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Mexico: unsubscribe question:

Does anybody know how to unsubscribe and cancel the email feeds? Thanks.

Mexico: Seguro Popular and Preexisting Conditions:

Does anybody have experience with Seguro Popular and preexisting conditions? Earlier this month I had a successful abdominal aortic aneurysm repair but I am concerned that I will not be able to successfully get SP because of this surgery. On the other hand, would it be possible to get SP with the specific exclusion for this condition? I had a custom designed stent put in that should last for at least 10 years so the only thing I will need are yearly CT or ultrasound tests. Unfortunately I will only turn 63 in December so I am still 2 years out for Medicare.

Mexico: Ajijic Neighborhoods:

Can anybody explain how the Upper, Lower, Eastern, and Western Ajijic neighborhoods differ? Are there preferred areas? Any areas not so good? Thanks. Tom

Mexico: Retiring to Ajijic questions:

Hi everybody. I really love this forum and thank all the contributors. My wife and I plan to visit Ajijic for 7-10 days beginning July. If we like what we see, we will return sometime around September. If we still like it in December, we will retire permanently in Ajijic or Chapala. I have a few general questions that I would like to ask. 1. Are any US retirees choosing to keep their Medicare? If yes, why did you decide to keep it? 2. I have read numerous articles regarding the pollution levels of Lake Chapala. Most of them are not dated and some refer to the earlier levels when the water level was low. But what is the current pollution status? Would you go in the water or eat fish from it (that's a better gauge than any article)? Has anything been done to ensure the situation will not reoccur if the water level drops again? 3. Mexico is fairly well known for extensively using pesticides. There looks to be a wonderful selection of fresh food in the local markets. Are we going to have to use traditional markets to buy organic because of the pesticides? We currently mainly buy organic here in California. 4. Do people usually use purified water in the house or at local restaurants? A little over a year ago I actually spent 4 days in the hospital with severe food poisoning because I had not paid close enough attention when I was there on business. Thanks for any assistance you can provide. Tom


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