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Belize: Health Insurance:

Our research indicated that general health care, as well as minor emergency and "normal" surgical procedures, in Belize is rather inexpensive, compared to US costs and when weighed against the cost of monthly International Health Insurance premiums. We also learned that most clinics/hospitals (public & private) do not accept International Health Insurance, so you end up paying for the services and then have to go through the process of submitting bills, etc. for reimbursement. We decided to not take out International Health Insurance, keep our Medicare (her) and Medicaid (me) insurance active in the US and go home for regular check-ups and non-emergency health issues. We did however decide to take out Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance that will transport either one of us back to anywhere/hospital in the US if we require moderate - major medical attention, that is not available at the level of US care, in a foreign country. We went with MedJet and a year's coverage cost us just $724, for the top of the line program (takes us whatever city/hospital we choose to go in the US). Our research indicated that if we do have a minor medical emergency, we would go to a private hospital on the mainland for service/care. We heard numerous firsthand accounts by folks who needed this type of care, without insurance, and the costs they paid were very reasonable, when compared to the high cost of International Insurance Premiums. One account we heard of was a gentleman that required an emergency appendectomy. He spent 2 days in a private hospital in Belize City, all the Dr's & nurses were American trained and he had a private room. His final bill for room, board, surgery and nursing care for 2 days came to $1,200. Compared to the monthly premium we were quoted for International Health Insurance, we felt it was worth it to roll the dice and pay for any unexpected health care we may require. On a final note, let me say this. Fortunately, at present time, we are both in fairly good physical health and neither of us have any chronic health concerns/conditions that require constant care or regular Dr's visits. With all the research we did (over 2 years), we realized living on Caye Caulker is not really the best option if one does have any sort of chronic health condition. We feel blessed to be healthy enough to have been able to move here and enjoy this incredible island life!

Belize: newbie doing research:

Your approach & reasoning are SPOT ON! Here's wishing you as successful as journey as ours! Looking forward to updates & further questions to "real expats" that are actually STILL expats IN Belize.

Belize: Cowork Space in Belize:

Hey, here's NEWS folks... Belize is a 3rd World Central American Country! STOP looking at it through 1st World Glasses! STOP expecting it to change, at all, much less overnight! Internet has improved since you left here years ago Bobby V. Yeah, it may not have been installed up to 1st World standards. Who would expect it to be in a 3rd World Country, especially someone who lived here for 16+ years and complains about the government/infrastructure/services ad nauseum?! You’ve hearsay through your friends that it is not good, yet there are numerous people living here RIGHT NOW, that have posted it is OK and works and is able to support the work that other’s are seeking advice about. What does how it was installed have anything to do with whether it works for the purposes inquired about??? We have Great internet here on Caye Caulker (and we did not come here expecting that!!!), and to be honest, I don't know if it is fiber optic, what the speed is or whatever, much less do I care. We stream and enjoy our Netflix, Amazon Video, USA network shows and even the Winter Olympics. We're able to stay connected with family & friends back home through email, video chats, VoIP calls, etc with great clarity. Guess what folks???? Sometimes the internet doesn't work, or stops working periodically, or slows down occasionally. Am I supposed to act like this is UNHEARD OF IN A 3rd WORLD COUNTRY? Am I to RAIL against the corrupt government for not providing me with the highest level of technology, in a country that is so poor it has difficulty taking care of it's citizens at times. Or do I just accept it, pour a glass of raspberry-lemonade iced tea and go out on the back porch and take in the Caribbean view, sunshine, weather and feel? Hell, THAT'S why I moved here for, not to establish a first rate internet based business and have my well being tied solely to the success of that venture. NOTE: If that is your plan….STOP, RETHINK and RE-RESEARCH. It is ALL about perspective Folks. Belize is a 3rd World Country. KNOW THAT before you come here. Research what that means for You. Talk to folks who live HERE- NOW!!. ACCEPT and be OK with the fact that you cannot expect a 1st World life here. I can guarantee that if you do all of the above, you will have reduced your options to be disappointed tremendously, if not eliminate them all together. I'm also aware that no matter what I do, say or post, how I act and who I talk to, it ain't gonna change one iota the fact that Belize is a 3rd World Country, and will be until the day I depart this earth, and LONG after. Why do I want to make the life I moved here to make SIMPLER, more miserable with expectations to the contrary???

