation_2017.pdf?dl=0 Good luck in your planning! Heather

Portugal: insurance for under 70:

I requested information and received their brochure with annual rates, I put it on my dropbox at the below link. The AFPOP membership is €85 or €100 for a couple. Hope this is helpful. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0f578zg9p4pn8p1/Health%20Presentation_2017.pdf?dl=0

Portugal: San Fran:

I can't speak from personal experience as I'm working through the DC consulate, but the family in the blog below worked through SFO about a year ago. I've emailed the blogger before and she has responded, so you could probably email her with specific questions. From what I gather SFO is the only consulate that has families apply for one residence visa here then the rest of the family applies for family reunification once in Portugal. Anyway, good luck and hope this helps! http://www.adventuresofteamcalcott.com/single-post/2016/06/02/Obtaining-Portuguese-residency-%E2%80%93-final-thoughts%E2%80%A6

Portugal: Driver's license:

I was recently looking this up for Florida and found a similar answer for California at the link below, note the part that says you have to mail in the form if you need an "official document." Hope this helps. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/detail/online/dr


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