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Belize: Move to Belize:

Hi Debra. Do a member search for "BradInBelize" and send him a PM. He was a great resource for us when we decided to retire to Belize. He will be open, honest, forthright and Real about all aspects of Belize and address particular questions you might have. He does not charge a fee for his time and/or invaluable knowledge. Good Luck as you pursue your wishes.

Belize: Considering Move:

@bobbyvee "The country is run by incompetant idiots with not a clue ," So is the country you currently reside in!!!

Belize: Belize is #10 on Fodor's Places To Go To in 2018!: Hey Doc Al, don't feel too bad, while your beloved Chetumal, MX didn't make it, Guadalajara, MX is #44...ha, ha, ha (Oh Boy, am I gonna get it !!!)

Belize: Money:

Extremely easy, as has been attested to in your prior post about Money. We're you not able to access the replies??

Belize: Money:

Ironically, at the bank (Atlantic here on Caye Caulker), you can break a $100 usd bill and get change in $usd with no fee. If you want to break it, and get $bzd, they charge you be a 1.89% fee. Yet, take the same $100 usd bill to most any market, and they will accept it as payment and give change, most often in $bzd but sometimes in $usd.

Belize: Time to move:

Great for you! Good Luck & Safe Travels. Enjoy exploring and learning about this wonderful country, with all it's beauty, diversity (geographical, cultural & population wise) and flaws, that make it a unique and interesting place to visit, short or long term, or even move to, again, short or long term. Come with eyes open, use common sense to guide you in regards to your safety and well being, and most important, get to know and interact with the incredibly friendly, helpful and pleasant locals. This will make your trip all the more rewarding. Bon Voyage!!!

Belize: Planning a short visit to Placencia:

I'd advise checking into AirBnB or VRBO as many of them will rent for shorter stays. Maybe not one night, but if you are looking at 2-3, you might get lucky. I would recommend them over a lower priced hotel situation. If you know your dates, check those two options out. Best Wishes for a fun travel time!

Belize: CC worries:

These are definitely things to consider. Caye Caulker is not a place for those who do have chronic, or poor health conditions, even if there was a functioning airstrip. But one would/could/should figure that out through one's research, just as one would/should/could about ALL factors involved in moving to any foreign country. Do your homework through credible & current articles, visiting the destination for a period of time & experience living their briefly and, here's the MOST important to the LOCALS, the folks who actually LIVE IN THE PLANNED DESTINATION, not some guy posting on a blog thread that may not even live, or may have never lived, in the destination(s) you are considering. But then, an intelligent individual knows that already ;) So Mr. Doomsday, who has gone out of his way to make sure everyone knows that Caye Caulker is not the place to be if you have a medical emergency, now is ripping the plans to build a wellness center on the Caye, that might just be a stopgap to some medical emergencies, w/ or w/out and airstrip, because it might upset the "ambiance" of a 490' seafront area of the Caye. Mr. Doomsday indeed!!! Apparently no decision YOU make is the right one, unless it matches HIS decision. Reader beware.

Belize: container to new location in Belize:

Best Wishes on all the logistics TropicalDreamer! It'll all be worth it once it's over. Welcome to Belize!

Belize: Santa Familia?:

Broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record,broken record, broken record, broken record ....... So one magazine doesn't include Belize and that makes it an authority. LOL

Belize: Airfare Kinda Steep!:

What airline? How far out? Find the closest airport that Southwest flies out of. Not only a likely chance of a better fare, you still get to check TWO (2) bags FREE!!

Belize: Rumor...:

Just an FYI, scuba diving in Belize is regulated in that manner, can only be done with certified/licensed dive/tour guides. This is done to assure protection of the Mesoamerican Barrier Coral Reef....and with good reason! I would not be surprised to find out the snorkling is under the same control regulations. Too many folks that don't know, or understand, do not touch the coral and/or the sea life.

Belize: What To Do???:

"...not the best place for expats." I beg to differ. Qualify your broad, generalized comment with adding "....expats looking for a busier and socially active place" Also, "not for expats with chronic health issues or concerns." It is broad statements as yours that lead to misunderstandings that were made in the original post of this thread. No place, anywhere in the world is for any large, identifiable group i.e. "expats". Try to be more specific with your qualifying remarks, and your statements will be much more beneficial to newcomers.

Belize: Living in Belize:

There is nothing to be suspicious about PMing BradInBelize. BradInBelize has been an incredible resource for us as we explored our eventual move to Belize (coming to fruition 9/30!) as we have had numerous phone calls and exchanged many emails, AT NO COST, OR SOLICITATION FOR PAYMENT. If anyone is considering a move to Belize, we HIGHLY recommend Private Messaging BradInBelize for unfettered, honest and experienced based advice and information that will be invaluable as you explore this option.

Belize: It's September:

Is your (I can't even bear to state your handle/name) goal to RUIN every thread on this blog with your vitriol, negativity and bias? HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY BELIZE!!! I'm certain your HAPPY to be "Independent" of the previous poster!!!

Belize: First time Belize visitor to determine where to live:

Isn't it refreshing that most folks can provide guidance and/or information that meets the poster's inquiry, without insulting or disparaging anyone whom has already posted, or who might potentially post with an alternative view. Then there are the last two posters who seem incapable of this trait, on almost every single entry they make, on numerous Belize forums. It should make the reader suspect of the poster, not necessarily the information, that feels the need to "defend" their stance by needlessly insulting folks who have a differing opinion, information or might potentially call their posts into question. Get ready for the insults directed towards me to follow shortly........