Belize: Big ticket items moving from Chetumal to Corozal; Fees? Taxes?:

LMAO.....Bobby V, should the position of Press Secretary for the current POTUS open in the near future, you are so well groomed at using "alternate facts" to "defend the indefensible", you'd be a great candidate to take over the position!!! LOL ----b4 u get your lil panties all bunched up in a knot, this post is part of the "fun" people come on here for ;-P ----

Belize: Canadian Advice ?:

"Not much fun being a kid if u have to survive on callaloo, papaya slices and bile up with a side order of rice and beans" This is the straw that breaks the camel's back you smug, arrogant, condescending bastard! It's not enough for you to continually berate other posters, negatively stereotype a country's population, draw baseless conclusions on the political views of those who might believe differently than you and continue to attempt to force your belief's of what constitutes "life's pleasures" upon all of mankind? Now you feel the need, and possess the narcissistic right (& balls), to JUDGE the manner in which another person CHOOSES to raise their children...or even worse, BERATE the way some folks RAISE THEIR FAMILIES through NO CHOICE of their own, based on where they are born. You are a PATHETIC, angry and obviously resent filled old man and should be stricken from this forum. What little valuable information you might possibly contribute is overwhelmingly overshadowed and negated by the manner in which you treat fellow human beings. Your actions on this thread are deplorable and have no defense.

Belize: Visa Requirement:

Your first 30-day "Visitor's Visa" is stamped in your passport when you clear Immigration at the airport. If you are staying past 30-days, then prior to your 31st day you are required to go to one of the Immigration Offices (located around the country, not just in Belize City) and pay $50BZ ($25 US) to extend your "Visitor's Visa" another 30-days. The process is simple and easy and I would recommend you go to one of the Immigration Offices NOT in Belize City or Belmopan, as those two would tend to be busier and might take a little longer to get processed (we've heard rumors to that affect, although we have never been to either office), You cannot "pre-purchase" your Visas. We are on Caye Caulker (no Immigration Office here) and go to the Ambergris Caye Immigration Office (across the street from the airport) and have never had to wait in line. I would imagine at other "less major" offices it would be the same. We have traveled into Belize on three (3) occasions, always on a one-way ticket, and have never been asked to show a return ticket. That does not mean they won't request, just our experience is that they have not. NOTE: We have always had tickets out of Belize purchased, that we could show, if requested, however they were not purchased for that specific reason. Hope this helps. Safe Travels

Belize: "Ethical Traveler" lists Belize as one of "The World’s Ten Best Ethical Destinations":

Ethical Traveler congratulates the countries on our 2018 list of The World’s Ten Best Ethical Destinations. The winners, in alphabetical order (not in order of merit), are: Belize* Benin Chile* Colombia Costa Rica* Mongolia* Palau St. Kitts & Nevis Uruguay* Vanuatu* (* = also appeared on our 2017 list) And here is the link to the website/story concerning the awarding of this honor: Congratulations Belize!!!

Belize: Purpose Of This Forum - PLEASE VOTE:

