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Ireland: (Paying Taxes in U.S & Ireland):

I currently have Irish and US citizenship; my wife only has US citizenship. We are considering moving to Ireland permanently. I have a question concerning taxable income. Would we be responsible for taxes in the US and Ireland? We are both retired and will not be working in Ireland. Our income is a pension, social security and annuities. Concerning social security benefits. If you live permanently outside of the US do would you lose that benefit? Any help would be appreciated.

Ireland: Retiring to Ireland US Taxes/Irish Taxes Ect.:

Retiring to Ireland US Taxes/Irish Taxes Ect. We would like to live in Ireland permanently. My wife and I are both retired United States residents. However, I have both U.S. and Irish Citizenship. I have two questions. The first concerns my wife. Being married to an Irish citizen does that provide her any rights as far as being able to stay in Ireland or road to citizenship? I read somewhere that she can apply for citizenship after five years of residing in Ireland. My second question concerns income and taxes. We do not plan to work in Ireland. Our income is a government pension for me, social security for both of us and some monthly payments from annuities. Do we pay taxes on this income to America, Ireland or both? Any help is appreciated. Richard


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