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United Kingdom: Getting an idea of costs for living in London:

I may be wrong but I do not think you will find much help on this expat forum so I recommend you look for others forums to try and get some answers to your questions. I have done some of this research on this exact topic over the last year or so for my own retirement plans so if you want to send me a pm, we could start a dialog. Best of luck.

Spain: Financial requirements for residency:

I have no direct experience but this is from the SF consulate document "RESIDENCE VISA FOR RETIREES ". I recommend taking this with a grain of salt and seek additional data points and opinions: "The minimum income required is 25,560 Euros annually plus 6,390 Euros per each additional family member".

United Kingdom: Not sure where to start:

This is not a bad first step: Next, I would look at websites of immigration consultants and solicitors. There are also Facebook groups for these types of discussions. Unfortunately, ExpatExchange may not be the best place as there seems little valuable discussion on this topic for the UK.

Spain: Retire's from Canada:

Mishakaro, thanks a lot for posting this information which many I am sure will find valuable. I want to ask if you could possibly answer a few questions that I also have: 1. You mention that a person can buy a house in Spain and qualify for a visa. Other than the golden visa, what type of residence permission would this be? 2. You have written about how you plan spend 5 months in Spain, 5 months in Canada and 2 months per year traveling. Is this a strategy that immigration officials would be OK with? I fear that if I travel too frequently to Spain, even if its permitted under a tourist visa, that I might be suspected of trying to stay permanently. Maybe even more suspicious if I owned a house? 3. Did you consider Portugal as a potential country to live in? If so, how do you compare the two countries? Feel free to PM me. I am an American considering Spain or Portugal for my retirement in a few years. Portugal seems cheaper but Spain seems more sophisticated. Thanks.

Portugal: Newbie questions on an expected move in 2 years:

Good to have a plan for you that gives you some flexibility if your feelings about Portugal change. Many people do have a change of heart. I have only looked into the golden visa so I can't compare but I can tell you a little of what I know. Buying an apt. for $150k won't help you get a golden visa so I would not recommend. Spending another $200-250k at minimum at least gives you an immigration option to consider when you are ready. I worry a little about a housing bubble so do you research well. Advantage I believe of the golden visa compared to some other options is that it allows you to work. Given what you have said about your interests, I think you will not be happy being idle. Also, the golden visa allows you to leave Portugal for long periods of time and return without violating the terms of the visa. Also, Portugal may be unique in that you do not have to own the housing forever in order to keep your residency. After a certain # of years, you can sell and still retain your golden visa. Lastly, a golden visa can possibly lead to permanent EU residency in case you wish to move to another EU country some day.

Ireland: Howth Contacts - Attorney/Real Estate:

Here is a list of available homes in Howth. Each listing has a link to the auctioneer (agent) handling the property on behalf of the vendor (seller):

Ireland: Vagabonding in Ireland:

If you are thinking of where to live permanently, I would suggest staying in a very central location so that you can travel to visit other places you might consider. Also, Ireland is small to those who have lived here a while but much bigger if you are a newbie. Therefore, I might suggest living in a few different places during your 90 day stay. Perhaps you could narrow things down a little for us and also tell us something about your interests. For example, do you prefer being close to a city for shopping, healthcare, etc.? Do you prefer neighbors or to be secluded? Lots of options in Ireland. Not hard to find water in Ireland, both on the coasts and in the midlands.

Ireland: Ireland...Pick a Place For A noob:

billflint, in defense of Joshua, its difficult to give you specific recommendations without more information but allow me to throw out a few places that I have visited and would consider as options for myself as a Yank: Clonakilty Kenmare Killarney Westport Cork City Skibbereen South Dublin County Wexford Galway Adare Much of rural Ireland is not only remote but also a bit depressed economically. If I had to guess, I would say that you might be happiest to be near Dublin so you can visit when bored elsewhere. If true, consider towns within an hour or so from Dublin City perhaps County Wicklow. If you like to travel to the continent or the UK, consider a place close to one of the regional airports.

United Kingdom: London Real Estate Market:

How is the London real estate market? I am a Yank looking for a small Central London flat to use up to 6 months or share with a few friends. Is it a good time to buy? Also, where is a central location to live to enjoy theatre, dining, drinks and good airport access? Don't want to take the tube back home after a night out if I can help it. I am thinking of something close to Tottenham Court Station which I understand is being expanded as part of the CrossRail project. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Belgium: The best place to live in Belgium?:

Depends on your language skills. Wallonia is primarily French speaking. Flanders primarily Dutch but everyone seems to also speak English well. May be next to impossible for a non-EU citizen to get a job without an employer sponsorhip.

Ireland: Love to Ireland and keeping us job:

Search this forum and I think you will find discussions on your very issue. Consulting income from internet-related work may not count for immigration purposes so I agree with Joshua that you should seek consultation although I am not sure an immigration solicitor will have the answers unless you find a very good one with experience in this area of employment. Maybe speak to an employment consultant? You did not say where you are from but know that immigration rules for non-EEA nationals are not well documented and are subject to change. If you pursue this path, be prepared for more than a few hair-pulling moments. Non-EEA positions in Ireland are meant for unique employees with special skills not readily available in the Irish labor pool.