Over the year and a half that I have been frequenting this forum, there have been numerous "discussions" on the purpose of this forum. The majority of these discussions revolve around the different replies that are posted in response to inquires made by posters seeking helpful information about different aspects of considering Belize as a place to move to. The phrase "...that's what this forum is for." has been used to "defend" all matter of replies. In an effort to gather the "public's" opinion as to what THEY perceive the most helpful type of reply is in meeting the "purpose of this forum." I would like to present this unscientific research project: Below will be an actual inquiry that was posed on this forum. Following that inquiry will be two (2) separate actual replies to this very inquiry. They will be labeled "Reply A" & "Reply B". After reading through the inquiry and replies, you are asked to Vote which of the two replies BEST supports the "...purpose of this forum.". You will vote by Replying to this posting and list that reply which you feel is most in the spirit of fulfilling the "...purpose of this forum." by simply writing "Reply A" or "Reply B", indicating your choice. Thank You for participating. ACTUAL INQUIRY: "Hello members I would to know how safe are Belize roads if I want to travel by bicycle within Cayo to various Mayan places and other tourist locations of historical importance? I am not expecting specifically marked space for bicycles. But is it safe to use bicycles on rural and urban roads, main roads and highways? How safe it is to start in the morning to a tourist attraction by bike in the morning and to return at 5pm in the evening by same route? Any bandits on the street? Thanks for any info" REPLY A "It is unsafe to drive on Belize roads on a bicycle. Belize roads are crap being of high crowned characteristics increasing roll over potential and no shoulders. The drivers are inattentive, often drunk and poorly instructed. There are several serious accidents /day on average countrywide often serious or fatal." REPLY B "Cayo district is very hilly so you do need strong legs but Cycling is popular as a means of transport and as a sport. At the weekend in that district you will see many cycling clubs out for a run. There are several big organised cycling events that attract international riders. during the year.Traffic is always a concern to a cyclist wherever you are, but there are very few hard shoulder areas and some main roads do have "Frilly edges" and most have sleeping policemen (speed humps) of differing designs so they do work at slowing traffic, You ask about cycling to ruins and tourist attractions, few of these are on main roads and most a trek into more jungle areas, The Zoo is on the main road but its a long hilly ride from San Ignatio area. Don't be put off if it is what you want to do. You will soon decide if you still think it a good idea or not once you get here. Just remember to bring a good stock of puncture repair kits. I just reread your original post. You list 4 different kinds of roads. Unfortunately Belize only has about 4 main "highway" roads these are single lane hopefully with road markings. and frequent Sometimes unmarked or mis-marked speed bumps. Within towns and some of the larger villages there will be paved roads, beyond that the rural roads range from reasonably flat dirt tracks to the equivalent of plowed fields. Marl is a popular road surface but it is awful to ride a bike or Trike on. In the Wet season those dirt roads get ripped up by trucks when they are wet and its a quagmire of mud ridges and water,then the fierce sun rapidly dries out the mud leaving something akin to small concrete hills and dips until the rain returns. In the rainy season one of the recurring sites is of the "tar trucks" which are the trucks that ride up and down those 4 main roads. truck stops a man jumps off with his bucket in hand and drops dollops of tar into biggest of the pot holes, It is a never ending task as often this repair is ripped out by the next big truck following behind. I love Belize warts and all, the roads in the rainy season are definitely one of those warts." Thanks for participating.

Belize: road safety in Belize:

Hello Maria, I hope by now you understand that any advice provided by Dr. Allan5 is "tainted" and wholly one sided. We don't live on the mainland, so I cannot attest to the safety of biking on Belize roads. However, there are numerous regular posters on here who actually live in mainland Belize and have current experience in this area, who will hopefully provide USEFUL information regarding your inquiry. (Terrific, BradInBelize, Ken, etc.) All the best in your research and investigation into your potential move.

Belize: Horses:

"Well that is probably truer in Corazal than over in the west." Terrific, I believe what you meant to say is: Well that is probably truer in Dr. Alan's mind than over in the west.

Belize: Opening restaurant in Belize City:

Hear, hear! As would the worst part of the top 100 cities in the US.

Belize: Driving from Texas to Belize:

"I swear Katzgar you are one negative person. If someone has to get up with you in the morning I pray for their sanity. "The sky is falling Chicken Little!" A BIG Thumbs Up!!! His retort will be: "Yeah, but did you prove that anything I said is wrong?" Which usually isn't the problem. As you pointed out, the problem with the overwhelming majority of his posts is relevancy, not correctness of fact. Either that or he is blindly repeating Dr. Mexico, or some inane "Google fact", since he has NO first hand experience or expertise, as he doesn't even live in Belize (nor has he ever, I believe.)

