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Mexico: Problems on re entry with Tourist Visa:

Hi I'm a Canadian Expat who has been living and travelling in Mexico on a tourist visa for approximately three. I don't believe my pension is large enough to meet the requirements for any type of permanent visa. Over the last year my border run reentries have become more difficult at the airport although I have never been denied. Are other's having these types of problems. I love Mexico and would love to travel the country a little more. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.

Nicaragua: Canadian retiree considering Nicaragua:

Hello: After three years in Mexico I am considering relocation to Nicaragua. I need information on the qualifications for a long term visa. Also I would like to know about climate, safety and good places to live. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Ecuador Welcome Forum: Canadian Retiree Considering move to Ecuador:

I am a Canadian Retiree who has been living in Mexico for approximately three years but I am considering a move to Ecuador. I am very curious about the climate, safety and cost of living as well as good places to live. I would appreciate any information as well as how difficult or easy it is to get a pensioner visa. Thanks.


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