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Mexico: Manage Posts:

I am wondering, given the debate about the appropriateness of certain posts, if more should be done about the origin of posts. Given the millions of Russian incursions into US and Western internet sites, notably Facebook, to create dissension by pretending to be someone they clearly are not, perhaps this site might consider letting us know the country of origin of the post. I would at least like to know the country of origin of the person insulting me, or anyone, and pretending to be a US citizen or expat living in Mexico. I like most of you would prefer civil discourse, and that might be one way to do it. Though I am sure advertising $$ are the prime mover, eventually people are going to give up on a lot of these sites when we realize there is not much point communicating with liars, phonies and frauds. I live in New Mexico, speak some Spanish and have spent much time living there and am considering going back. And can prove it!

Mexico: In The Spirit Of The Season Part 2:

Rdanger: I have had my last 3 posts, all gems of whit and good taste, left unposted by Expat folks. So, y'all it behooves me to act and use my internet buddy and fellow New Mexico resident's handle, which Ms. B has given me permission to do. And which I have done before. To paraphrase an iconic, American, well, something... "Yo tengo las palabras mejores." Como: Fanaticism, Intolerance, Fascism, Irrational, Narcissism, Suppression, Segregation, Censorship. If y'all want to leave this site only open to old folks (I ain't young) askin' what is a good buy at the Puebla Walmart, well have at it. Dont talk about politics, gun laws, health care, suppression of journalists, jerrymandering, military adventurism, climate change, Black lives matter.... Well, I can go on and on... And for sure don't get their blood pressure up by talkin' about the 27,000 homicides in Mejico this year or the billions the NYT says the Mexican government has spent on suppression of journalists. You must currently lives in Mejico, evidently. And above all, be friendly. See, I'm smilin'. Smilin' Rick, that's me. Hasta..

Mexico: In The Spirit of The Season:

A little bullyin' there, Kathy? Shame on y'all... I've found that ridicule trumps (NPI) reason for those who won't listen to reason. And it can be very effective under the right circumstances. As for "yo", " no tomo tequila. Lo siento."

Mexico: Recent hangings in Cabo:

Except homicides in Mexico are about twice that in US in 2017 (correct me if I'm wrong) and the population is at least 100,000,000 less. And they are now, according to the press, occuring everywhere in Mexico. And the government is spending billions to suppress the press accounts of corruption (NYT), including murdering journalists. And I am sure infiltrating sites like this to try to mitigate the reaction to these events, which in the past has seriously choked off tourism and expat $$$.

Nicaragua: Condor Gold vs Mina la India:

I have just finished reading John Grisham's 'Grey Mountain' about the fight against strip mining in Appalachia. Almost immediately afterwards I received an email from a group representing the town Mina la India, a village of Nicaraguans gravely concerned with the plans of Condor Gold, a controversial British mining corporation, to mine close enough to their village that they feel it will be destroyed and the residents displaced. Just wondering if this is being discussed in Nicaragua, what is bring said and the credibility of this disturbing narrative. Peace

Mexico: Americans retiring in MX, concerns and questions.:

I am very happy for those of you for whom Mexico is retirement heaven. I have thought about going back and find myself less comfortable contemplating doing so than in the past. Since the average Mexican income is about $18,000 annually, if I'm not mistaken, this is of course why many if us on fixed incomes choose to live there. But there is trouble in paradise, and the battles with Cartels and sky high murder rate are sad realities. And improvement is unlikely for at least 3.5 more years. There are huge slums.(yes, I know it is no longer third world, overall) , serious mistreatment of indigenous peoples, elimination by governnent officials of journalists trying to make things better. You are naive if you don't think narco $ flow right to the top of the Mexican bureaucracy. And if you as an American citizen try to speak up about these issues you may be in grave danger. Now, that doesn't mean there aren't great places to live and visit. Just be careful. There appear to be many on this website and others that can guide you.. I had thought about going back to Baja (in large part because easy to drive and beaches great) until I read recent articles in NYT and Newsweek about huge increase in murders there and in Colima. Now I'm not so sure. Dont mean to be a buzz kill. I m sure we've all done impulsive things and gotten in over our heads. If you have the $$$ mistakes from failing to remove your rose colored glasses can be much less painful. For the rest of us not always so much.