Belize: The 2018 IL Retirement Index:

Gee, I'll bet, that just makes your day/year/life, doesn't it Dr. Mexico. Seriously Dude, there's got to be more to life than trolling an expat website for a country you don't even live in and trashing it at every opportunity. You must be so bored and lonely up there. It certainly doesn't speak well for the social and activities life available to one living in your area of Mexico, if this is, seemingly, your primary source of entertainment.

Belize: New Year:

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Nay 2018 be Prosperous, Healthy, Serene & Happy for ALL!! ! ????????

Belize: Belize move, ship household itrmd or sell before move?: far as I can tell, you're the only reda$$ here. Seriously, we're going to discourage folks from moving to Belize based on the cost of PREMIUM toilet paper??? Folks, let this be Exhibit A for proof of the desperation this man has to discredit Belize. Consider this when pondering any other comments by this "reda$$" poster. Pathetic!!!

Belize: Move to Belize:

Hi Debra. Do a member search for "BradInBelize" and send him a PM. He was a great resource for us when we decided to retire to Belize. He will be open, honest, forthright and Real about all aspects of Belize and address particular questions you might have. He does not charge a fee for his time and/or invaluable knowledge. Good Luck as you pursue your wishes.

Belize: Considering Move:

@bobbyvee "The country is run by incompetant idiots with not a clue ," So is the country you currently reside in!!!

Belize: Belize is #10 on Fodor's Places To Go To in 2018!: Hey Doc Al, don't feel too bad, while your beloved Chetumal, MX didn't make it, Guadalajara, MX is #44...ha, ha, ha (Oh Boy, am I gonna get it !!!)

Belize: Money:

Extremely easy, as has been attested to in your prior post about Money. We're you not able to access the replies??

Belize: Money:

Ironically, at the bank (Atlantic here on Caye Caulker), you can break a $100 usd bill and get change in $usd with no fee. If you want to break it, and get $bzd, they charge you be a 1.89% fee. Yet, take the same $100 usd bill to most any market, and they will accept it as payment and give change, most often in $bzd but sometimes in $usd.

Belize: Time to move:

Great for you! Good Luck & Safe Travels. Enjoy exploring and learning about this wonderful country, with all it's beauty, diversity (geographical, cultural & population wise) and flaws, that make it a unique and interesting place to visit, short or long term, or even move to, again, short or long term. Come with eyes open, use common sense to guide you in regards to your safety and well being, and most important, get to know and interact with the incredibly friendly, helpful and pleasant locals. This will make your trip all the more rewarding. Bon Voyage!!!

Belize: Planning a short visit to Placencia:

I'd advise checking into AirBnB or VRBO as many of them will rent for shorter stays. Maybe not one night, but if you are looking at 2-3, you might get lucky. I would recommend them over a lower priced hotel situation. If you know your dates, check those two options out. Best Wishes for a fun travel time!

Belize: CC worries:

These are definitely things to consider. Caye Caulker is not a place for those who do have chronic, or poor health conditions, even if there was a functioning airstrip. But one would/could/should figure that out through one's research, just as one would/should/could about ALL factors involved in moving to any foreign country. Do your homework through credible & current articles, visiting the destination for a period of time & experience living their briefly and, here's the MOST important to the LOCALS, the folks who actually LIVE IN THE PLANNED DESTINATION, not some guy posting on a blog thread that may not even live, or may have never lived, in the destination(s) you are considering. But then, an intelligent individual knows that already ;) So Mr. Doomsday, who has gone out of his way to make sure everyone knows that Caye Caulker is not the place to be if you have a medical emergency, now is ripping the plans to build a wellness center on the Caye, that might just be a stopgap to some medical emergencies, w/ or w/out and airstrip, because it might upset the "ambiance" of a 490' seafront area of the Caye. Mr. Doomsday indeed!!! Apparently no decision YOU make is the right one, unless it matches HIS decision. Reader beware.

Belize: container to new location in Belize:

Best Wishes on all the logistics TropicalDreamer! It'll all be worth it once it's over. Welcome to Belize!

Belize: Santa Familia?:

Broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record,broken record, broken record, broken record ....... So one magazine doesn't include Belize and that makes it an authority. LOL


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