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Ireland: Love to Ireland and keeping us job:

Search this forum and I think you will find discussions on your very issue. Consulting income from internet-related work may not count for immigration purposes so I agree with Joshua that you should seek consultation although I am not sure an immigration solicitor will have the answers unless you find a very good one with experience in this area of employment. Maybe speak to an employment consultant? You did not say where you are from but know that immigration rules for non-EEA nationals are not well documented and are subject to change. If you pursue this path, be prepared for more than a few hair-pulling moments. Non-EEA positions in Ireland are meant for unique employees with special skills not readily available in the Irish labor pool.

Ireland: Move to Ireland:

Melissa, your understanding coincides with my understanding completely - sunniest in the South-East and warmest in the South-West. I think there was a discussion on this very point a few months ago. Need I remind all that the purpose of this forum is to help each other?

Portugal: Madonna moves to Sintra!:

In case anyone is still undecided about where in Portugal to live, perhaps this article will help you one way or the other: http://variety.com/2017/dirt/real-estalker/madonna-portugal-quinta-da-relogio-sintra-1202548958/ Anyone know of other famous or rich people calling Portugal their new home?

Portugal: Where to live:

CascaisPortugal, I cannot find the FB group you mentioned. The only one similar is called "properties for sale or rent OUTSIDE the algarve". Is this what you meant?

Portugal: Residency and Schengen travel:

lorric, you need to be more specific about which visa you hold. ALso, maybe do a search before you post. Hope this helps. http://www.expatexchange.com/expat/index.cfm?frmid=278&tpcid=3424492

Portugal: Housing Requirement for Golden Visa:

Hoping for some additional clarity on the housing requirement under the golden visa programme. As I understand it, a golden visa requires Portugese residency of only 7 days in the first year and 14 days in each subsequent two year period. Also, if I purchase a residential property to qualify for the visa, I understand that I do not need to live in the property at all and can rent as an investment. Why would I need to show a lease for 6 or more months in order to have my visa approved as some have suggested? Seems unnecessary and a considerable additional expense especially if for some reason I could not rent out when I am not in Portugal. Perhaps I am missing something and if so please forgive my ignorance.

Portugal: Cell phone:

I have been doing the same thing when traveling overseas, buying local SIM's and switching them out. But this seems less than ideal especially if one relies a lot on text messaging, WeChat, or WhatsApp which are all linked to a specific mobile number. Does anyone know of a phone or phone service that allows you to have a universal mobile number at low cost so that you can use voice and data services tied to one account?

Portugal: Visa strategy:

I am not sure if I am looking at it the right way but due to my own pre-existing condition, I am hesitant to drop Obamacare coverage when I relocate overseas. Although my Obamacare coverage does not cover me outside the US, I worry that I may eventually need to move back to the US and will regret loosing Obamacare coverage. So, I am left with two alternatives - carry two sets of coverage - US and Portugal - or just one - Portugal - and hope that I will never need to relocate back to the US. Otherwise, I need to hope that any future changes to Obamacare will still allow me to re-enroll at a later date with little to no penalty.

Portugal: Getting a Golden Visa for Commercial Property:

I read that Portugal now allows commercial real estate investments to qualify for the golden visa. Has anyone had any experience with this? I do not want to maintain a home in Portugal but would consider an investment such as a hotel or rental property especially if I can use it when visiting Portugal.

Portugal: Change in Visa Rules:

Does anyone know if these new rules apply to Golden Visas?

Spain: Travel insurance for expats:

If you are referring to health insurance while traveling, I only have experience with Amex which looked comprehensive and relatively cheap.

Portugal: Real Estate Investment Lisbon:

Interesting but is there an immigration angle to this investment? I am potentially considering property purchases that qualify for long-term residency and have read that commercial projects can qualify but need to be held for a minimum period of time? If you think this works for immigration, please send me a PM. Thanks.

Portugal: Long-Term Resident EC:

I have been reading about certain EU countries that have a visa category known as Long-Term Resident EC. This category allows a residence visa holder in say Portugal to move to say France without the need to apply for a standard French residence permit. I believe at least in some countries it also permits holders to work without a permit. From Wikipedia: "The status permits the holder some of the rights of free movement afforded to EU/EEA citizens in the participating countries; not all EU countries participate in implementing the Directive. The implementation of the directive is left to the participating countries, with some national variations in the requirements for and benefits of long-term resident status." In Portugal, the visa is known as "Residente CE de Longa Duração" and in France it is known as "Carte de résident de longue durée – Communauté Européenne" and requires a minimum initial residency of 5 years. Is this really an EU wide long-term residency permit?

