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My husband and I just moved to Lisbon, Portugal. We are waiting for our first appointment with SEF to switch over from the schengen visa to a temporary residence permit. We would love to meet other people from the forum.

Some Forum Posts:

Portugal: Temporary Residence Permit Days of Absence:

We were told by the SEF officer that we are allowed 6 months consecutive OR 8 months interpolated time out of Portugal during our temporary residence permits' validity date. Our validity dates are July 2017-July 2018. We already spent a month in the US this August. My husband is convinced that since we already split up our out of the country time(US in August) that we can also spend 6 months consecutive out of the country starting in January. Does anyone know the law on this?

Portugal: Traveling under Regular Residence Visa:

My husband and I want to travel 3 months out of year but don't want to be paying rent in Lisbon during this time. Does anyone know how does it works with SEF and the law of having a lapse in residence during this time? Will this violate or hurt our chances of naturalization by traveling during this time and not officially having a address during the 3 months of traveling? Is possible/legal to pay for a mailbox at a friends house while we travel?

Portugal: Drivers License:

Does anyone know specifically what happens when you try to exchange your drivers license after the 90 days of getting your residence card? Is it just a fine or do you have to take a written and practical exam?

Portugal: Fiscal Card:

My husband and I are trying to import our US motorcycle and it says we need a fiscal card. Does anyone know if we have to order this or if it should come in the mail when we got our NIFs?

Portugal: Days Absent from Country:

Thank you so much for sharing this information about the Permanent residence permit, do you know what the minimum stay requirements are for the TEmporary residence permit?

Portugal: Re entering Portugal:

From my understanding and experience you would have to leave before the 180 days so if you have 7 days left that's all you will get and then you have to leave on or at that 7 day mark the Schengen again for 180 days.

Portugal: Residency Visa Renewal:

Does anyone know if we are legally allowed to travel outside of Portugal like in the Schengen region during the time period of where our residence card and is expired and when we are waiting for our renewal appointment or is it better for us to stay in Portugal during this time?

Portugal: "contract de comodato" for their proof of accommodations:

Has anyone had any experience using a "contract de comodato" for their proof of accommodations for their initial SEF appointment? We are staying at a friends house and a realtor said we could use this but I just wanted to see if anyone here has done this instead of an official rental contract.

Portugal: Proof of Accommodations with a campsite contract:

I know this might be a long shot but my husband and I are camping right now throughout Portugal and just found out that the campsites have yearly "contracts" My husband and I were wondering if anyone thinks these contracts will work for "proof of accommodations" for our first SEF appointment. This would much more affordable than renting long term and would allow us to keep traveling throughout the year. The address would be the campsite business address. Also, we can have mail delivered here and the front office just holds it for us until we come and get it(there are no Unit numbers or "mailbox") but people have mail delivered here all the time. Has anyone done this before or have any advice? Best Julia & John :)

Portugal: Temporary Residence Permit Process(Proof of accommodations):

My husband and I are in Portugal awaiting our first appointment in September and we have read that one must have proof of accommodations for that appointment. My husband and I are staying at a friends house in Lisbon and I guess just paying her under the table(there is no rental agreement/contract). She does not want to write us up a rental agreement because it is a huge process in Portugal. Does anyone know if she can just write a letter stating we will be staying at her place, and if that will be sufficient proof of accommodations?

Portugal: 4 month Schengen Visa:

Hello, I am form the US and have the 4 month Schengen visa. It expires August 12, 2017 and my appointment with SEF for our first temporary residence permit is September 8th, 2017. We wanted to make a trip home around August 12th, 2017 for my brother-in-laws graduation but we don't know the implications of traveling back to the US so close our 4 month expiration date. Does anyone know if we will be let back in the country if we go home and try and come back after the expiration date or if we should even travel so close to the expiration date? Thanks so much any experience or advice with this is greatly appreciated :) Best, Julia & John

Portugal: Freelance Work/Simplified Regime:

Hello, My husband will be working as a freelancer while we live in Portugal because our accountant said it would be better for our taxes than him being on salary working remotely. We were recommended to file with a "simplified regime" for our taxes and register our business activity & social security. Does anyone know or have any experience doing this? I would like to be able to do as much as we can on our own and only hire someone when absolutely necessary. How do we register his business activity and social security by ourselves? Does anyone know anything about this "simplified regime"? Best, Julia & John :)

Portugal: Shipping Boxes within the EU:

My father in law, in Amsterdam, just shipped us 2 huge boxes to Libson, does anyone know if these will stopped by customs or will they just come straight to us? last box we had shipped from the US got stuck in customs and we had to pay 100 euros to get it out.

