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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read our post . My wife and I are less then three years from retirement and looking to live a simple life, on a smaller budget. We will be a singe pension couple, and now is the time when I realized that it paid to sit at the front of the class, lol. Given today's U.S exchange rate to our Candain dollar , we hope to have about 1000 U.S a month to live on. We have started our research just lately , and have plenty of time , but we want to do our home work now. The plan is to narrow down from three countries to one before I retire in about just under three years . At present we have three countries on the radar, they are in no order yet, Ecuador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. Now I realize that this is not a question that can be easily answered, given all the variables. One issue we have to start is the cost of healthcare. Now I respect and appreciate the feedback by most U.S expats, but for us we get free Heathcare in Canada, so any cost is going to be a shock to us, lol . One thing that we have not been able to find, is what it is like to grow old in these countries? If one of us pasted away , and as you truly reach your senior years, what are the options for home care, or nursing home and the like ! Which of these choices would be best for affordable realeste, and health insurance and ease of immigration? We would gratefully appreciate any feed back from those in these countries, especially if your are Canadian. However not limited to Canadains, lol . Any feedback at this point would be of help . Thank you in advance to any who take the time to post , Paul


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