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Belize: Big ticket items moving from Chetumal to Corozal; Fees? Taxes?:

Good Afternoon All, With the discussion of buying items such as refrigerators, washers and dryers at the Home Deport in Chetumal, loading them on a truck and heading back to Corozal, I will ASSUME there is some compensation needed at the border. (Mexico or Belize's side) Can someone who has dealt with this let me know what I might expect? Same question for smaller items, such as floor tiles, paint and the like? Thank you for any comments ... narmani

Belize: Construction / Concrete and House Plans:

Ok - we have finally closed on the property in Corozal and are collecting as much information as possible for "the retirement house". We have a a couple of years, and want to spend the next year lining up contractors, architects and all to speak with. If you have recent experience in northern Belize with building a new home, and had a good experience with your contractor, please share their information. We have some rough ideas on a house plan, but would love to work with an architect who can take our ideas and turn them into reality. We are looking at a concrete foundation and home - single story - any recent experience that was good, or bad, please share. Also, wooden framed deck on the front - probably the easiest part, but any information on the best folks to talk to would be appreciated. Lastly, as we are on the water, I'll be looking into driving piles for a dock area - looking appx 6' walkway and 20' x 20' deck seating area ... anyone with experience on pilings and docks in Corozal, thank you for any input! Thank you to those that have personal experiences with this and can share!!!!

Belize: Belizian Realtors. Useless?:

As with others in here, we also used Eleanor Williams from Century 21. And no, NO ONE is in a rush ... whether it's emails or phone messages, they get to them when they get to them. I was able to contact her on her cell when really needed, so that helped ... but the funny thing is, we closed on our property last month and the title search for the previously seller hasn't been completed yet :-) ... SO, we wait for that to happen so that they can get their money, and we can get our title and lot plan. But overall, having patience was vital ...

Belize: Legal Office Recommendation for Land Purchase closing:

All, I have skimmed some old messages on lawyers and legal services in Belize for certain things and came up empty ... so ... While we wait for our final offer to be accepted or nudged up, we need to start planning for closing. We are buying a piece of land in northern Belize, Corozal. Now we need recommendations for a lawyer we can work with and trust up there. I trust recommendations from Realtors only so much and would MUCH rather hear some input from people who have actually used their services. So - please - anyone with legal office recommendations for Corozal? Thank you so Much!

Belize: QRP $24,000 Question:

I understand the QRP requirement to show funds availability of $2,000 per month, but not sure what that means after the first year. Do you simply need to maintain $24,000 in your account for renewal years? Do you need to continue deposits of $2,000 a month following that, and only draw from the account down to the $24,000 level? Can someone please clear up this piece for me? Thank you!!!

Belize: Retiring to Belize:

Hey All, All of the posts in here are fantastic, each providing a great insight to your individual adventures in moving to, and getting settled in, Belize. We are looking for any and all advice specific to the Corozal area. we have found several homes for sale just north in Consejo, and then another two just a little further up near the infamous 'Smugglers Den'. We love the Consejo area, and having Corozal city so close for markets, church and what not ... any obvious problems with living that further north? Cell phone use and availability? Internet, high speed DSL or otherwise? Any concerns at all being that close to Mexico? Thank you for any and all information, Neil

Belize: TRICARE Question for ex-pats / military retirees:

All; yes, another retiree looking to move and live in Belize. Planning to take full advantage of the government's Retirement package - we are a few years out, but need to plan. Our biggest question centers on medical / TriCare support. My wife has a large prescription regiment and I need to ensure her meds will be readily available, and easily reimbursable. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to posting more questions and reading through many of the other comments in here, just wanted to stick my foot in the water to see if anyone could point me in a better direction for this one ... Thanks All.

Belize: single woman moving to belize:

I will assume you already have researched and found rentals and such for your trip - but just in case - any Google search for an area you're looking for will result in all sorts of rental properties. Some higher than others in price, and the biggest decision in price normally relies on how close you want to be to the beach. Also, while not a large amount, there do seem to be Air B&B's throughout Belize as that catches on. We are looking at Corozal / Consejo and even found an Air B&B in northern Consejo. So, it's pretty easy to search and track them down. Just my two cents ...


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