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Australia: What type of Visa do I apply for?:

Hi there I'm planning on moving to Australia in May of 2019 with my dog and cat....Im a little overwhelmed with everything I need to do and honestly dont know where to start. Also worried im going to jump through all these hoops just for it not to work out. I'm currently 20 years old I haven't started college yet but plan on enrolling before I get to Australia and start once im all settled in. Im planning on going to school for welding. would it be better to start here in the United States then carry on in Australia? Anyways... a bit off track here my main question is what type of visa do i apply for? I was going to apply for a student visa but from my understanding its illegal to do it that way if i want to be a permanent resident there. But then im worried since i dont have any legitimate job experience besides dog grooming for 2 years they wont approve my visa ...please help so many questions unanswered!!!


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