Ireland: Move to Ireland:

Melissa, your understanding coincides with my understanding completely - sunniest in the South-East and warmest in the South-West. I think there was a discussion on this very point a few months ago. Need I remind all that the purpose of this forum is to help each other?

Spain: Long Term Visa:

"A long term visa is initially good for one year. As there are no border controls between Schengen countries, you could legally stay at least 3 months in each, longer if you were never recorded crossing in and out." Sorry but just started reading this thread. The comment above regarding the ability to "legally stay at least 3 months in EACH country" is bothering me. Do all EU countries lack border controls? Just Schengen countries? Either way, won't you get stopped by immigration on your way out of the EU and risk being told not to return as you have overstayed based on the 90 day in, 90 day out rule? Or am I misreading this?

Portugal: Madonna moves to Sintra!:

In case anyone is still undecided about where in Portugal to live, perhaps this article will help you one way or the other: Anyone know of other famous or rich people calling Portugal their new home?

Portugal: Where to live:

CascaisPortugal, I cannot find the FB group you mentioned. The only one similar is called "properties for sale or rent OUTSIDE the algarve". Is this what you meant?

Portugal: Residency and Schengen travel:

lorric, you need to be more specific about which visa you hold. ALso, maybe do a search before you post. Hope this helps.

Portugal: Housing Requirement for Golden Visa:

Hoping for some additional clarity on the housing requirement under the golden visa programme. As I understand it, a golden visa requires Portugese residency of only 7 days in the first year and 14 days in each subsequent two year period. Also, if I purchase a residential property to qualify for the visa, I understand that I do not need to live in the property at all and can rent as an investment. Why would I need to show a lease for 6 or more months in order to have my visa approved as some have suggested? Seems unnecessary and a considerable additional expense especially if for some reason I could not rent out when I am not in Portugal. Perhaps I am missing something and if so please forgive my ignorance.

Portugal: Cell phone:

I have been doing the same thing when traveling overseas, buying local SIM's and switching them out. But this seems less than ideal especially if one relies a lot on text messaging, WeChat, or WhatsApp which are all linked to a specific mobile number. Does anyone know of a phone or phone service that allows you to have a universal mobile number at low cost so that you can use voice and data services tied to one account?

Portugal: Visa strategy:

I am not sure if I am looking at it the right way but due to my own pre-existing condition, I am hesitant to drop Obamacare coverage when I relocate overseas. Although my Obamacare coverage does not cover me outside the US, I worry that I may eventually need to move back to the US and will regret loosing Obamacare coverage. So, I am left with two alternatives - carry two sets of coverage - US and Portugal - or just one - Portugal - and hope that I will never need to relocate back to the US. Otherwise, I need to hope that any future changes to Obamacare will still allow me to re-enroll at a later date with little to no penalty.

Portugal: Getting a Golden Visa for Commercial Property:

I read that Portugal now allows commercial real estate investments to qualify for the golden visa. Has anyone had any experience with this? I do not want to maintain a home in Portugal but would consider an investment such as a hotel or rental property especially if I can use it when visiting Portugal.

Portugal: Change in Visa Rules:

Does anyone know if these new rules apply to Golden Visas?

United Kingdom: VISA question - quick & dirty:

I have read confusing information about travel to the UK so I suggest calling the UK Embassy or consulate closest to your home. I find these websites to be too short on detailed information. Visa-free travel for American tourists allows stays in the UK up to 6 months at a time. Beyond 6 months, you must apply for a longer visa under a number of different categories. So if you are OK with 6 months at a time, your US passport may be all that you need. I too am thinking of buying a holiday home in the UK but am not sure how long I must remain outside of the UK if I use up the 6 month allotment. I am also not sure of the rules if I decide to leave the UK during the 6 month period to visit Europe, Ireland, etc. and then return to the UK. Schengen rules are pretty clear on travel in and out of the Schengen zone but the UK (and Ireland) are not part of the Schengen zone and have their own guidelines which may make the rules for travel in and out of the UK (and the decision to buy a home) more complicated. If you receive helpful information, please post what you find out.

Portugal: Golden Visa:

I am considering a golden visa for Portugal in part because, unlike Spain, I have read that the investment only needs to be in place for 5 years. Does anyone know the details of this? If I have held both the golden visa and the investment for the required 5 years, can I simply sell the property and still retain my residency? What happens if I switch to a permanent resident visa for Portugal or a Long-Term resident EC visa for the EU? Lastly, will I need to pass a language test before being able to sell the property?

Spain: Travel insurance for expats:

If you are referring to health insurance while traveling, I only have experience with Amex which looked comprehensive and relatively cheap.

Portugal: Real Estate Investment Lisbon:

Interesting but is there an immigration angle to this investment? I am potentially considering property purchases that qualify for long-term residency and have read that commercial projects can qualify but need to be held for a minimum period of time? If you think this works for immigration, please send me a PM. Thanks.


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