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Bahamas: Moving to the Bahamas - need to make a decision!:

Hi there, My husband and I are currently trying to make the decision as to whether to move to the Bahamas (Nassau) from the UK, with our two daughters - 8 & 4. It would be a two yr minimum transfer with his work, and they need a decision super quickly, as we would need to be over there by October at the latest. It's all a bit overwhelming at the moment. I'm between feeling so excited by such an amazing opportunity and the potential for the girls to experience a new culture, to feeling crazy for thinking about making such a big move. I've done lots of research on areas to live and schools - I guess I'm wondering from a personal point of view how easy it'll be to meet other Mum's/friends. We'd be looking to live in the Cable beach area. Although I know everyone's experiences are going to be different, I'd love to hear from any others (especially with young children), who have made such a big move - how it went and how you're finding living in the Bahamas now you're there? Thanks in advance :) Emily


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