Portugal: Portueguese Passport/Citizenship through Naturalization:

Has anyone (particularly from the US) applied for a Portuguese passport through Naturalization (6 years of legal residence, knowledge of the language at an A2 level, and no criminal record)? My husband and I are doing the type 1 visa"persons with earnings"/(not the golden visa) and would like to get citizenship after 6 years but want to know the minimum stay requirements in Portugal to qualify? We would also just like to know how this process works? Best, Julia :)

Portugal: Visa Response Timeline?:

From what I understand. The fiscal representative serves as 1. an address to send your tax bill if a non eu citizen flees the country and leaves an outstanding bill. 2. Also, I think this leave the person liable for the bill so that is why it is hard to get a typical citizen to agree to signing. Just my understanding from visiting the finance office 3 times now trying to get ours without a fiscal representative. Hope this helps. I also think that it doesn't have to be a citizen, we asked one time and the person at the counter just said they had to have a residence permit. I know these can all change based off the person you get at the office, when you go to the finance office and what town you live in but this information was from the Lisbon Saldanha office and the office in Rato, Lisboa. Best, Julia

Portugal: Applying for Visa:

Are you trying to move her permanently? If so, then apply when you are at home. If you just want to stay for more than 90 days and less than 9 months then you can just come on a natural schengen(3 months) and then apply for an extension twice (90 days each). Then you have to go home and apply for the moving "schengen visa(4 months)" I know its confusing because they are called the same thing but they are different. Feel free to message me if you need any help

Portugal: NHR Status and Citizenship:

Does anyone know if my husband and I (we are applying for a persons with earnings/savings) can still be granted citizenship after 6 years if we do the NHR tax scheme?

Portugal: NIF:

My husband and I are on our Schengen visa and we just went to go get our NIF and they said we had to have a Portuguese person there to sign for us? Is this true? We heard that the only thing we needed was an entry stamp. Should we try another office or start asking people to go to the office for us?

Portugal: Negatives to living in Portugal:

I love Portugal, and one negative thing is the smoking. I have been all throughout big cities in Europe and have never seen so many people smoking on the street. When I go out when friends, I come home reeking like smoke. I am talking about Lisbon so it may not be like that for other towns.

Portugal: Motorcycle Import:

My husband and I already have our American motorcyle(we have owned it more than 12 months) in Portugal on a tourist visa. We just received our schengen visa to go back to portugal and get our residence card. Does anyone know the process of getting a vehicle registered in portugal? I read somewhere that only portugeuse nationals are exempt from duty and VAT, but I have also read that we get 1 duty and VAT free vehicle with the move. Any tips or suggestions? Best, Julia & John :)

Portugal: letter from doctor:

I just applied and got approved through the DC embassy and we didn't need a letter of good health. Apparently they don't need it anymore but I would ask your specific embassy.

Portugal: What is the benefit of having a fiscal representative?:

If you are non-EU, you need a local or lawyer to go with you to get your NIF/fiscal number. Other than that, I am not sure how necessary a comprehensive lawyer would be. From going to the SEF office multiple times it can definitely be done without a lawyer but it would be more efficient to have a lawyer. If you don't mind, can you send me the lawyers information we are looking for some help with this process.

Portugal: Tax ID Number? lawyer vs solicitor vs agent:

Just went to two finance offices in lisbon asking for a NIF and they said we needed a 'representative' with us from portugal. If anyone knows anyone that would be willing to go with us please let me know. My husband and I need a NIF to open a bank account to pay rent and a phone bill.

Portugal: Trying to move to Portugal:

My husband and I are in Lisbon now trying to start the process and it has been completely unsuccessful. We just left our appointment to declare our entry at SEF and get our passport stamp and SEF said since we entered the Schengen on our previous visa(on December 30th, 2016) and never re-exited upon expiration(January 7th, 2017 our first Schengen 180 days ended), we have not officially entered on our new(2nd) Schengen visa(90 days). Therefore, we have to declare our entry and get our stamps on our April 20th appointment along with applying for the 2 extensions that only lasts until July 6th, 2017. They also said we might have to pay a penalty if we try and leave Portugal and we have no Schengen visa days anywhere else in the Schengen area at the moment because we came back into the EU on our first Schengen. We made the mistake of thinking since we had 10 days left on our 90 day 1st Schengen visa that we could come back into the country early and use up those days. Apparently we were mistaken and are hoping we can find some information to prove the opposite. Apparently we are only legally in Portugal right now because we have an appointment April 20th with SEF to apply for 2 tourist extensions. That being said, our Portuguese consulate is in DC and we are planning on coming home March 15th to start the process of applying for residency. Does anyone see our unresolved issues in Portugal being an issue for applying for residency? We are independent workers as web developers. We do not have enough money for the golden visa but have more than enough to prove sufficient funds during our stay. Once granted a residence permit/card for the first year. How many months out of the year do you have to be present in Portugal? I have heard 10 months total within the 6 years and then I've heard you only have to be in Portugal 6 months out of the year. Any help would be extremely appreciated. If anyone has applied through the DC embassy and would love to share the process please contact me asap :) Best, Julia

Portugal: How to make an appointment with SEF in Lisbon:

craigandmicki: You mentioned the following: "Absences from the EU country for periods of less than six consecutive months (and not exceeding ten months in total within the five-year period) or for specific reasons provided for by national law (e.g. military service, secondment for work purposes, serious illness, maternity, research or studies) will be regarded as not interrupting the period of residence." (We are NOT golden visa, we are just applying for the Type 1 Visa Temporary residence permit) We just spoke with a lawyer and were told we only needed to be here 183 days out of the year and there was no such thing as the ten months in the total of 5 year period. I have been hearing contradicting things from different lawyers but cannot find any documentation online to give me a clear answer. Do you mind providing where you got this specific information so I can show it to my lawyer, I see you provided links about the application process but I can't find anything about ten months in the 5 year period?


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