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Belize: Prescriptions:

I'm planning on moving in the near future to Belize or Costa Rica. Probably Belize is my first choice. I'm somewhat flexible. Before moving, I need to have some extremely important information. I was in a horrific, tragic accident in 2010 and I have irrreparible damage to my lower spine. After two major surgeries, nothing more can be done for me medically, except for the severe pain. I've been on Oxycodone and Oxycontin with tremendous success. I don't have tolerance changes, side effects, nor any of the other negative things that a lot of other people have. With the medication, I can function, get around, and have quality of life. I'm willing to do some travel monthly if necessary. I also have all the medical documentation. What I despritely need is information on where and how to go about getting it. I'm not aware of any type of official source of information, so I'm reaching out to people. To anyone who can lead me in the right direction. I'm seeking to do this legally. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Costa Rica: Prescription Question:

Hi. My name is Bob and I'm in South Carolina. I'm planning of moving to Costa Rica in a month or so. I have a number of questions, but probably the most immediate is a medical question. My first and probably most important need is finding a doctor right away. I was in an accident a few years ago and damaged my spine. I've had two surgeries and a third is not an option. I therefore take oxycodone. It works really well for me but has come under a lot of scrutiny in the U.S. So my question is whether anyone has any information on whether that drug is available in Costa Rica, or nearby. And if anyone has any suggestions on which doctor, pain clinin, etc. Thank you in advance..............Bob

Belize: Strong medications:

Hi. I'm Bob. I'm wondering the same thing you are. I was wondering if you've learned anything. I take oxycodone from a bad accident I was in, in 2010. Any info you could share would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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