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Portugal: Utility bills in Porto ??:

I read that utility bills for a very inexpensive apartment in either Porto or Lisbon would be about 350 Euros a month. This seems quite high. Also, many real estate listings mention the energy efficiency of the residence.A condo will be listed A-D, the way appliances are rated. One way to reduce winter heating bills is using fireplaces, which many residences have. Just wonderng what an approximate bill for gas, electric and water bill would be for a 80 sq mt apartment in a good area of Porto for 1 person?

Portugal: Dissimilar visa questions:

I am a retired U.S. citizen, who has not lived in the U.S. for 19 years.I have been living in Argentina, legally, as a tourist and bought an apartment in my name. As a tourist, I do not have "residency". I must visit another country, every 90 days. The Schengen Visa form requires the applicant's home address and residency number. What to do?. also, American citizens must provide an FBI report. For how many years is this report? In my case it doesn't make sense. All comments, questions and insults graciously welcome.

Mexico: Visa or not ?:

It is my understanding that one can enter Mexico on a tourist visa and stay for 6 months. Then can leave Mexico and return for another 6 month period. Also, real estate in Mexico can be purchased without residency. If this is true, why would anyone need or want residency? I am a retired U.S. citizen.

Colombia: Trump is f**ked, now what?:

What does this have to with Expat Exchange Colombia or anywhere else? MAGA


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