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Canada: Best place to raise a kid in Nova Scotia?:

Hello, first post here. My husband is Canadian and I am American and our 6 year old was born and raised here in Florida. We want to come back to Canada so our son can live in a different country and also be closer to his extensive Canadian family. We used to live in Halifax but we would like to be out of the city/suburbs and are looking at smaller towns within 90 minutes of Halifax. Someplace with a decent school and lots of natural beauty (parks, trails, lakes - we are outdoorsy). Any suggestions or ideas? His family wants us in Dartmouth, but we'd really like a buffer zone from the fam and also we'd like to live in a new area. We have been looking at Truro or the South Shore or maybe the valley but specific location suggestions would be great. We both work remotely so jobs are not an issue. Personally, I think it would be awesome to spend a year in Cape Breton but I'd have to talk him into that lol. Thanks!


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