Belize: Caye Caulker Air Service:

Suspension not affective until October 1st:

Belize: Living Expenses in Belize:

^ absolutely the BEST advice available for what you are inquiring about. Additionally, making private contact with BradInBelize, and possibly scheduling a phone consultation with him is extremely valuable, if you are serious about your plans. Best Wishes for finding the right place and experience you seek.

Belize: A mixed bag...:

"A third world country is your solution? Good luck with that." Yup, be damned anyone who sees the world on any different level than YOUR way. Did it ever occur to you two that what Belize IS, is why we (a collective WE) want to experience it? Yeah, we may decide to leave within two years, like your majority do, but it will be because WE DECIDED to based on OUR experiences, not because we followed your guys tainted advice.

Belize: Canadian considering retirement in Belize:

"The only thing I disagree with is that Belize is a country on the way down not up." As is any country, when one chooses to only concentrate on the "negatives" and not consider the "positives". Understanding that "negatives" & "positives" are personal & relative, but it is still a choice to concentrate on, or seek to, recognize BOTH.

Belize: RUDE:

"tipo de pendejo" translates to "kind of a$$hole" Real nice Doctor, very professional. Maybe it takes an open minded retiree, wishing to get away from all those NA amenities and enjoy a simpler life. Not for everyone, for certain. Especially "self perceived" intellectuals who speak there extremely derogatory comments about those they disagree with in a foreign language.

Belize: I am looking to start life over.:

"but no place to permanently work or relocate." Allan, share your views and experiences, but you have NO RIGHT to tell someone where they should/should not move to spend any portion of their lives. Nor do you have THE RIGHT to label other's, or judge their input, based on what you PERCEIVE their motivation to be. I have come to accept your negative view point/attitude towards Belize, it is what it is and it seems to help you feel better (than what, I am not sure), however, it is not up to you to advise people where, or where not, they should choose to live/spend their lives/pursue their living. Share your experiences and opinions about Belize, but GET OFF your HIGH HORSE when it comes to trying to control other's choices/decisions, and/or judging, and trying to cheapen other poster's motivation in posting here (and other Blogs) by labeling them and demeaning them, based on your generalized perceptions......PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, or if it will help you to get it...POR FAVOR!!!

Belize: draft beer:

"Belize is no place for a beer or wine aficianado. The local stuff is Belikin which comes in a variety of equally grim mutations, valuable as a colon cleanser prior to endoscopy. You can get unrecognizable Heinikin or Guiness. If you relocate to Corozal u can get average contraband Mexican brews at designated local residences or cross the border and smuggle Negra Modelo which goes well with lounge chairs, limes and tacos. The smuggling requires placing the beers at the botton of a shopping cart and covering them with boxes of feminine hygiene products and offering customs a gift of diapers or ham. Bienvenidos a Belice!" "Going with the flow in Belize is fine, until the flow stops. As for brew comparisons.. Belikin: Sweet, malty and estery aroma. Taste mostly malty with tiny bready notes. Unpleasantly over carbonated. Rather crappy beer. Negra Modelo: Pours clear amber with medium white head. Aroma is malty and bread-like. Very well-balanced taste with a somewhat sweet finish and nice relaxed aftertaste. Easy to drink This is why at Belizean gatherings Modelo is popular. Smuggling is an art form easily acquired and fine tuned" The three certainties of Life: 1.) Death 2.) Sunrise & Sunset 3.) 5allan1 will NEVER have anything positive to state about Belize, yet he will spend countless hours trolling forums about Belize spewing his vitriol and negativity...presumably to make himself feel important, as this is obviously lacking in his "comfy" "Americanized" Mexican life!

Belize: Hello:

By All Means, Do Listen to Brad! We did and he helped us immensely in our decision, and eventual, move to Caye Caulker. His advice and input were invaluable, spot on, up to date and included the "negative" things you NEED to know (not a bunch of personalized mumbo jumbo and insignificant and unproven percentages, etc), that actually will have an impact on your decision and life in Belize, should you make the move. And he is truthful about his "no charge for advice" statement. We had an hour long phone call with him initially, and have had 2-3 shorter ones since, not to mention the numerous emails and text messages for follow-up questions. He is a relevant, current, generous, friendly, intelligent, honest, no agenda and easy going guy just looking to help out a friend he hasn't met yet! So YES, by all means, PM BradInBelize and inquire how you can connect directly, even if you are just considering the idea of moving to Belize for retirement, or just to get away from the "first world BS". So NO, do not read or consider anything posted by The NEGATIVE TWINS -Frik (5Allan1) and -Frac (Katzgar)...they are just a couple of disgruntled old chaps that like to troll and hear themselves tap away at the computer,,,usually the same ole, same ole crap that really doesn't matter, or that you are already aware of and have still made the decision to pursue this move...much ado about absolutely nothing from these two!

Belize: First step:

"Expats like to think that Belize is great because government is "not in your face". They go on about freedoms and low taxes forgetting that property taxes pay for police/ fire, along with roads and libraries." WOW, Thanks Doc, for informing me why & how I think!!!! What a godsend you, and your buddy katzgar, are to finally shed light on my inner thoughts & reasoning!!! I'm trying to figure out how I made it this far in life without your two's wisdom and advice at every turn!!! Pathetic.........


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