Belgium: Belgium Immigration:

Does anyone know the current state of Belgium immigration for non-EEA nationals? I am an American nearing retirement who is looking to live and perhaps work or start a business in Belgium. But I have heard that applications for long-term visas for non-EEA citizens are routinely rejected. I would love to know more about this topic if anyone has experience.

Portugal: 4 month Schengen Visa:

jm, I assume you are referring to a THREE month Schengen visa? If there is a 4 month visa, please let me know more about it.

Portugal: Visa Requirements:

mondayschild, How do you know that cjmckay is not doing both?

Portugal: Visiting Faro Mar 28-31:

I will be visiting Faro from Mar 28-31. I am an American thinking of applying for residency under the global visa program. Is anyone interested in meeting up? I am interested in the practical side of expat life in Portugal as well as any discussion related to buying property either in the Algarve, Lisbon or Porto areas. Feel free to message me privately. Thanks, Kevin

Portugal: Electronics - US to PT:

My experience is that although voltage converters can work, they are big, heavy and ugly. Also, you will need them for a variety of household products such coffee grinders, mixers, etc. Also, I have read that they can damage electronic equipment over time although I have not witnessed this myself. If I had expensive gear, I would not want to take the chance. Maybe best to sell whatever you have and buy in Portugal. Also, keep in mind that some electronics are dual voltage such as the new Bose soundbars that I m thinking of buying in U.S. and taking over to Europe.

Germany: Need Advice:

You should be able to direct deposit your SS benefits but check with the US Embassy in Berlin. Also, I assume most US TV is available in Germany at a price. If you are on a limited budget, consider getting a VPN and watching TV from your computer. Otherwise, you may get stuck with CNN International instead of CNN US. I do't want to spend more than I can so I watch a lot of news on YouTube 6-8 hours after its live in US.

Portugal: Civility:

I hope the moderators are listening.

Ireland: Retiring in Ireland for one year:

Dave, can you provide any more detail on what you mean by non-investment income? Do you think that only pension income is acceptable? What about dividend income or rental property income? I believe that the language from INIS states "Investment sums are not normally reckonable – finances must be in the form of pension income or readily accessible funds. but the term "investment sums" seems to relate more to investment amounts rather than investment income. But who knows?

Spain: A Year in Spain:

Christopher, I looked into this visa briefly about one year ago. Perhaps you can provide more detail as I understood that 1) there is an income requirement of approx. $30,000 per year (not sure if this is per person or not) 2) have this sum set aside in a bank account 3) the visa issued in the US is good for only 90 days at which time you must move to Spain, obtain a permanent residence and then apply for the one year permission. Also, may I ask if the visa gives you permission to freely travel in the Schengen without restriction and whether the visa is a path towards permanent residence and/or citizenship? Thanks.

France: US retirees under age 65 health insurance in France:

Elgadocha, will a USA policy cover you while in France long-term? In other countries it is recommended that you purchase a local policy that covers expats. Fransurma, good luck. I my choose o retire to France a well. Would you be willing to give me more information about the process? Retiring to countries like the UK or Ireland are now extremely difficult. Also, have you found an insurance company yet? If so, any recommendations you have will be welcomed. Regarding travel insurance, I was not aware that such policies would provide long-term coverage if you become a permanent resident rather than simply a tourist. Does anyone have information to the contrary?

Spain: Health Insurance:

Does anyone know if such Spanish coverage also covers any time spent in US?

Portugal: 10 year tax holiday:

Simonians, I am soon-to-be retiree from the US who is looking into retire to Portugal or another European country. I would love to share research with you. May I ask how you qualify for the Portuguese residency? I am considering the golden visa program and buying a house. Regarding your specific question on the 10 year tax holiday for Portugal, here are some links that should be helpful: http://www.livinginportugal.com/fotos/editor2/irs_rnh_en.pdf Also, check out the Taxes In Portugal and How does the Non-Habitual Resident Tax Scheme work? topics posted on this forum: http://www.expatexchange.com/expat/index.cfm?frmid=278&tpcid=3416987 http://www.expatexchange.com/expat/index.cfm?frmid=278&tpcid=3419204 Also, there is a Facebook group called US Expat Tax Questions that someone here recommended which has TONS of information on taxation issues in various countries including Portugal: https://www.facebook.com/groups/952367774780623/ Best of luck.


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