Mexico: Stop!..the politics.!!...ENOUGH!:

Rdanger: Thank you so much for the political lecture about staying away from politics. Generally these "stop your whining lectures" come from those in power (polically). Given who is in the WH, what he is (un) doing, how that relates to Mexico, and now Venezuela, I would say you are misguided at best, foolish at worst. Did you read the title or any of the posts on "Effects of..." Guess what l, many of those posts are relevant. If you actually read the beginning Denise mentioned. starting the thread because a SO was receiving irrelevant posts and zelf righteous lectures (relating to his thread asking for help.and advice) on gun control, the Presidency, etc. ,etc. You can do that on her thread. Over 2000 posts, must be wildly unpopular...(sarcasm). Free speech is oh so much more convenient if you agree with it, isn't it? Speaking truthfully, most of the really offensive posts come from a very few people in intend on insulting and discrediting the "Libbies". I personal ly see no problem with the thread, and find some of the others where some (not all) self-appointed experts dispense advice because they are bored, insecure and want to show the rest of us how smart they are, or think they are. Now, there are other posts on the Mexican forum, thousands of travel, political and general history books available. Learn Spanish and read them. And there are other Mexican websites. This is trivial, as is your concern. Get over it! We have a controversial President doing unpredictable things (I'm triying to be polite) and is going A HUGE EFFECT ON MEXICAN RELATIONS)..And the US hasn't been this polarized since the Vietnam War. What do you expect people, who don't have their heads in the sand to talk about?;Seriously, Don't read it and you won't feel compelled to control the narrative. Get off the couch and go for a walk.

Mexico: Hostility toward Americans?:

Rdanger: Not surprisin', considering who is in the WH, they way he got there and what he is tryin' to do. Attempts to really discuss policy at a high level don't last long, and I try as best I can to resort to humor to make points. People are scared they will lose their healthcare, scared they or someone close to them will be deported, scared some fool with an assault weapon will open up on them in Walmart, scared they will no longer gave access to Planned Parenthood, scared they may lose their ability to vote It goes on and on. At this point the only sane response, IMO, is rage. Sorry to say. I just try to tone it down with humor, perhaps unsuccessfully.

Mexico: Replace my 1st question:

Rdanger: Huh? Don't feel bad. I have the same problem! It can be confusin', especially after an evening cocktail or 2.

Colombia: Friendly foreigners living in Colombia:

Interesting that these criminal types also managed to ruin various internet forums and also terrorize expats. Must have been high level, multi tasking criminals. Many young people with little life experience and solitary elderly are susceptible to toxic, predatory relationships, face to face or through the internet. Wouldn't hold it against them. Finally, I hope your list of malcontents doesn't include those upset about the political changes in the US, or Colombians exploited by the powers that be n their own country.


Check yucatanexpatriate for detailed info on bringing a vehicle into Mexico. I know little about that 20 year lifespan for cars in Mexico but that post smells.

Philippines: Medicare debacle:

I have just had automatic monthly withdrawals from my SS check, once I turned 65, including the prescription drug component. About $120/ month. Wasn't difficult to do online. Not sure what problem is, exactly. Withdrawals continued when I was overseas. Need more detail.

Mexico: Needing bike(s):

Congrats. Its nice to see forum doing some good things for the needy.

Mexico: Advice about Riviera Maya:

It is nice to hear so many stories of expats living happily in Mexico. May rethink an explorative trip there (been many times, not recently).

Nicaragua: Which C.A. country is best to live in?:

Wow! I never ran into more people that had all the answers, unequivocally, for everyone else, under all circumstances, than on the internet. I guess no one can call you on your mistakes if you are anonymous. Better to have suggestions, I.M.O.

Peru: Lake Titicaca:

Our New Mexico news channel has just posted an article revealing the fact that the lake is not well. Perhaps this is common knowledge in Peru, but I was shocked. Empty paint buckets,trash, dead frogs and high levels of mercury and hypodermic needles. And an indigineous population depending on the lake. Can anyone enlighten me further. It seems from the tone of the piece that the primary culprit is tourism Is this the case?

Mexico: The tired, endless, going no where political Topic.:

Ah, a thread seeking to destroy another thread.,with that as its stated goal. Fascinating. Kind of mirrors our society these days. I think we've found the 'Get Off My Lawn' piece here. Or, in this case, 'Get that ugly pink statue off your lawn. Its ruining the property values.'

Bolivia: Living in Bolivia:

Hellooooo. Anyone out there?

Mexico: Effects of policies of new administration on lives of expats living in Mexico?:

Que paso, tucebich? Porque no quiere preguntar? No es una pregunta bastante facil?

Peru: Some visitor help please:

To CoogKelly, just curious, wondering what city your GF was robbed in. Apologies if I've missed this in earlier post. Problem w/ SA, police most likely won't help, may be the ones robbing you, depending on where you are. Of course. And what you look like.


Haven't been down for some time but generally prefer less touristy areas. At least prefered La Paz at time pre cartel. Took a 'boat tour' not explained clearly at hotel and ended up driving in an SUV for hours with about 7 working class Mexicans who were very patient with me as I kept asking the driver where the f..... we were going. Hilight of tour was touring a hotel midway to Cabo under construction which they found fascinating. So pissed off by time we got there (Cabo) just sat on beach and pouted, very spoiled US behavior. Just short of income for perm. residency but realize that can be avoided. If had big $$$ would probably just travel constantly. Then took ferry to Mazatlan and drove back up to Az. border. Spend enough time there to make sure its for you. Give yourself an exit strategy and don't put yourself in debt to get and stay there. In my humble opinion


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